The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!

Chapter 310 - 310: The Finale
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Chapter 310: The Finale

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“You—” Mu Guo grabbed her neck.

Mu Ci and Bei Shuo hurriedly stepped forward and pulled them away.

“An Ya isn’t dead.” Bei Shuo supported Lin Jun.

Lin Jun, who was coughing violently from suffocation, was stunned.

Mu Guo was also stunned. “What did you say?”

Bei Shuo looked at Lin Jun. “You knew about Mu Yao’s condition long ago.

That’s why you used An Yao’s blood to treat Mu Yao’s illness while studying her and letting her test the medicine, right?”

“An Ya. Is she really in your hands? Did she give you the bracelet that Mu Ci held?” Lin Jun didn’t answer her question.

Bei Shuo looked at her without saying anything.

Lin Jun chuckled softly. “Do you believe in retribution?”

Bei Shuo nodded gently. “1 didn’t believe it in the past. Now that I look at you, 1 believe it.”

Lin Jun raised her head, and her face was already covered in tears. “Then why didn’t retribution fall on me? Why did it fall on Mu Yao? If she hates me, then let me die? Why did she let Mu Yao suffer like this? Why? How could she be so heartless?”

“You were the one who passed on Mu Yao’s illness to her. What has it got to do with An Ya? In order to treat your illness, An Ya donated her bone marrow to you. She earned money to support you while going to school. When you met Mr. Mu, your financial situation improved. She gave you the best first, but what about you?”

Bei Shuo questioned Lin Jun, “You fell in love with Mr. Mu, caused An Ya to lose her child, and even imprisoned her. You occupied her position and lived with Mr. Mu. There was also Mu Yao. When you found out about Old Madam Mu’s illness, you ignored An Ya’s health and forcefully took her bone marrow again. You deceived everyone and donated it to Old Madam Mu in Mu Yao’s name. Everything you obtained was taken from An Ya. Lin Jun, does your conscience really not hurt?”

Lin Jun smiled sadly. “What’s the use of having a conscience? Can it be eaten? Can it be used as money? Why should 1 be abandoned by my parents? Why should An Ya meet a man like Mu Guo? The heavens have never been fair. I have to fight for what he didn’t give me! Duan Si is an idiot. Why can she be the Eldest Madam of the Mu Family? That’s right, 1 was the one who told her about Mu Guo and An Ya and instigated her to cause An Ya’s miscarriage. 1 killed three birds with one stone!”

“Since I can’t be Madam Mu, I won’t let Madam Mu have an easy time! So what if she gave birth to two sons? I was the one who got someone to kidnap Mu Ci. Unfortunately, he’s lucky and didn’t die. I was the one who arranged for someone to poison Mu Ci. 1 was the one who instigated Mu En to play with women. I wanted to destroy everything in the Mu Family. In the end, the Mu Family would belong to Mu Yao!”

Mu Guo struggled with all his might as he was pressed down by Mu Ci and Du Cong. He wanted to rush over and bite Lin Jun. “You’re a lunatic! A lunatic!


Lin Jun said disdainfully, “I’m crazy? Do you think Song Nan isn’t crazy? She can even step on Duan Si, so how can she be any better than me? Mu Guo, accept your fate. You’ve let Duan Si down. You would always meet vicious women like us. I’ll use you in exchange for Song Nan’s child to save our daughter. Everyone gets what they want!”

“Give my daughter back to me!” With a scream, Song Nan, who had been standing there for some time, fell into a pool of blood, with a string of bloody footprints behind her.

The lights in the operating theater went out, and the doctor inside rushed out. “CEO Lin, CEO Lin, it’s a success! The surgery is a success!”

Lin Jun collapsed to the ground like a deflated ball, and a smile appeared on her face as if a heavy burden had been lifted from her shoulders.

Mu Ci waved his hand, and Du Cong led his men to take down all the doctors.

A month later, Bei Shuo went to the ward to pick up Mu Yao from the hospital.

Mu Yao had already packed up. She was carrying a baby in her arms.

Bei Shuo was moved.

“Sister-in-law, do you believe in reincarnation?” Mu Yao looked at the baby’s sleeping face and asked softly.

Bei Shuo didn’t say anything. In the past, Lin Jun had asked her if she believed in retribution. Now, Mu Yao asked her if she believed in reincarnation.

Retribution. She believed in it. Reincarnation. She did not know.

“I’ll take my sister and live well with Grandma An Ya in the future. I have to work hard to make our lives happy. It’s not easy for us to come to this world and survive in this world. We have to cherish every day and every sunrise and sunset.” Mu Yao’s tone was very gentle.

Bei Shuo reached out to stroke her head.

She also believed in reincarnation..

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