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Chapter 84 Simulation Space (1)
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Chapter 84 Simulation Space (1)

Hearing that, Lathel frowned. When Racunte saw his expression, he thought that Lathel didn't believe what he had just said.

Racunte explained: "I am a 5-star pharmacist enchanter, located here in the Karol capital. Although I am not the best, I am also a pharmacist enchanter with very extensive connections."

"If you don't believe me, I can advance the money to buy your soup within a month. That way, even if no one buys your soup, you still won't suffer a disadvantage."

Lathel smiled and shook his head: "Racunte, you misunderstood me."

"Hmm?!" Racunte frowned and asked: "What do you mean?"

Lathel sighed. In fact, he already had his own business plan. After all, he had run a company before, and his management ability and vision were not bad.

It's just... he's just worried about one thing: whether he really wants to stay in the Karol capital or not.

This place seemed to be the hub of several main characters and female protagonists. If he continued staying here, he was afraid he would be caught up in countless troubles.

He may even be killed by the male protagonist or the villains.

However, Lathel ultimately decided to stay in the Karol capital. After all, he and Alec had signed a contract not to harm each other, which also made him feel much more secure.

Besides... he was currently wearing the strange bracelet that Lusha put on him, that's why he couldn't leave Karol for the time being.

In the end, he thought perhaps staying here was not a bad choice.

As long as he tries to stay away from the female leads or limit contact with them, maybe everything will be fine.

Returning to the present, Lathel explained: "Of course I believe you have a wide connection, but I'm just thinking about a new form of business."

"New form of business?" Racunte frowned, feeling confused.

"That's right." Lathel continued: "Racunte, how do you feel about my soup?"

Racunte rubbed his chin, thought for a moment, and then said: "Apart from its uses, it is also very delicious. Perhaps this is the first time I have eaten such a delicious soup."

"In fact, I feel that your soup is even better than the soup made by the royal chef."

Lathel smiled and nodded: "So… that soup cooked by the royal chef… do you get to eat it often?"

Racunte was startled when he heard that. He also immediately understood what Lathel was about to say. After all, he had lived a long time, and even though he was not too business-savvy, he had enough experience to understand Lathel's thoughts.

"What do you mean… we should limit its quantity?"

"That's right." Lathel nodded and began to explain: "If we can periodically provide large amounts of soup to adventurers or nobles, they will consider it a normal soup."

"Even though it's delicious and its uses are enormous, doing so also means we've lowered its value to the lowest level."

"The pills prepared by pharmacist Enchanter have a high price because they are rare and difficult to prepare. Also, only pharmacist enchanters can prepare this medicine."

"So... why don't we try turning this soup into a limited-edition dish? Thus, the value of this soup will increase."

"I even want to turn it into a luxurious dish, so that everyone knows that eating this soup is rare."

"I understand!" Racunte said happily: "So… what do you need?"

"A lot of things… but I think we don't need to rush to contact the nobles and adventurers. First, we need a good location to open a restaurant." Lathel said.

Racunte rubbed his chin, he seemed to understand everything Lathel wanted: "Good! Leave the matter of the store, the ingredients, and the customers to me."

"You will be in charge of being the chef, and we will divide the profits into 3 - 7. I will be 3, and you will be 7."

When Lathel heard that, he shook his head and said: "You don't need to share too much profit with me. Anyway, everything has been prepared by you, so let's divide it evenly, 5 - 5."

"However, I need you to promise me one thing."

Racunte did not object, he nodded and said: "If it's not too difficult, I will definitely agree."

"No, this is very beneficial for you, and that is, you must keep my identity a secret." Lathel said.

"Why?" Racunte asked confusedly: "If everyone knows your identity, you will become famous. By then, you can earn a lot of money, women, and fame."

Lathel shook her head: "I hate trouble. As long as you keep my identity a secret, I will accept to cooperate with you."

"Good! Anyway, this condition is beneficial for us, the profit will also be divided into 4-6. I'll get 4, and you'll get 6."

Lathel didn't object anymore, he just nodded and said: "Okay..."

After that, Lathel and Racunte discussed further about opening a store. Lafien did not understand or care, so he returned to his own room.

Radius didn't understand either. He tried to listen without missing any words, but in the end, he didn't understand anything.

Lathel and Racunte chatted from 7 p.m. until nearly 12 p.m.

Of course, there were many other issues that could not be decided, but now it was late, and Lathel also wanted to rest.

