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Chapter 507-END - 507: End

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

| Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After doing all this, everyone bowed in unison.

Ming Zhiyan took one last look at this place and said, “Let’s go.”

Their army crossed several cities and returned to the Capital.

Every time they passed by a city, the local people would welcome them. If it

wasn’t for Ming Zhiyan’s explicit prohibition on the soldiers accepting things

from the people, they would probably not be able to carry anything when they

returned to the Capital.

On the day of their return, the Emperor was waiting at the city gate with all

the civil and military officials, just like when he sent the army off.

However, they had been worried and worried at the beginning. Now, they were

filled with joy and excitement!

Jian Qingqing was also among the troops. Seeing the black army getting closer

and closer, and seeing the high-spirited handsome General in front of the

troops, her heart was about to gush out.

A moment later, the army that was originally as small as ants quickly arrived

in front of the city gate. Ming Zhiyan dismounted and knelt down with an

imposing manner. He said loudly, “Your Majesty, I did not fail my mission. I

have already reclaimed the territory of Great Wei and brought my soldiers

back in triumph!!”

The Emperor was moved to tears and said ‘good’ three times. He patted Ming

Zhiyan’s shoulder and helped him up. He said excitedly, “My Wei Brothers are

all good! I invite the soldiers to enter the city. Next, I will reward everyone

according to their achievements!”

“Long live the Emperor! Long live the Emperor!”

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers shouted in unison, deafening the ears. All

the civil and military officials in the court had tears in their eyes. With these

soldiers, their Great Wei would definitely regain its glory!

Next, the Generals had to enter the palace to report on their work and settle

down these soldiers, so Ming Zhiyan only hurriedly looked at Jian Qingqing

for one night before leaving.

Jian Qingqing could naturally see the longing and love in his eyes. She smiled

sweetly at him and said, “I waited for you.”

Ming Zhiyan carved the girl’s smile into his mind, his heart thumping.

After spending three days, the soldiers were finally settled down and the

rewards were distributed. Ming Zhiyan could not wait to run to the Princess’s


When the servant of the gatehouse saw the famous General coming, he

hurriedly ran to call her Master excitedly, “Princess! Master and Madam!

Great General Ming is here!”

Hearing this, Xiao Hu and the others rushed out like a gust of wind. Old Man

Jian, Jian Dalang, and the others also could not wait to go out. Jian Qingqing

did not hide the joy in her heart and followed behind them.

Xiao Hu and the others surrounded Ming Zhiyan and looked at him with

admiration. They chattered, “Brother-In-Law, you’re amazing!”

“Brother-In-Law, did you kill all the enemies?”

Ming Zhiyan could still talk to them patiently at first, but when he saw Jian

Qingqing appear, his eyes could not move away.

The elders smiled at each other and pulled the annoying little ones away,

leaving the venue for the two lovers.

Jian Qingqing smiled and spread her arms. “Welcome back!”

Ming Zhiyan also smiled. He strode over and pulled the little girl into his

arms. “I’m back.”

His beloved girl.

After experiencing this fierce battle, all the countries suffered heavy losses.

The other countries had also witnessed the strength of the Wei Country and

naturally did not dare to invade in the short term.

Therefore, in the next few years, all the countries were recuperating.

However, the people of Wei knew that they had only temporarily withdrawn

their claws and teeth. Who knew when they would recover and start a fierce

battle again.

To minimize casualties, Jian Qingqing was also trying to make explosives.

She only remembered the formula, but she still needed to test the ratio slowly.

Fortunately, because of the good welfare of Great Wei and the good lives of the

people, many skilled craftsmen came to Great Wei.

The more people there were, the stronger nature was. Three years later, the

craftsmen produced explosives that could blow up mountains into deep pits.

When the news spread to the various countries, the Emperors of the various

kingdoms felt their legs go weak and cried out with tears in their eyes. “I hate

that Jian Qingqing wasn’t born in our country!”

With such a powerful weapon, the other countries naturally did not dare to

fight it head-on and surrendered one after another.

From then on, the world was peaceful, and the people settled down and

enjoyed their lives..

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