War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens

Chapter 4661 - 4661 Endless Sword Domain; Feng Qing Yang
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4661 Endless Sword Domain; Feng Qing Yang

News of Duan Ling Tian, the strongest person in the Distinct Province, coming to the capital of the Surging River Divine Kingdom to challenge Hong Dong Chuan, the strongest person in the Hong clan, spread quickly in the Surging Divine Kingdom and the surrounding areas thanks to the Hong clan.

“I know Hong Dong Chuan. He’s a famous level-eight Dao Establishment powerhouse in our Surging River Divine Kingdom. Even if he’s not among the top three strongest people in the Surging River Divine Kingdom, he’s definitely in the top five. By the way, who’s Duan Ling Tian? Isn’t the Misty Cloud Sect’s Ascending Clouds Sage the strongest person in the Distinct Province?”

“You just came out of closed-door cultivation so it’s natural that you’ve not heard about it. Duan Ling Tian is a new powerhouse in the Distinct Province. It’s speculated that he was a reclusive powerhouse who went to challenge the Misty Cloud Sect’s Ascending Clouds Sage after breaking through. Due to his profound comprehension of the Sword Dao, he easily defeated the Ascending Clouds Sage. Not only that, but the Ascending Clouds Sage was so convinced by his Sword Dao that the Ascending Clouds Sage actually became his follower, helping him with various matters. There were also rumors that Duan Ling Tian, the God Defying Sword, is not just a level-seven Dao Establishment powerhouse. With the recent developments, it seems like this is true. After all, he has to be at the eighth Dao Establishment stage to challenge Senior Hong Dong Chuan, right?”

“I see! No wonder I’ve never heard of Duan Ling Tian until now. As it turns out, he’s a new powerhouse. You said he’s called the God Defying Sword? It matches Hong Dong Chuan’s Prison Crushing Saber. I wonder who will win the fight? The news came out a month ago so there are another five months left. I’ll definitely go and watch the fight.”

In the Divine Land, there was only one Divine Kingdom, which was the Surging River Divine Kingdom. However, the Surging River Divine Kingdom only occupied less than one percent of the entire Divine Land.

Outside of the Surging River Divine Kingdom were vast lands with towering mountains, rivers, and seas. They were extremely dangerous places, and only powerful cultivators dared to venture out of the Surging River Divine Kingdom. These places were called Divine Domain, Divine Realms, Divine Temple, and the like.

Among all these places, the Surging River Divine Kingdom was not the most prosperous in the Divine Land. It was only average.

To the north of the Surging River Divine Kingdom, there was a perilous land called the Endless Sword Domain. According to the legend, this place was created in ancient times when two powerful Sword Dao powerhouses, who had successfully merged their Daos, fought. The fight lasted for several months, and when it ended, the area became a treacherous place, which was both loved and hated by sword cultivators. They loved it because the Endless Sword Domain was a place conducive to their growth, but they hated it because it was so perilous that a single mistake could cost them their lives.

At this moment, in the Endless Sword Domain…

“I finally managed to break through! Otherwise, it’d be embarrassing…”

A burst of light surged out of a green-clad figure. When the light dissipated, swords rained down from the sky. The figure shot up into the sky fearlessly before a dazzling sword ray shot out from his body, annihilating the swords that rained down on him. He did not waste time and quickly flew out of the Endless Sword Domain after that.

After half a day of flying, the figure finally arrived in a nearby city. The figure belonged to a tall and elegant man with a determined and handsome face; he was none other than Feng Qing Yang.

This city was the first city Feng Qing Yang had been to since he arrived in the Divine Land. After entering the city, he finally figured out where he was and why he could not sense the laws here. However, he did not leave immediately and decided to stay here temporarily.

One day…


Feng Qing Yang was sitting in a restaurant. As he ate, he overheard the hushed conversation between two cultivators. Although their voices were not loud, he heard them clearly.

“I heard that two level-eight Dao Establishment cultivators from the southern Surging River Divine Kingdom have agreed to fight on Towering Heaven Peak?”

“Yes. One of them is Hong Dong Chuan, the Crushing Prison Saber, right?”

Initially, Feng Qing Yang did not think much about it. He had heard about Hong Dong Chuan earlier so he knew Hong Dong Chuan was a famous figure in the Surging River Divine Kingdom, a level-eight Dao Establishment powerhouse. However, when he heard the words ‘Duan Ling Tian, the God Defying Sword’, he was momentarily stunned. Then, a delighted and joyful expression appeared on his face.

Feng Qing Yang did not doubt that the person the two cultivators mentioned was his disciple, Duan Ling Tian. He was certain about this due to the title, the God Defying Sword. Clearly, Duan Ling Tian’s title was derived from the God Defying World.

‘Not much time has passed since we were transported here, but he’s already made a name for himself… Hmm, Surging River Divine Kingdom?’

Feng Qing Yang did not waste time and quickly left the restaurant. He planned to bid farewell to the two native cultivators he had befriended after coming to the city before making his way south to the Surging River Divine Kingdom.

‘After Little Tian’s battle with Hong Dong Chun, I’ll ask him to explore the Endless Sword Domain with me. There were some places I didn’t dare to explore alone, but with him, we should be able to explore more places,’ Feng Qing Yang thought to himself.

“Farewell, my friends. I have an urgent matter to attend to so I’ll be leaving now. Let’s meet again in the future,” Feng Qing Yang said when he met his friends.

His friends were also sword cultivators. They were both level-six Dao Establishment cultivators and were much weaker than him when he was a level-seven Dao Establishment cultivator, let alone now after he became a level-eight Dao Establishment cultivator in the Endless Sword Domain.

He could not help but marvel at the Divine Land. After comprehending the Sword Dao to the eighth stage, he would immediately become a level-eight Dao Establishment cultivator. In comparison, if he had broken through to the eighth stage of the Sword Dao in the Myriad Worlds and the Outer Boundary, he would still need to expend some effort to become a level-eight supreme powerhouse.

After bidding farewell to his friends, Feng Qing Yang wasted no time in heading south, and it did not take long before he arrived in the Surging River Divine Kingdom. He traveled through the Distinct Province to the capital, and when he arrived at the capital, he found an inn to stay, and he did not look for Duan Ling Tian immediately. He was not in a rush so he planned to wait until after Duan Ling Tian’s fight with Hong Dong Chuan to reunite with Duan Ling Tian.

‘I wonder if Qing Zhu is in the Surging River Divine Kingdom or one of the areas outside… If she’s nearby, she should have heard about Little Tian’s upcoming fight…’

Back when the Solitary Destructive Heaven collapsed, Feng Qing Yang and Xue Qing Zhu had been extremely shocked. In the midst of the chaos and confusion, they were separated and transported to different places in the Divine Land. Up until now, they had yet to find each other.

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