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Chapter 511: The Finale

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The two of them sat on the sofa. Ji Jun tilted his head and stuck to Yu Han’s shoulder. He said nonchalantly, “Ever since 1 debuted, I’ve never listened my fans.” What he meant was that he would let his fans throw tantrums first. “As long as they don’t target you, it doesn’t matter what they do.”

Yu Han caressed his hair gently. “But I mind.”

Ji Jun was her man. How could she allow those people to attack him unscrupulously?

Hearing Yu Han’s words of protecting him, Ji Jun’s heart skipped a beat. He leaned forward and kissed the corner of her lips. He used to hate skin contact, but ever since he got together with Yu Han, he wished he could stick to her all the time.

Just as Ji Jun was about to go deeper, Yu Han tilted her head and avoided him. “Stop fooling around. We still have business to attend to.”

Ji Jun’s eyes chased after that fragrance and his voice was a little hoarse. “What serious matter?”

Yu Han pushed his head away. “1 want to check my college entrance examination results.”

Ji Jun lowered his head and looked at the time. There were only two minutes left before the score could be checked. He could only regretfully let go of her and hold Yu Han’s hand. “Are you worried?”

Yu Han shook her head. “I’m not worried.” She was quite confident in her results.

They were not the only ones who cared about the college entrance examination results. More than half of the trending topics on the trending list were about the results and scores. It could be considered to have diverted the focus of public opinion from their relationship. However, unfortunately, they turned to care about Yu Han’s college entrance examination results.

As the time for the score check arrived, many artist candidates’ transcripts were sent out one after another, but there was no movement from Yu Han.

Many people, especially Ji Jun’s fans, had already begun to mock her.

[Could it be that someone did too badly, so she doesn’t dare to announce it at all?]

[An ignorant and incompetent bottom-feeder. 1 wonder what Best Actor Ji likes about her.]

[Previously, she used the marketing of ‘Work hard to prepare for the exam’ so diligently. Now, she has learned to be invisible.]

Not only did they comment under Yu Han’s account, but they also ran to Ji Jun’s account and shouted, [Look at how much your precious girlfriend scored?]

Everyone was just joining in the fun and shouting, but they did not expect Ji Jun to appear. He reposted this comment and replied: [1 don’t know.] He also uploaded a photo. It was Yu Han’s report.

Everyone was very puzzled. Since they had already released the results slip, how could they not know the results? They clicked on it and saw that the results of the various subjects and the total score were not displayed at all. There was only one line of words that hurt their eyes.

[Your ranking has entered the top 50 in the province. Please check on the

28 th.]

They looked at this line of words twice in disbelief and then looked at the candidate’s name. After confirming that it was really Yu Han’s report card, they could not help but gasp!

Who was the one who said that Yu Han was ignorant, incompetent, and had terrible grades? She was a bottom-feeder?!

However, Yu Han was now in the top 50 in the province! One had to know that there were nearly 700,000 candidates in her province this year! How was she a bottom-feeder? She was clearly a star student!

The sound of slaps sounded in everyone’s ears. Then, they silently went back and deleted the comments that mocked Yu Han for being a bottom-feeder.

Although they did not know the exact ranking of Yu Han’s results, to be able to squeeze into the top 50 among so many candidates, she could basically choose to go to any of the domestic universities. No wonder Yu Han said that she would give up on applying for the Film and Television Academy. It was not that she did not have confidence, but she was full of confidence.

The Chinese were very impressed with star students with good grades. Hence, they stopped scolding Yu Han and posted all kinds of sour words under Ji Jun’s account.

[Hehe, you don’t know!]

[Where did this humble brag come from!]

[You brat, just show off! ]

As soon as Yu Han’s results were released, the other artist candidates immediately removed all the trending topics related to their results, especially the male artist who scored 600 points and was touted as the “new star student in the entertainment industry” by his fans. He wished he had not been on the trending topics.

This was Yu Han, who had been silent all this while. She logged into her social media account and posted: [The future is still far away. I’ll continue to work hard and become a better version of myself.]

Ji Jun couldn’t help but laugh when he saw this. His heart ached and he was a little touched.

Fans kept saying that Yu Han was not worthy of him, a Best Actor, and Yu Han’s answer was that she would become more outstanding and stand side by side with him.

Ji Jun reposted this post and attached a photo. It was filled with white roses.

And the flower language of the white rose was: You’re compatible with me.

In his heart, Yu Han had always been very outstanding. She had never been unworthy of him..

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