Racunte and Radius left Lathel's house and climbed into the carriage. At this time, Racunte suddenly waved his hand and slapped Radius on the head.


"ACK!" Radius cried out in pain: "Father, what the hell are you doing? Why did you hit me?"

Racunte said angrily: "The more I look at you, the angrier I feel. Look at Lathel, he is truly a genius. He is intelligent, talented, and humble."

"Look at yourself, what do you have? You are simply not worthy of the word 'genius'. Damn it! The more I look at you, the more I want to hit you."

Radius felt extremely wronged, he really wanted to cry. He thought his father would praise him for finding a good friend.

In the end, he was still beaten by his father. Is there still justice in this world?

"What are you crying for?" Racunte angrily shouted: "Are you still crying? Do you believe I won't beat you to death?"

"I believe you! I believe you! Father, don't hit me anymore."

Racunte angrily waved his hand and said: "Do you understand what he and I said until now?"

"Ack!" Radius was startled, and he stammered: "I... I..."


"AAA!!! Father, stop hitting me!"

"Damn it! I want to beat you to death! Why do I have such a stupid son?"

"Dad! I'm not stupid, I'm..."

"Shut up!"


"AA!! Father, if you hit me again, I will really become stupid."

"Ah! Aren't you an idiot?"



The carriage continued to move. Fortunately, the carriage had a soundproofing function, so even though Brevil was driving the carriage, he could not hear any sound.

A moment later, Radius sat opposite Racunte, covering his face and crying like a child.

"Huh!" Racunte snorted in contempt. He opened the window and looked at the street scene to calm down a bit.

When the carriage arrived at the area reserved for the Earl, he frowned because there were many people carrying furniture and starting to decorate a castle.

What is worth mentioning is that among those people, Racunte also saw many magicians and even famous sculptors.

"Did someone just get promoted to an Earl?" Racunte muttered: "Looks like... I have a new neighbour."

He shook his head, closed the window, and no longer cared.

Over there, many people began to decorate and repair the castle. There were even hundreds of people trying to work here.

Among them, there were many earth- and wood-type magicians, and there were even many famous sculptors.

The items transported into that castle were also extremely luxurious and of extremely high value.

In the sky, a girl wearing a black robe with blonde hair smiled mischievously. If Lathel were here, he would immediately recognize who this girl was.

That's right, it was Lusha. She shouted: "Hurry! The Queen's orders are that you must complete your work before dawn."

"If by dawn, this castle cannot be used, the Empress will behead you."

The people below were so scared that their faces turned pale when they heard that, and they worked even more urgently.

"Hahahaha…" Lusha laughed happily. She looked towards the castle and muttered: "This world is so interesting, hahahaha…"

After discussing the business plan with Racunte, Lathel was in no hurry to return to his room.

He went to the basement, which is where he used to work.

Lathel took the materials he had bought together with Lilith and placed them on the table, then took out the 'Sivas Sculpting Knife' and began sculpting the materials on the table.

At this moment, he realized that even though he was sculpting a block of metal, the knife could still easily cut that block of metal like it was cutting a cake.

Of course, he had to integrate his magical energy into this knife for it to exert its true purpose.

After working for about an hour, Lathel immediately wanted to go to sleep. In fact, even though he only worked for 1 hour, in this 1 hour, he had to both control his magical energy and design and sculpt flawlessly, without any mistakes.

Lathel sighed, returned to the room, and saw Charlotte already lying on the bed. Hugging her to sleep had already become his habit.

Before sleeping, he suddenly remembered something, opened the system panel, and stared at the 'Simulated Space' function.

'Is this function similar to the 'training room' of the Enchanter Tower?'

He secretly wondered in his heart, that's why he decided to use the 'simulated space' function for the first time.

In a blink of an eye, he appeared in a pitch-dark space without any light source.

[Ding! Please select an environment.]

"Environment?" Lathel frowned in thought, then said: "Then… a steppe environment."

[Ding! A steppe environment is being established.]

Right now, the surrounding landscape began to transform into a vast steppe.

Below his feet was a long grass carpet reaching the horizon, the sky was clear and blue, occasionally there were a few white clouds, and the gentle breeze blowing made Lathel feel comfortable.

This did not look like a simulation, Lathel believed that he had actually gone to a completely different space.

[Ding! You are allowed to stay in the 'simulation space' for 24 hours, also only 1 second will pass in reality.]

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