Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 1527 - 1527 Everyone Breaks Through to the Divine Level (1)
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1527 Everyone Breaks Through to the Divine Level (1)


To be honest, he just wanted to be an honest person and a proper archeologist.

In the future, if he lacked the source of transcendence needed to advance, Shi Yu had already thought of letting the Prediction Owl cooperate with Shorty and the Gem Cat to search for treasures.

In addition to Ling’s luck blessing, they could at least pick up a few sources of transcendence, right?

In this way, without a transaction, there would be no harm done to others.

Shi Yu didn’t want to hunt other super divines for the source of transcendence either…

However, this function was very scammy.

It gave Shi Yu the feeling that if he didn’t use it, he would lose a function. It gave Shi Yu the feeling that he had advanced to the divine level for nothing.

So… should he use it or not?

The drop rate of the source of transcendence was actually quite low.

To be precise, the weaker the super divine, the less likely it was to drop the source of transcendence.

However, this function might really increase the drop rate of the source of transcendence?

Shi Yu touched his chin. As expected, he still wanted to verify the drop rate…

“Sigh, lousy function…” Shi Yu realized that his pets were looking at him hopefully. He sighed and shared the new function with them.

This sharing shocked all the pets!


They looked at each other.



Initially, they were still thinking about how to walk the path to super divine after advancing to the divine level.

As long as he shattered 14 super divines, everyone could advance. There was such a good thing?

“We haven’t reached the divine level yet. Can you not think so far ahead? It’s such a dangerous thing.”

“Think about it after at least breaking through.”

Shi Yu: “?”

“Alright, forget about this first. Even after breaking through, it’s impossible for us to defeat a super divine level so quickly!” Shi Yu said.

“I’m done breaking through. Next, it’s your turn.”

Shi Yu sighed. He had already felt his strength. It felt really good.

Divine level.

Shi Yu clenched his fist and opened his palm. A seal mark filled with spatial power appeared in Shi Yu’s hand.

Shi Yu pinched it and pinched the seal mark into the shape of a card, then into the shape of a gourd, and finally into the shape of a sprite ball.

This was a manifestation of Shi Yu’s ability to materialize the contract sealing ability in the Beast Taming Space. It could be said that with this, he could directly suppress a weaker demigod and forcefully contract the other party as a slave.

“That’s right.” Shi Yu looked at Eleven and the others and said, “Who wants to go first?”

“I’ll go first!” Ling said. “I’ll break through to the divine level first. I can better test your state after breaking through with them, Master.”

“Alright.” Shi Yu smiled and said, “Then Ling will go first.”

“Wuu!!” Eleven and the others had no objections.

“Yes.” Ling looked at the pets one by one and said, “After we break through, Master, you can still receive huge feedback.”

“My stats and the Beast Taming Space levels will also increase.”

“With our overall stats, this increase won’t be small.”

“I know, I’m looking forward to it too.” Shi Yu smiled.

There were so many benefits to contracting pets!

Could other Beast Tamers feel so good when they broke through to the divine level?

Of course, Shi Yu’s 12 pets were all top-notch divines. Even if ordinary Beast Tamers contracted so many, it was impossible for them to have the same feedback.

Shi Yu looked at the flying cube, Ling.

Ling now had 10 perfect quasi-divine skills… As long as it had one quasi-divine skill and added points to a divine skill, it could advance.

At that time, it would be a primary-level god.

“After breaking through to the divine level, the difficulty of adding points to quasi-divine skills has decreased a lot.” Shi Yu looked at the success rate of adding points to Wind Control in the skill index. It was actually extremely high. He knew that even without the support of Baby Ginseng, he could easily add points to Ling.

Of course, this was also related to the low quality of Wind Control. If it were Ling’s Starry Sky Storm, the success rate of adding points would decrease.

“Come on, even if it’s easy, Baby Ginseng, you have to heal me!” Shi Yu said.

“Yi! (Healing!)” Baby Ginseng was calm.

As the number one in the team, this little job wasn’t a big deal.

“Add the mechanical spirit first,” Shi Yu said.

Then, Ling landed in Shi Yu’s hand. Shi Yu directly activated the additional points in the skill index. A white halo emerged in his palm, and the light of the additional points entered his body. Ling entered an unprecedented comfortable state.

As the mechanical spirit changed from a quasi-divine skill (expert+11) to a godlike skill (initiate) state, an invisible divine heart directly condensed in Ling’s body with the life source as the prototype.

This was the divine-level symbol.

The Formless Heart of God was a place to hoard divine power. Apart from itself and his contractor, it was impossible for outsiders to sense and come into contact with it. Moreover, it would completely disappear with the death of a divine-level life form!

At this moment, because Ling had grasped the first divine skill, a wisp of divine power immediately appeared in Ling’s divine heart.

As this wisp of godlike power was born, Ling’s divine heart began to pound, making the force in Ling’s body quickly flow, surging into the divine heart and transforming into divine power.

Right on the heels of that, godlike power radiated divine power fluctuations again, subtly modifying Ling’s body, modifying its body into a divine machine!

It had been strengthened beyond anything in the past!!!


Divine Ling was born!

In the next moment, the powerful godlike power fluctuations on Ling’s body emitted, making Chi Tong, Susu, and the others point.

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