The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 2330 - Brother
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Chapter 2330 - Brother

The Sovereign Monument was located within a mountain range. This mountain range didn’t have a name until there were rumors that a Qilin appeared here. Since then, this mountain range had been called Qilin Mountain.

At the center of Qilin Mountain was an ancient ruin with the Sovereign Monument at the center of it. The Sovereign Monument was towering, with a different diagram on each side. But the Sovereign Monument was enveloped in a black mist that made it seem mysterious.

When everyone from the Heavenly Sword Pavilion arrived, they saw that there were many people who were already waiting here since it's one of the most critical places for opportunities. There were many people gathered here, and there were also those from other realms.

But because of the black miasma, everyone wasn’t in a hurry to comprehend the Sovereign Monument but hunted demonic beasts nearby.

Three days later, when the black miasma disappeared, the number of people in the surroundings increased and everyone began to comprehend the Sovereign Monument, trying to obtain its profundity. Lin Yun looked at the stone monument and felt that his soul was being sucked into it, coming to a world. As he pondered, a sharp aura appeared like an ancient sword trying to tear apart primal chaos.

“Weird.” Lin Yun recollected his gaze. He continued, “I can manifest everything I think of.”

“A country bumpkin,” Chang Jun sneered.

“The Sovereign Monument is special because you can see whatever you want no matter what dao you've grasped. You can even comprehend Sovereign Dao from it,” Wu Yuhua said. He continued, “Since ancient times, no one has managed to break through the primal chaos they’re in and see the true profundity of this Sovereign Monument.”

Lin Yun merely smiled and secretly circulated Nirvana Dao. When he looked at the Sovereign Monument again, the primal chaos suddenly became clear and his soul entered the primal chaos world with ancient runes starting to appear.

Each of those runes looked like a sword that intertwined, containing all the profundity of Sword Dao. Looking at it for a moment, Lin Yun could sense that the saint dao of his Sword Dao increased by a few hundred, and his Quasi-Bright Sun Sword Intent was consolidated. The sword stars shone with lifeforce when Lin Yun came out.

“Nirvana…” When he looked at the Sovereign Monument again, he only saw the majestic monument without his soul being devoured by it. This made Lin Yun squint and wear a playful smile, “Oh?”

The Sovereign Monument couldn’t manifest a Nirvana World when it could manifest a Sword World?

Lin Yun looked around and saw everyone staring blankly at the Sovereign Monument, and some had joy on their faces. He could imagine what they saw in the Sovereign Monument. But no matter what, everyone had a harvest, and even their Sovereign Daos rapidly began to improve.

They occasionally opened their eyes, frowning as if they had run into trouble and needed to think before resolving the profundity. But Lin Yun could easily see through the secrets with Nirvana Dao, and his Sword Dao could rapidly improve if he wanted it to.

“Big Brother Lin, what’s the matter?” Ji Zixi couldn’t help asking.

“This Sovereign Monument might seem simpler than I’ve imagined,” Lin Yun said. It was naturally worth rejoicing that the saint daos of his Sword Dao increased, but there weren’t any surprises. He was expecting there to be surprises since the Sovereign Monument was so famous.

Then again, he wasn’t disappointed either because it was good that he could increase the saint daos of his Sword Dao and consolidate his sword intent.

Ji Zixi smiled, “It might be easy for you. I saw Phoenix Fire inside and had some harvest.”

“I saw a divine sword!” Chang Jun rejoiced. “This is really magical. I can sense the profundity of that sword just by raising my head, and it’s like listening to the lecture of a deity.”

“I only saw a sword tip and couldn’t even see half of the sword,” Xi Ruo said. She raised her brow and continued, “Someone was still boasting that it’s simple, but you probably failed to comprehend anything.”

Lin Yun couldn’t help smiling when he heard that. He already saw that the sword was just an illusion. No matter how you observed it, you couldn’t grasp the profundity of that sword. The best it could do was allow your Sword Dao to improve slightly.

“What are you laughing at?” Xi Ruo was furious.

Lin Yun said, “If there’s a divine sword, it’s just manifested by the Sovereign Monument. You can observe to gain some benefits, but you won’t be able to walk out from the illusion if you treat it as a deity.”

“You can walk out?” Xi Ruo sneered. “You think that you’re smart. Don’t we all know that it’s an illusion? It’s a sovereign illusion, to begin with. But that’s the means of a deity, and you want to walk out of it? Dream on! Be careful that you might suffer retribution for being disrespectful to deities!”

“Perhaps,” Lin Yun casually replied.

