The Wizard Path From The Simulator

Chapter 20 - 20: “Foundation” and “Star Fire Arrow” (Seeking Chase Reading)
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Chapter 20: Chapter 20: “Foundation” and “Star Fire Arrow” (Seeking Chase Reading)

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“Did our ancestor really not leave anvthinq for the family, like the Wizard

Meditation Technique?”

Milton Cheney asked cautiously.

As soon as these words were spoken, Earl Arthur naturally understood what Milton meant.

He naturally hoped that the ancestor had left something behind too.

But unfortunately he did not.

“Although I would like to tell you there is, unfortunately, the ancestor didn’t leave anything.

When the ancestor left the Frostwinter Kingdom, he indeed paid a visit to the family, but merely to express that he held no hatred towards the family.” Earl Arthur said helplessly.

If there really was something like the Wizard Meditation Technique, he would have attempted to learn it long ago.

Upon hearing this, though Milton was slightly disappointed, he didn’t show much emotion.

After all, that ancestor had been offered up as an experimental subject by his own family. Not harboring any hatred towards the family was already benevolent enough – there was no way he would have left behind any treasure.

If it were Milton himself, he felt that his tolerance would probably not be as great as that ancestor’s.

However, the members of the Black Robe Seekers’ Club seemed to think otherwise.

They seemed convinced that the founder of their organization had left something behind for their respective families before sailing away.

Now that they have almost finished sweeping through these families, only the Royal Family and the Golden Lion Family were left.

They didn’t dare to mess with the Royal Family, so they could only squeeze the soft persimmon that was the Golden Lion Family.

“Vernon, you don’t need to worry too much. The Black Robe Seekers’ Club has fallen ever since their founder left.

Now they possibly have only a Level 2 Wizard Apprentice and some Level 1 Wizard Apprentices.

It’s very likely they don’t even have a Level 2 Wizard Apprentice.

No matter how fallen the Golden Lion Family is, it is nonetheless an Earl’s

Family. They dare not come.”

How could an Earl’s Family that has been established in the Kingdom for three hundred years not have some strength hidden beneath the surface?

From Earl Arthur’s confident tone, it was clear that the Golden Lion Family was far more complex than the simple exterior that Milton had seen.

Taking Milton’s estate as an example, the fact that Earl Arthur dares to let Milton live there alone means that the place is absolutely safe.

Milton thought to himself: Of course I know they dare not come, but in a few years they will be able to kill people in their dreams.

However, Milton naturally could not say this out loud, after all, he was not a wizard. He didn’t have the power of precognition. If he had said it, Earl Arthur wouldn’t have believed him.

“What about my eldest brother?”

“Haha, even if they dared to come here, they wouldn’t dare go to Nicholas. Your eldest brother has already settled in the royal palace a year ago.”

Good grief, really good grief.

Milton knew his elder brother, Nicholas Weasley, often corresponded with Earl Arthur.

But he never imagined that his cheap big brother would be living in the royal palace at this time.

“Couldn’t it be that he married into the family?”

Milton murmured in his heart but did not ask further. After all, apart from marrying into the family, Milton couldn’t think of any other reason an outsider would be allowed to live in the royal suite.

After chatting for a while longer, Milton bid Earl Arthur goodbye and returned to his small estate.

Milton’s visit to Earl Arthur fulfilled his objectives perfectly.

Not only did he learn more intricate information about the Black Robe Seekers’ Club, but he also reasonably showed his skill level as an official knight.

However, Milton does not yet have an accurate idea on how to deal with this organization.

Even a Level 1 Wizard Apprentice would be too much for the current Milton to handle alone.

The Golden Lion Family had deep-set strength to not fear the Black Robe Seekers’ Club.

But as an official knight, Milton naturally could not singlehandedly oppose the entire Black Robe Seekers’ Club.

After all, the strength of the family is not his strength alone.

