The Strongest Dragon in the Era of Beast Taming

Chapter 30 - 30: Five Great Eight Courts (Plea for more reading)
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Chapter 30: Chapter 30: Five Great Eight Courts (Plea for more reading)

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There are numerous Beastmaster schools, big and small, within the Flowery Kingdom, but only a few are familiar to Beastmasters.

The most renowned are the “Five Greats and Eight Academies” that people often talk about with great interest.

The term “Five Greats and Eight Academies” refers to the thirteen most famous Beastmaster Universities in the Flowery Kingdom.

These are the dream universities for every Beastmaster within the Flowery Kingdom.

The Five Greats are Peony College, Rosewood College, Glazewater College, Phoenix College, and Blunt College.

The Eight Academies are Thundurus Academy, Snowfall Academy, Wind Academy, Aurora Academy, Crystal Academy, Dragonsoar Academy, Star Moon Academy, and World Academy.

Of course, if you had to compare the overall strength of these prestigious institutions, the authority of the Five Greats far surpasses the Eight Academies.

According to the national Beastmaster University rankings previously published by the Flowery Kingdom.

Peony College, one of the Five Greats, is traditionally ranked first. The college is located in the capital of the Flowery Kingdom.

This university is most famous for its Blacksmith Department. Most of the outstanding senior blacksmiths and high-tech research talents stem from this college.

Ranked second is Rosewood College, a university that David Jones could not forget.

This university’s Pharmacy Department is renowned nationwide, considering itself superior, and is also viewed as a holy land by all pharmacists in the country.

As for the universities that follow in the rankings at third, fourth, and fifth place, the remaining three colleges compete for these fiercely.

The competition between them is so intense that the college ranked third changes annually.

This year, the nationwide Beastmaster University ranked sixth is World Academy, one of the eight major colleges.

This college is also famous for its Pharmacy Department nationwide, but compared to Rosewood College, it still falls short.

However, among the Eight Academies, World Academy is the leading presence and the top-ranking academy, always aspiring to become the sixth great university in the Flowery Kingdom.

Next year, David Jones’s first-choice university for the Beastmaster’s Examination will be Rosewood College, with World Academy being his second choice.

According to what David Jones knows, Thundurus Academy’s overall ranking in the Eight Academies is in the middle range, ranked ninth nationwide, and is a well-known university specializing in Electric Departments.

“Thundurus Academy! Avery Nelly? Are you the top scorer in the Beastmaster Examination from Waterland City this year?” David Jones exclaimed in surprise.

No wonder, when referee Oscar Summers introduced this person as a sparing partner, he thought he’d heard or seen the name Avery Nelly somewhere before.

It wasn’t until she mentioned Thundurus Academy that he recalled the hot news that aired on the Waterland City news channel a while ago. In the remotely located Waterland City, prospective students securing a place in the “Five Greats and Eight Academies” are extremely rare.

However, during the interview at that time, her appearance was not revealed, otherwise, with Avery Nelly’s beauty, figure, and strength, David Jones estimated the interview would have sparked a firestorm online.

“Calling me a top scorer is an exaggeration. I haven’t even fought with you, junior!”

Avery Nelly spoke somewhat shyly.

She can easily accept praise from others for being able to get into a prestigious university like Thundurus Academy. After all, it’s not a small honor, so she can comfortably accept it.

But in Avery Nelly’s opinion, the person standing in front of her, David Jones, is an absolute anomaly. The title of the top scorer in Waterland City’s high school examination isn’t worth much in front of him.

Having been addressed in this way by David Jones, she becomes somewhat uneasy.

Moreover, I initially wanted to apply to Glazewater College, but unfortunately,

I couldn’t pass the test.” Avery Nelly spoke, carrying a tinge of regret in her tone.

She had long been dreaming of Glazewater College, especially because her beloved idol, Viola Zachary, is studying at that university.

“Test? Can you tell me in detail about the Five Greats’ examination?” David Jones suddenly asked. The information on the internet about the test was all jumbled up, with real and fake information hard to distinguish.

David Jones lightly stroked Rainbow’s head with his right hand, his eyes fixed on Avery Nelly. There was a slight hint of eager anticipation on his seemingly calm face.

Oh, you want to listen? The Five Greats’ tests change every year!”

Avery Nelly suddenly snapped out of her reverie. She furrowed her brows, bit her rosy lips, and replied somewhat shyly.

“Uh-huh, I also want to take the Five Greats exam next year, so I want to have

a general understanding of the exam’s difficulty from you.”

David Jones, looking at Avery Nelly’s beautiful profile, asked with a smile.

“Indeed, your strength is formidable, and you can definitely try for those five top-grade universities.” Upon hearing David Jones’ words, Avery Nelly nodded. The David Jones in front of her was indeed very strong.

There is still a year left before the next exam. If David Jones is now able to single-handedly beat her in a one-on-one pet battle and keeps training for the next year, he might really be able to get into the Five Greats, the place of her longing.

“I only know about this year’s basic test for Glazewater College. Firstly, the requirement is that the Beastmaster’s Arcane Star must be Class II or above.” Just as she began her explanation, Avery Nelly’s pupils contracted dramatically. She parted her lips as if she just realized something and stared at David Jones in amazement, full of surprise in her voice.

“If I’m not mistaken, the hue of your summoning Rune Circle was pale green

before the battle, meaning your Arcane Star is already at Class II!”

Hearing Avery Nelly’s astonished voice, David Jones looked at her strangely.

You only just realized now? Your reaction time is a bit too slow!

David Jones, laughing, said: “Yes, perhaps it’s because my Beastmaster Talent was awakened rather early, or maybe I just practice Calm Mind more often.” “Hmph, excessive humility is arrogance, keep it up and I might just hit you!” Avery Nelly exclaims, her tone tinged with envy.

‘I initially thought that your Coldjade Snake was very extraordinary but I never expected that your Beastmaster cultivation talent is even more extraordinary!” She then added, “The second requirement is: The purity of a Beastmaster’s Arcane Star must be high, at least 80%, and the use of elixirs should be minimal.”

When Avery Nelly said this, she constantly observed David Jones’ reactions from the corner of her eye.

She was worried that David Jones might have advanced through stages using the risky method of using elixirs, and in so doing, lose such a strong opponent. David Jones nodded in understanding.

Beastmasters can increase their Arcane Star’s cultivation speed by consuming elixirs, but this is only confined to Arcane Stars of Class III and above.

Because Arcane Stars of Class III and above possess purification abilities, they can somewhat eliminate the adverse effects of elixirs while under the Beastmaster’s control, maintaining the purity of their own Arcane Stars.

However, if Beastmasters use too much elixir when their Arcane Stars are between zero and Class II, their Arcane Stars will become tarnished and impure, making the following cultivation of the Arcane Star more difficult.

So, Beastmasters who are ambitious usually do not use elixirs aimed at Arcane Star cultivation when their Arcane Stars are below Class III.

That kind of elixir is only suitable for those Beastmasters with mediocre talents, those with Arcane Stars that have no hope of breakthrough and are attempting to make a desperate last stand.

The third test is a practical exam.” Avery Nelly intentionally emphasized the word “exam” and then heaved a slow sigh.

Then she looked at David Jones sympathetically, as if she felt pity for David

Jones who would be facing similar trials next year.

“What exactly is the practical exam at top-grade universities?”

David Jones, who listened to Avery Nelly’s words, seemed to have felt her pity. He pursed his lips and asked with interest..

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