The Mage of Eternity

Chapter 332 - 332 Warm and Hostile
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332 Warm and Hostile

As the whip fell, a broken black dragon shadow flew out weakly from the current princess of the Black Dragon Race.


The current princess of the Black Dragon Race, who was once a Stage 8, Level 10 Black Dragon, had been reduced to a Stage 7 Black Dragon because her foundation had been injured. She had become An Kai’s slave.

“What did you want to say just now?” An Kai put away the whip and turned around to look at Golden Dragon.

The Golden Dragon was stunned.

He opened his mouth wide, not knowing what expression to make.


He thought of something. If that was the case, wouldn’t his dream come true?

In an instant, the Golden Dragon’s breathing quickened. He wanted to return to the Home of Kindness and collude with Nurnisius to suppress the current princess of the Black Dragon Race.

After all, Nurnisius was An Kai’s pet, and he and the current princess of the Black Dragon Race were only An Kai’s slaves.

The gap was still very big.

Grabbing the dying princess of the Black Dragon Tribe, An Kai threw her onto the deck of the ship.

Fortunately, his ship was 10,000 meters long. Otherwise, it would not have been able to hold this dragon.

After taking a look, he learned through [Beast Taming] that this black dragon’s foundation had been injured, which was why she looked like this.

In the words of the system, it meant that all four attributes had fallen drastically, and her health bar was only left with a little bit of HP.

An Kai saw that this was not going to work. She had not created any value for him yet.

He took out dozens of medium-grade sorcerer’s stones and stuffed them roughly into the mouth of the current princess of the Black Dragon Race.

The Golden Dragon’s heart fluttered when he saw this.

Needless to say, the effect of the middle-grade sorcerer’s stone was indeed not bad.

In less than a minute, the current princess of the Black Dragon Race woke up.

Unfortunately, she had already become An Kai’s slave. Even though her attributes had greatly exceeded An Kai’s, they could not be changed.

An Kai waved his hand, signalling for everyone to be quiet.

The door of the Divine Court Secret Realm that was stuck to the gap of the restriction suddenly shook violently!

The shaking lasted for more than ten minutes!

The door returned to its usual calm.

In the [Divine Court Mystic Realm], the rotten aura disappeared, and so did the passageway.

The creatures with the word “longevity” on their backs turned into bone powder and covered the Divine Court Secret Realm with a greyish-white “floor”.


Outside the 88th crack.

Thorne suddenly had a bad feeling.

It was the same for the “Lord” of Longevity Organization.

He ordered Thorne to investigate.

Thorne couldn’t disobey the order, so he braced himself and took a step forward.

When he entered the secret realm of the Divine Court, the passageway was about to leave.

Thorne became an accessory and was brought along by the passage!

Descended in the orc kingdom.

When he opened his eyes again, he found himself in a mass grave.

Not far away, five or six old orcs smiled and looked at him affectionately.

The orc Sovereign stared at Thorne angrily.

Thorne shrunk his head in front of the true top experts of the continent and laughed foolishly.

“That…If I say that I’m here for a vacation, would you believe me?”

As soon as he finished speaking, a piercing laughter came from a passage behind Thorne that looked like an ancient well.

” Ants, are you ready to welcome us again?!”

The voice shook Thorne so much that his face bled.

After the passage disappeared, An Kai sent people to explore and confirmed that the current Divine Court Secret Realm was very safe!

Moreover, Goudan had recovered a portion of his memories. He said that there seemed to be high-grade sorcerer’s stones left behind in the sealed passage in the secret realm of the Divine Court.

However, it was very troublesome to find them.

A high-grade sorcerer’s stone was different from other quality sorcerer’s stones. Without a specific method, it was impossible to find it.

An Kai decided to think about it carefully.

He would return to the Home of Kindness and wait for the [Side Plot] to refresh.

He wanted to see if the orc kingdom liked the gift he had sent.


Outside the 88th crack.

After the seal was lifted, Christy’s Teacher, the honorary vice president of the Mage Association, passed through the seal and prepared to enter the [Divine Court].

However, when she took a step forward, she realized that it was not an ocean under her feet but a weak land.

Just as she was feeling puzzled, she suddenly froze and smiled.

” There’s a high-grade sorcerer’s stone here?!”


An Kai had dealt with Thorne’s threat and the threat of the passage in one go.

He was in a good mood.

However, some people were in a bad mood because of him.

The first to bear the brunt was…

Longevity Organization!

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