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Volume 17, Afterword

Maybe it’s been a while, or maybe this is our first time meeting. Kinugasa Shougo here.

This time, I have a serious afterword.

All of you have found out by now, haven’t you?

After five years, a sequel to the Classroom of the Elite TV Anime will be produced and aired.

When I put it into words, it seems short and trivial, but it really took a lot of work and pain for us to get to this announcement.

I’d almost stopped writing, and not just once or twice.

‘Maybe there won’t be an anime again.’ There were times when that worry took hold of me.

However, the reason I was able to keep writing with more or less no change in my pace of publication was that even after the end of the 2017 anime, many of my readers kept supporting me.

If I hadn’t kept up this great track record for so long, I don’t believe the anime adaptation could ever have been made again.

As an author, there is nothing that makes me more happy and grateful than the greenlight for the sequel.

I am truly, truly, truly thankful.

And let me make one thing very clear.

More than anyone else, I have always eagerly waited for a Classroom of the Elite Anime Adaptation.

There could be an anime, maybe we can make it? These discussions started to come up roughly two years ago.

Yes! Just as I was getting excited with anticipation, the effects of a worldwide viral pandemic led to a delay.

Anyway, I’m happy that we were able to get the announcement now.

But I will continue to work hard without letting up even for a moment and continue the story of the source material of Classroom of the Elite.

There are so many stories to tell, but that is it for this afterword.

A long time has passed, but if you’ve wanted to see Ayanokouji and the rest grow, then I hope you are looking forward to it. Can’t they just animate everything until the end? Can’t they?! Can’t they?!!

Anyway, setting that aside… YESSSS!! WE DID IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!

And to all of you, thank you very much for your continued support!!!!


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