Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 2277 - 2277 What Right Do You Outsiders Have to Interfere With Matters of the Human Race, The Tempest King Appears
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2277 What Right Do You Outsiders Have to Interfere With Matters of the Human Race, The Tempest King Appears

Following Chu Kuangren’s arrival, there was an uproar outside the Human Ancestral Land.

He had dominated many divine leaderboards, which led to him obtaining an overwhelming amount of fortune.

While being a Grand Dao cultivator, he had slain four Monarchs.

Meanwhile, the Pan Gu Sect he created had many members ranked on the divine leaderboards. The endless potential of his sect was evident, and it was widely accepted by many as the upcoming Monarch-class force.

Any of those achievements were enough for him to become the focus of everyone’s attention.

However, Chu Kuangren had accomplished all of that single-handedly.

Due to that, he became the star of the show wherever he went.

Besides, he had offended many forces of the human race, with most of them being the Human Sanctuaries. The members of these forces were currently present.

“I sense hostility from above, my King.” Shang Honghua looked at the sky and commented.

“Relax, it’s just a few Monarchs.”

Behind him, Ye Zhu and everyone else’s mouths twitched.

‘Just a few Monarchs, huh?’

Who else in the Great Hongmeng Universe would dare say something like that?

Only Chu Kuangren did.

Up in the sky, the three Monarchs — the Purple Lightning Master, Granny Snowflower, and Strength Buddha — looked at each other.

“It seems like he, too, has appeared. How do you both plan to deal with this?” the Strength Buddha said with a chuckle.

He intended to exclude himself from dealing with that.

Truth be told, Chu Kuangren did have grudges against the Heavenly Human Sanctuary and the Manifa Destiny Sect. However, there was not much conflict between him and the Heavenly Buddhist Pure Land.

Hence, the Strength Buddha did not wish to go head-to-head with Chu Kuangren.

“Hmph. We already know what to do.”


However, Chu Kuangren remained calm. All he did was shoot out a burst of sword qi from his fingertips.


That beam of sword qi instantly dispersed into a bundle of smoke.

Chu Kuangren looked above and laughed. “I can’t receive and not return the favor. That’ll be rude.”

He then formed a sword hand sign and launched a burst of sword qi.

His sword qi shot through the skies, turning into a sword shadow that spanned hundreds of kilometers long!

The void shattered with a huge bang!

From the clouds came a howling scream.

What followed was a figure falling from the sky. It was a hulking man with black hair, surrounded by hurricane-like sword qi.

“It’s him, the Divine Sword Palace’s elder, the Heaven Gale Swordmaster!”

Someone from the crowd recognized him.

Both the Heaven Gale Swordmaster and the Lightning Swordmaster, whom Chu Kuangren killed previously, were known as the Divine Sword Palace’s Twin Lightning Gale Swords, and the two of them were very close friends.

They were also well-known figures themselves.

However, the world-renowned Heaven Gale Swordmaster was now in a sorry state as one of his arms had been slashed off by Chu Kuangren’s sword qi earlier.

His face was pale white, yet a chilling hatred was reflected in his eyes.

Everyone could tell why he harbored such hatred.

“Chu Kuangren killed his best friend, the Lightning Swordmaster. It’s no wonder he hates Chu Kuangren so much and could not help but attack Chu Kuangren.”

“Alas, it’s a shame he’s no match for Chu Kuangren.”

“He’s not as powerful as the Lightning Swordmaster either. If the Lightning Swordmaster and the other Supreme Honorables died fighting Chu Kuangren, what more would someone like him?”

Chu Kuangren was also listening to everything the crowd was saying.

He looked at the Heaven Gale Swordmaster and said, “I don’t like the way you’re looking at me. Why don’t I reunite you with your fellow comrade, the Lightning Swordmaster?”

He gently raised his hand, unleashing a surge of sword qi.

The beam of sword qi containing his Supreme Honorable energy soon enveloped the surroundings.

The hatred in the Heaven Gale Swordmaster’s eyes was soon replaced by fear and horror.

Was he going to die?

He knew he could never resist an attack like that.

At that critical moment, a surge of sword qi erupted from the void and poured from the skies above.

The sword qi, which contained Daoist law energy, soon arrived before the Heaven Gale Swordmaster to block Chu Kuangren’s sword qi.

However, the powerful impact of his attack still sent the Heaven Gale Swordmaster flying.

“Oh, a Sword Dao Monarch.”

Chu Kuanrgen lifted his head, peering into the clouds with his intense and sharp gaze.