Fortunately, he had plenty of time. He still had several years before someone could kill him in his dreams, like in the simulation.

That period was enough for Milton to make plans. After all, merely counting the simulations, there were dozens in these years.

In the simulation, when he was twenty-six years old, he was just an ordinary Official Knight.

But in reality, it’s possible that he might already be an Official Wizard by the age of twenty-six.

Of course, even with dozens of simulations, Milton Cheney could not be sure that he would definitely become an Official Wizard.

But it wasn’t necessary to become an Official Wizard, becoming a Level 3 Wizard Apprentice would be enough to handle the current crisis.

The following few days were mundane, with no unexpected incidents occurring.

Milton, who stayed at the estate, also did not encounter any assassination attempts.

He would take some time every day to consult his father, Earl Arthur, about Knight Skills.

Though Earl Arthur does not believe that Milton can quickly grasp Knight Skills, he still taught Milton two Knight Skills of the Golden Lion Family.

Yes, these two Knight Skills are exactly the same ones that Milton obtained in the simulation, the Armor Splitting Slash, and the Starfire Arrow.

The autumn wind whispers, the ninth month of Frostwinter Calendar is the month of golden autumn.

In this month, even the warmth of the previous months has completely dissipated.

From time to time, a breeze would blow in the air, filled with a cool, refreshing scent.

In the shooting range of the Golden Lion Family, Milton Cheney was standing with a longbow in his hand, a hundred metres away from a wooden rake.

The next moment, a wooden arrow appeared in Milton’s hand.

The tail of the wooden arrow was secured with three silvery-white feathers.

Simultaneously, the wooden arrow was placed on the longbow, the bowstring pulled back, and a burst of golden airflow surged from Milton’s hand holding the arrow and covered the surface of the wooden arrow.

The tail of the arrow quivered slightly, with the target a hundred metres away being Milton’s aim.

“Knight SkillStarfire Arrow!”

The next second, Milton’s fingers loosened.

The wooden arrow left the bowstring, turned into a streak of golden light and shot towards the target a hundred metres away with a speed that was hard to capture with naked eyes.

As the arrow flew through the air, it whipped up a series of howling sounds.

The wooden arrow didn’t show any signs of delay, it accurately pierced through the center of the target instantly.

The target was shattered into pieces without any resistance. The flying fragments looked like a shower of sparks!

“So powerful!”

Milton silently marveled in his heart.

No matter how many times he used the Starfire Arrow, Milton always marveled.

As the top performer in the exam-oriented education of his previous life, Milton has always admired science.

Although, the act of crossing worlds in itself is not scientific.

When being a Quasi-Knight, Milton held a ray of fluke in his heart, feeling that this kind of power might have been possible for some people in his previous life.

But when he truly became an Official Knight and mastered Knight Skills, this fluke was completely shattered.

Quasi-Knight Techniques were okay. Speaking nicely, they were called Quasi-Knight Techniques, but in reality, they were just a special kind of force exertion skill.

But Knight Skills were completely different, they were a real transcendent power, a kind of idealistic transcendent power.

Take, for example, the Starfire Arrow, its power could not simply be explained by skills.

An arrow infused with energy was barely different from a bullet in his previous world.

And all Milton needed to do was to cover the arrow with the energy produced by the Life Seed according to the circulation method of Starfire Arrow, and then shoot the arrow out.

This seemed similar to constructing a model with the energy produced by the Life Seed in his mind.

Then, this calm energy would start to stir and gush out of Milton’s body and cover the arrow.

But when Milton put down the bow and arrow and tried to reconstruct the model of the Starfire Arrow in his mind, he couldn’t mobilize the energy at all.

It was as if a rule was restraining him, dictating that a bow and arrow were necessary to use the Starfire Arrow; this seemed like a fixed law.

It was so idealistic that it completely defied scientific explanation with the knowledge Milton possessed.

All that can be said was that this was not science, but transcendence!

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