The Romantic Cultivator

Chapter 1225 Ji Yuan and the Goddess Alyssa
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Chapter 1225 Ji Yuan and the Goddess Alyssa

Before Destiny had left Ji Yuan's room, she smiled to him as she slowly averted her gaze from him. "Remember what you have said to me today!"

She lowered her eyes with as a subtle coyly blush spreaded across her cheeks to indicate her bashfulness.

And with that, she had coyly left his room in a hurry.

Ji Yuan was stunned by how swift Destiny had left his room and he had not even hold her hands yet.

What the heck?!

I haven't even kissed her or hold her hands yet…

When Destiny had left his room all of a sudden, Ji Yuan began to flash out of his room too and to go after her.

He was now cursing himself for trying to act so cool.

As he sped across the hallway of his room, he had suddenly bumped into the Goddess Alyssa who was surprised to see him.

Ji Yuan was also surprised to see her as he quickly greeted, "Goddess Alyssa, how are you?"

The Goddess Alyssa looked at him while still gasping softly with great surprise, "It is the Great Alliance Leader Ji Yuan… why are you out here? I mean so late at night?"

Ji Yuan laughed weakly, "Hahaha… I didn't know that it is night now. Guess that I had been knocked out cold for a day now."

The Goddess Alyssa smiled at him, "You should purge your alcohol out then you won't get drunk."

Ji Yuan frowned and his reaction was typical of many of the male cultivators in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, "And waste the good wines? Never!"

Although high level cultivators like Ji Yuan don't have to eat or drink but there are certain stuffs that they still like to consume despite their high level cultivation body.

Also, the good wines that Ji Yuan had consumed were also spiritual wines and it could even increase his cultivation so it was too wasteful to purge it.

And he couldn't think of any cultivators that would purge these spirit wines too unless they were nuts. After all, the Blue Phoenix Sacred Sect had spent plenty of spirit stones for these valuable spirit wines to be used for this occasion and it could even cost a small cultivation sect a year of their finances.

The Goddess Alyssa asked him all of a sudden, "Great Alliance Leader, you don't mind answering a question for me?"

Ji Yuan: ???

"Sure, why not?" He answered curiously.

The Goddess Alyssa asked him with a soft sigh, "As you know that the Celestial Immortals are split into the Desolate and the Pangu Immortals. Is there a hope for real peace?"

Ji Yuan laughed jovially, "Of course! Love your neighbours. Then you can even advance your dao and gain eternal life as an immortal."

He had actually randomly babbled this.

The Goddess Alyssa asked him curiously, "Love your neighbours?"

Ji Yuan pretended to act like a sage and said coolly, "You should love your neighbour as you love yourself if you want to be a great cultivator. There are no Desolate or Pangu Immortals. Why fight? Where does the hatred come from?"

The Goddess Alyssa said slowly, "The enmities between our two immortal races go a long way."

Ji Yuan said to her, "Let me give you a parable then."

The Goddess Alyssa: ???

Ji Yuan continued, "An orthodox cultivator was going down the mountains when he got attacked by profound beasts and were left almost dead. Then an orthodox cultivator come near him and walked away. Then an unorthodox cultivator walked past and then saved him. So who are the good guy and who the bad guy?"

He further added as he chuckled, "I don't care if Ding Xiaoxiao is my enemy or not. I will love her as my neighbour!"

Anyang said weakly to Ji Yuan: Are you sure that it is not because Ding Xiaoxiao is a beautiful maiden and not because she is your enemy and you love your enemy?

Ji Yuan ignored Anyang as he asked the Goddess Alyssa, "Do you get the moral story of my parable or not?"

The Goddess Alyssa pondered for a while, "You mean we shouldn't have made the distinction between the Pangu Immortal and the Desolate Immortal so clearly? Because your so call same race won't help you if you are in trouble while the enemy will help you?"

Ji Yuan was stunned by her conclusion to his parable as he did not think much as he was in a hurry to find Destiny and so he had bullshitted some craps to the Goddess Alyssa.

So he said to her, "You indeed you have the dao understanding. I am impressed by your dao heart. You can definitely advance as a greater immortal in the future."

This caused the Goddess Alyssa to be flustered as she looked at Ji Yuan, "Really? I have the dao understanding and I can be a greater immortal in the future?"

Ji Yuan grinned, "Of course! The heavens have no limits and boundaries. As long as you remember my parable well, you dao heart shall always be your beacon of enlightenment in your cultivation. You will be a greater immortal in the future. It is a good thing that you have turned over a new leaf now."

The Goddess Alyssa began to sigh woefully, "I am actually not like this. I used to have a good sister Mel but I had betrayed her and even caused her great harm… also, Little Princess must have hated me so much too…"

All of a sudden, she had noticed that Ji Yuan was gone in a flash.

Ji Yuan was actually in a hurry to look for Destiny and he was just babbling to maintain his super cool image.

In fact, he did not even know what he was talking about.

But the Goddess Alyssa did not know this and she had secretly made up her mind to repent and to redeem herself.


Author Note:

1. Your spirit stones are crucial for motivations and releases. Thank you all in advance, many love! ?(⌒▽⌒?)

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