A white-haired elderly man was standing with both hands behind his back, looking down on Chu Kuangren. His unstoppable sword intent erupted with overwhelming might!

“Chu Kuangren, you’re not allowed to enter the Human Ancestral Land!”

That person was none other than the Divine Sword Palace Ruler!

Someone of his caliber had personally arrived at the Human Ancestral Land.

Chu Kuangren’s sword intent flowed, blocking the overpowering sword intent from the Divine Sword Palace Ruler and protecting Shang Honghua, Ye Zhu, and the others behind him.

“Why can’t I enter?”

“It’s because we don’t want you to,” the Divine Sword Palace Leader said.

He responded bluntly with the most domineering and direct reply.

In other words, Chu Kuangren could not because they did not allow him to.

It was as if the Human Ancestral Land was his possession.

“Ha! How interesting. The Human Ancestral Land is the place where humans originated from, so humans are allowed to enter regardless. Do you think I’m not allowed to enter just because you said so? Are you out of your mind, old man? Who do you think you are, the Human Ancestor?”

Chu Kuangren chuckled and then retorted coldly.

At the same time, his vast sword intent poured out!

“How dare you!”

The Divine Sword Palace Ruler’s expression turned cold, and his sword intent erupted on a more terrifying scale than before.

However, at that moment, a surge of alcoholic qi erupted from behind Chu Kuangren.

That alcoholic qi was extremely intoxicating.

It instantly disintegrated the Divine Sword Palace Ruler’s sword intent into nothingness.

Wine Honorable slowly walked out.

“Come on now. Keep your temper in control, Divine Sword Palace Ruler.”

“Wine Honorable.”

The Divine Sword Palace Ruler’s gaze narrowed as he looked at Wine Honorable with surprise. “It seems you have joined the Pan Gu Sect too.”

“Ha! This little fella here has quite the exquisite wine. Besides, I don’t think he’s too bad either, so I’ve decided to stay with him.” The Wine Honorable laughed.

Everyone was a little surprised.

As Wine Honorable had always been a solo wanderer, they did not expect him to join the Pan Gu Sect.

“Even if you’re here, it’s no use. Chu Kuangren and his Pan Gu Sect will never be allowed to enter the Ancestral Land,” the Divine Sword Palace said coldly.

“Hmph, if the human race has a few more selfish people like you, you will eventually lose your position as the masters of the universe.”

A cold voice sounded.

As an endless Radiant aura enveloped the land, the Radiant Goddess’s consciousness appeared.

“Well said, little sister.” A soft laughter suddenly rang out.

A pair of black wings wide enough to cover the skies unfurled in the air, and the Devil King’s consciousness appeared right after.

The consciousnesses of the two Monarchs had appeared to support Chu Kuangren.

Everyone got excited seeing that.

“The two lady powerhouses supporting Chu Kuangren are here.”

“Is a fight going to happen?”

“Things are getting interesting now.”

Some cultivators were no longer in a hurry to enter the Ancestral Land.

Instead, they stayed behind to find out what was about to happen.

“Radiant Goddess, Devil King, this is the Human Ancestral Land. It’s not a place where the likes of you both are allowed to run your mouth.” The Manifa Destiny Sect’s Purple Lightning Master spoke.

“That’s right. Please mind your own business.” Granny Snowflower also spoke.

“I just can’t stand all of you bullying a junior cultivator,” the Devil King said with a smile.

“Well, that junior cultivator happens to be a human, making this an affair concerning us humans only. It has nothing to do with your Devil Tribe or the Ming Tribe.”

A cold snort echoed in the sky.

The clouds formed a gigantic human face.

“Greetings, Sect Leader.”

The Purple Lightning Master quickly bowed.

That consciousness belonged to the Manifa Destiny Sect Leader!

“That’s right. What right do you outsiders have to interfere with matters of the human race?”

Another consciousness appeared.

This time, it was the Heavenly Human Sanctuary Leader, another powerful Monarch.

“Since they are not humans and have no right to speak, what about me?”

A thunderous shout erupted, shaking the heavens and earth.

A meteor with an overwhelming aura crashed down from the sky and onto the five-colored divine mountain. Its aura was so vast that it instantly enveloped the surroundings.

The entire divine mountain resounded with a deafening roar while trembling violently!

Amidst the endless Immortal Sparks, a figure could be seen standing at the summit of that divine mountain. Her godlike and domineering aura shook and frightened all the surrounding Monarchs!

“It’s the… the Tempest King!!”

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