“Junior Sister, there’s no need to pay attention to them. He’s just a barbarian and didn’t even see a deity before. So why waste time talking to him,” Chang Jun mocked. “I think he’s probably trying to lure your attraction.”

Hearing what Chang Jun said, Xi Ruo couldn’t help taking a few steps back and contemptuously looked at Lin Yun. She had treated what Chang Jun said seriously.

Lin Yun opened his mouth and was speechless. In the end, he brushed it off with a smile.

But Ji Zixi furiously looked at Xi Ruo. Did Xi Ruo consider herself to be a figure? Who was Big Brother Lin? Would he take a fancy to someone like her?

“Let’s go and take a look at other places,” Lin Yun said, pulling Ji Zixi away.

Everyone from the Heavenly Sword Pavilion was comprehending the Sovereign Monument, so it wasn’t worth it to become angry over something like this.

A brief moment later, Lin Yun and Ji Zixi came to a quiet place where a robust figure with a cauldron by his side was located.

Xiong Tiannan smiled upon seeing Lin Yun coming over, “It looks like your relationship with the Heavenly Sword Pavilion isn’t that close.”

“You’re concerned about that?” Lin Yun asked.

“Nah. The Heavenly Sword Pavilion in the Azure Cloud Realm is nothing; only Lin Jiangxian can be considered a figure. Speaking of which, Lin Jiangxian is really ruthless. I heard that Bai Yu was furious when he returned but didn’t dare to do anything,” Xiong Tiannan smiled.

“Hey, watch what you say. You’re not allowed to speak about Big Sister Lin that way,” Ji Zixi said furiously.

“I’m praising her. Am I right? Brother Lin,” Xiong Tiannan smiled.

“How’s your comprehension?” Lin Yun asked.

Xiong Tiannan looked at the Sovereign Monument, frowning, “This Sovereign Monument is really mysterious. It can sense what I think, and my Devour Dao improved just by being in it momentarily. But it’s too foggy, and I’m afraid I will only obtain an ordinary dao fruit.”

“How do you obtain the dao fruit?” Lin Yun asked.

“Every four hours, the Sovereign Monument will reward you based on your comprehension. The dao fruits are divided into four grades: white, indigo, silver, and gold. White is the most common, and indigo is precious. Silver represents a Sovereign Dao, and as for gold…hehe…”

“So it’s similar to fortunes,” Lin Yun said.

“They’re more precious than fortunes. Golden fortunes can be found at the very least, but Golden Dao Fruits are extremely rare. There might not be any Golden Dao Fruits after the Sovereign Monument was sealed,” Xiong Tiannan said.

“What kind of dao fruit do you think you can receive?” Lin Yun asked.

“Indigo? I only hope that I can obtain silver at the end of it. The fog is too heavy,” Xiong Tiannan said without any confidence.

Lin Yun merely smiled as he condensed a strand of Nirvana Dao in his finger and pointed at the monument. He didn’t let the Nirvana Dao stay behind since he only had ten-odd saint daos of it. He only left a slight aura on it and smiled, “You can sit here and take a look.”

“What do you mean?” Xiong Tiannan was baffled.

“Well, this location is good. Don’t you believe in location?” Lin Yun gave a mysterious smile before leaving with Ji Zixi.

When they came to a quiet region, Ji Zixi asked, “Big Brother Lin, did you manage to see something?”

Lin Yun didn’t say anything but reached out with his finger, leaving a strand of Nirvana Dao on Ji Zixi. He smiled, “Feel it yourself.”

Lin Yun returned to comprehending the Sovereign Monument and comprehension began pouring into his mind. He could feel that his Sword Dao was gradually increasing as he looked at the Sword Dao that was placed before him. There was no secret in this place to him, and the words were equivalent to saint fruits.

Four hours later, the Sovereign Monument shone brightly and everyone opened their eyes with a dao fruit. Lin Yun opened his eyes and calmly looked at the Golden Dao Fruit in his hand.

Beside him, Ji Zixi also had a Golden Dao Fruit in her hand and she looked at Lin Yun with her eyes shining brightly.

“Hush,” Lin Yun smiled.

Ji Zixi carefully stowed it, and smiled, “Hush.”

“Holy shit, silver!” Xiong Tiannan opened his eyes and looked at his palm with disbelief. It was a Silver Dao Fruit, and he even wondered if he was dreaming. He rejoiced as he looked at the stone rock beneath him with shock.

Lin Yun only used a finger to change everything. Xiong Tiannan hugged and kissed the rock before looking at the Silver Dao Fruit with joy, “Hehe, I have to leave this stone with me. That fellow is ridiculous.

“That brother is truly remarkable!” Xiong Tiannan said.

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