The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 1107 Spruce Heights
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Chapter 1107 Spruce Heights

"Let's go! We have to get rich as soon as possible! If we don't move now, when will we?" Ye Qiu couldn't hold it in anymore and urged.

The old Daoist priest was dumbfounded. "What kind of partner did I find? I'm already heartless enough. Why do I feel like he's even more immoral than me? Was this a serious young man?" Thinking of this, the old Daoist priest was delighted. "Fuck, I've met a confidant. I have been misunderstood by the world for so many years. No one can understand me. I went to the trouble of visiting those tombs that had been sealed for many years to undo the heroic deeds they had done back then and make them public.

"Instead, they misunderstood me! They said that I was heartless and will suffer the wrath of the heavens. I didn't expect to meet a friend in a foreign land today. I met a young man who had the same ideals as me.

"Just like me, he had a strong interest in the historical deeds that had happened in the past, those things that were hidden in the sealed darkness. He wanted to unlock them all and return the world to a clear world."

Thinking of this, the old Daoist priest cried. He was so touched that he was speechless.

Great! You're a great man.

"Go." At this point, the old Daoist priest gradually revealed his inner thoughts. Just as Ye Qiu had said, he had to get rich as soon as possible.

He had been observing that tomb for hundreds of years and already knew it like the back of his hand. If not for the fact that he could not undo the seal alone without the help of a reliable companion, he would have opened it long ago.

When he thought of the former Immortal King buried under the tomb being forgotten in the dust of history, he felt incomparably pained. No matter what, he had to make him appear in front of the world again and let everyone know how great a person he was in the past.

Of course, the treasures inside definitely belonged to him, the one who publicized it. After all, this job required remuneration.

First of all, he wasn't going purely for the sake of getting rich. It was purely for his academic hobby. Hearing his selfless words, Ye Qiu smiled and greeted him, cursing in his heart. "Damn old man, so be it. Why did he have to crown himself with a great hat? Those who don't know would think that he's doing some great mission to save the world."

Ye Qiu was caught between laughter and tears. This old man was really a genius. He was a dazzling wonder in the Chiliocosm World.

The two of them schemed, feeling like they had met too late. In just a few words, they had become old friends. Through the old Daoist's statement, Ye Qiu also understood some strange things about the Chiliocosm World and some common sense.

These were all useful knowledge points, which he silently remembered in his heart. At the very least, they would be very helpful for him to roam the vast world in the future. As they chatted, the two of them passed through void ruins and arrived at a piece of land floating in the galaxy.

"This is the primordial land! A primordial rune land in the Ancient Immortal Realm back then.

"Name: Spruce Heights.

"In the past, countless great ferocious beasts of the Immortal Ancient were affected by the primordial runes and gained intelligence. They were the first to wake up from the chaos and step into cultivation. Therefore, this place is also known as one of the Ten Great Origin Lands."

Ye Qiu nodded to himself after hearing the old Daoist's explanation. Even though they had just entered the Spruce Heights, he had already discovered some colossus lurking in the mountain stream, watching for any potential danger in the darkness.

This place was very dangerous! The towering spruce tree covered the sky, causing this place to be dark all year round. Unlike the strangeness of the Misty Immortal Track, there was a strong killing intent everywhere, floating on the surface.

"Where is the Immortal King's tomb you mentioned? Which Immortal King's tomb was it once?" Ye Qiu asked curiously.

The old Daoist priest chuckled and said, "I've been observing this tomb for a hundred years. Through many inquiries, I learned that this tomb is the tomb of an Immortal King after the Ancient Immortal Realm shattered.

"This is Spruce Heights. Countless living beings and great ferocious beasts grow here. A large portion of them were once descendants of this Immortal King powerhouse. They have protected this place for generations." At this point, the old Daoist's eyes became much shrewder. He pointed at pairs of eyes hidden in the darkness and said, "Do you see those eyes? That's the Watch Eye of the Spruce Clan. Anyone who enters this forbidden land will be discovered by these eyes and trigger the alarm. In a moment, the news will spread throughout the entire Spruce Heights.

"It's not easy to sneak in here. Hehe… Kid, after knowing you for so long, I still don't know what you have. If you want to follow the old Daoist, just your words alone are not enough. Take this as the first test."

The old Daoist smiled evilly. Ye Qiu looked at him deeply and smiled without saying anything. This old Daoist was indeed a shrewd person. He was very cautious.

Ye Qiu naturally discovered the eyes he mentioned. Countless eyes in the darkness watched every corner of the entire Spruce Heights. It was really not easy to sneak in here. However, this wasn't difficult for Ye Qiu.

Through observation, he discovered that these pairs of eyes would patrol back and forth. During this period, there would be a temporary blind spot. As long as he grasped this opportunity, he could easily pass this level of the Eye of Watch.

The old Daoist priest had observed for so many years and clearly knew this fatal flaw, but he didn't say it as he wanted Ye Qiu to discover it himself.

Ye Qiu understood. Although this flaw was very fatal, it was very difficult to implement. This was because one had to dodge tens of thousands of vision intervals. As one went deeper, they had to reach the next blind spot with the fastest speed and observe the next safe spot in the depths.

This required astonishing speed and already powerful insight to do this. Coincidentally, Ye Qiu had both.

"Sure! Senior, please lead the way." Ye Qiu said confidently.

The old Daoist was stunned. He didn't expect Ye Qiu to be so confident. Could it be that he had observed the flaw in such a short period of time? "This child is really amazing! Looks like I had found the right person this time."

After a moment of surprise, the old Daoist finally began to show his true strength. The moment he retracted his gaze, his eyes became especially sharp, as if he had become a different person. He was no longer as frivolous as before. He was dressed in a black robe. Suddenly, his figure flashed and he entered the first safety blind spot.

However, he didn't expect Ye Qiu to follow him into that blind spot.

"What astonishing speed!" The old Daoist priest was really shocked. One had to know that he had only cultivated such escape skills after doing this life-threatening job. Unexpectedly, a young man came today to challenge his job?

How could this do! He immediately competed with Ye Qiu.

The two of them hid their auras and quickly shuttled through the darkness. Those eyes did not notice them.

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