Village Head's Debauchery

Chapter 625 Confronting Goddess Aerialia (2)
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Chapter 625 Confronting Goddess Aerialia (2)

This time, Aerialia and the Princess of the Garden couldn't help but gaze at Orion in shock and astonishment.

They were aware of the connection between Aerialia and Orion through the Crimson Greatsword, but Aerialia knew it was currently impossible to separate either of them from the other, having tried and failed before.

Regardless, as Orion spoke with conviction and displayed unwavering determination, Aerialia understood that he meant every word.

Meanwhile, the Princess of the Garden felt a foreboding within her heart as she observed Orion's determined expression.

"Orion…" The Princess of the Garden said, but Aerialia immediately interrupted.

"And how do you plan on doing that? I have tried countless times to sever the bond, tying us together. Although I marked you and blessed you with the Crimson blade, the god Naka had already tampered with it. What makes you think that something I, a goddess, find impossible is achievable by you alone?" Aerialia questioned, narrowing her eyes at Orion.

Orion shifted his attention toward the slightly distressed Princess of the Garden. He gave her a slight smile before closing his eyes.

Without hesitation, he suppressed the strange energy, releasing the Vylkr energy within his two containers, allowing it to flow and fill every part of his body. Suddenly...


A terrifying surge of chaotic and vile energy erupted from within Orion, instantly enveloping every inch of his body, from head to toe.

Vylkr warrior mode!

As the chaotic energy expanded, inky black threads rose upwards from his body, causing the plants around him to wither and lifelessly fall to the ground. The atmosphere became still, sending a shiver through Aerialia and even the Princess of the Garden, who watched the scene with a pale expression.

The Guardians of the Garden sensed the emergence of the Vylkr energy and immediately rushed towards the disturbance with makeshift weapons. However, the moment they appeared, eager to identify the troublemaker, they were stunned at the sight before them.

They observed as the Princess of the Garden dragged Orion towards the Divine Lake Essence. Despite the skin on her hands peeling piece by piece due to the proximity of the Vylkr energy around Orion and the direct contact, she held onto him until they reached the edge of the Divine Lake Essence.

Without hesitation, she threw Orion into the Divine Lake Essence.


After doing so, the Princess of the Garden noticed the Guardians of the Garden's arrival and instantly turned to the hovering Guardians and commanded, "Stand back!" Her eyes held a fierce glare.

Although she wanted to confront Aerialia at this moment, she dipped her hands into the Divine Lake Essence to heal them before doing so.

In a matter of two intense minutes, her arms were healed. However, just as she was about to pull them out, a hand suddenly grasped hers.

The Princess of the Garden was startled before realizing it was Orion and immediately pulled him up.

"Are you okay?" The Princess of the Garden asked anxiously, laying Orion comfortably on the ground with his head resting on her thighs.

"Are you okay, Orion?" She stared worriedly, awaiting his response.

"HAAAA… HAAAA…" Orion took in various sharp breaths and exhaled. He focused on the Princess of the Garden and nodded at her, hearing her question. Despite his worn-out appearance and feeling less vigorous, he still retained some energy, having prepared himself for this situation.

"Please, Orion, don't do that again. Please, don't do that," the Princess of the Garden pleaded, her moist eyes fixed on Orion.

As Orion looked at the Princess of the Garden with his weakened eyes, he gently grasped her hands that were calmly resting on his chest.

However, he was immediately interrupted before he could respond.

"In exchange for not giving the information you require, you resorted to giving up your body to the Vylkr energy, hoping that doing so would lead to my demise, even though it ultimately results in your own death," Aerialia said, her firm gaze fixed on Orion.

"Although I still find it hard to believe that you are prepared to go through with such a thing regardless of the feelings of those around you," Aerialia added, shifting her gaze towards the trembling Princess of the Garden.

Truthfully, she was a little worried that Orion would actually go through with his plan, causing her to permanently disappear from this world just soon after getting a sliver of life that she could hold on to, especially when she also found a chance for her children to join her in this world once more.

She hoped that Orion was bluffing!! Yes, he only did so to influence her emotions and make her change her decision, but, unfor...

"Aerialia!" Orion called out her name, stunning Aerialia, as this was the first time he had ever called her name with such intense emotion. However, it didn't stop there. Orion continued, "Three times you blessed me. In your words, I bless you – may no enemy you strike weaken you. Instead, may they fuel your strength and empower you with the courage to continue your march forward."

"I bind you and this blade. May you never carry the same resentment I have endured while wielding this sword.

I bless you, my child. Run as swiftly as you can to the other side and lay claim to the land that awaits you, for I, your creator, shall eternally guide and shield you on your journey."

"Three times you failed in fulfilling your blessings, and three times I overlooked it because I understood that you were still trying to recuperate and get your senses back together."

Aerialia's emotions suddenly stirred as Orion's words hit her.

The first time that Orion had asked her for information regarding the gods was when the speck of White Flame entered his chest; the second was during their meeting with Aegis of the Arctic Deity, and the third was present. Even though she had somehow been unknowingly tricked by an extremely powerful god called Naka, that didn't change the fact she had uttered two words to Orion.

However, Aerialia couldn't help but despise the fact that Orion had used such an argument, and her body began to tremble in anger uncontrollably.

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