The Husky and His White Cat Shizun

Chapter 311: season finale
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Chapter 311: season finale

A month later.

Impermanent town.

"Let's take a look."

The smack of the hawker snorted in the sun, and he shook his hand in the drums and took the bamboo poles and walked across the street.

"Night tour god, night tour **** - 30 texts, the former Yu Heng elders personally created mechs, evil spirits, and virginity. Come and come, pass by, don't miss it."

The worn-out sandals stepped on the bluestone road, the shadow of the hawker was dragged long, and the children ran around in the left and right, holding the candied fruit in their hands, or holding a paper basket.

Suddenly there was a baby girl with a shofar holding the hawker's clothes: "Uncle, I want to buy a night god."

The hawker put down the burden and picked a brush with mahogany paint: "Hey, is this good?"

The baby girl nodded again and again: "Good-looking! It's just this!" For fear of being snatched by others, he was busy holding a body armor that was almost as tall as himself, and then struggled to slap the copper plate from his pocket with one hand.

The copper plate came to the point, but it was three.

The girl is a little anxious: "Oh, I am running too fast, is it falling out on the road?"

She said that she had flipped it over again, and the bottom of the patch was all in the air, or only twenty-seven dollars. The little girl can’t help but panic, and her eyes are red and red: “Big brother, it’s falling, so it’s all right, can you sell it to me?”

The hawker is also very embarrassed, holding a dirty hand: "Shantou, I have spent twenty-five yuan on the night of the purchase of the gods from the priests. If it is folded for you, then I am not only earning two articles." After a day, this is not enough for a meal."

"What should I do?" The baby girl began to wipe her tears. "Go home and yell at me again, hehe..."

I was crying hard, and suddenly someone came over and blocked the sunshine behind the girl.

"Little brother, you have to collect these broken silver."

A gentle and awkward voice, the girl heard the sound of her head, first saw a hand wearing a sleigh wristband, and then looked up again, facing the eyes of Shuangbi, such as jade, pale gold hair The morning sun is more and more supple.

Mei Hanxue smiled softly: "How can a girl be so beautiful, how can she cry for three money?"

"Ah..." The girl was stunned.

Mei Hanxue came down and tried to be flush with her. Then she re-delivered the pink night tour that had just been taken back by the hawker into her arms. The eyebrows bent: "It’s hard to buy beautiful tears, the tears of the girls are the most valuable. Don't cry because of this little thing next time, huh?"

There was another man next to him. He was mediocre and wore a shackle. The eyes were very nice. They were emerald-colored, but they were as cold as the jade. At first glance, there was no warmth.

The man frowned. "You are almost done. She looks like she is only five or six years old."

Mei Hanxue smiled and got up: "Big brother, you are really boring, the beauty is not old. From the 80-year-old woman, down to the five-year-old child, the fat and fat, each has its own good looks, you must learn to praise them. This will be... Hey, how did you run?"

His eldest brother Mei Hanxue did not want to care about him, he turned and left.

This time, the Mei family brothers ordered the death of the dead and the dead. The wife of the defiant Wang had protected the sects of the sects. Now the catastrophe has subsided, and the elders and disciples have not lost much, and the strength is still preserved.

In this way, in the re-shuffling of the comprehension of the realm, the death and death of the singer jumped to the top three, no longer to the sunset, so poor, letting people slaughter.

"Mei Gongzi, the Lord is waiting for two in Wujianping."

At this time, it was the morning of the dead life. Most of the disciples were practicing in the school. The Jianjianping was quiet and quiet. Only one man in a Chinese costume, holding his hand in front of the white jade carving, looked at the red dust of the mountain peaks. .

Mei Hanxue and the big brother walked over, stepping on the newly-built green grass and making a fine rustling.

When I heard the movement, the man did not look back, but sighed: "Come on?"


"Wait for a long time."

Mei Hanxue couldn't help but laugh out loud: "Zi Ming, how do you talk like this."

The man turned around. It was indeed Xuemeng’s right. It was still handsome to almost some extravagant eyebrows. There were some youthful young people in the face. He saw the Meijia brothers, and the tension between the eyebrows was slightly awkward. The eyes reveal a trace of the old and innocent.

"Hey, you don't know, these days are really exhausting me."

Xue Meng saw no one around, and the Mei brothers did not bring other followers. They immediately relaxed their bodies and sighed.

"Elder elders yelled at me seventeen times a day for rules and rituals. I used to learn this. I don't even talk about people now. I open my mouth and have three words and two words. The elders told me that This is succinct..."

Mei Hanxue couldn't help but cover his mouth with his hand: "Hey... cough."

Xue Meng glanced at him, and some impatiently said: "You have to laugh and laugh, don't pretend to cough."

Mei Han Xue, son of Wen, said: "No, no, how can I make fun of Xue Zunzhu."

"You must never call me that." Xue Meng wrinkled his nose. "I have had enough."

Or when the big brother is calm, Mei Hanxue said: "Resist, from now on, you have to endure a lifetime."

"..." Xue Meng simply turned his head and looked at the mountains and clouds. "You can be true. This is the most frustrating sentence I have heard since I succeeded."

Mei Hanxue: "..."

Xue Meng added another sentence: "No one."

"Ha ha ha." This time Mei Hanxue really laughed and laughed. He smiled for a moment and said to Xue Mengdao. "In fact, when the head is the head, there is no need to have so many rules? You see Jiang Yan on a lonely moon night - he is more comfortable."

This is not to mention okay, mentioning that Xue Meng’s originally relaxed back is tight.

In a place that no one else can see, under the wide sleeves of the luxurious gold silk embroidery thread, his fingers are involuntarily pinched, and the heart is not a taste.

In fact, he had just been to the lonely moon a few days ago.

During the war, Jiang was very hurt, and he lost a lot of panacea. The disciples were all good at pharmacology, so it was easy to return to life. But although the life is saved, the health is no longer in the past. What is even more disturbing is that Jiang Yan has been invaded by the magic gas, and the body has undergone some changes.

"What will happen?" At that time, Xue Meng stood outside the door of Jiang Yan and asked the elders of the drug.

The elders of the drug replied: "It's not good. The magic door has never been opened for thousands of years, so there is no record of how the monk is dyed with magic. At present, it seems that the Lord is temporarily nothing, but it is not clear. What will happen to him in the future..."

Xue Meng looked gloomy and took another look at the room.

The bi-color yarn account was heavy and heavy, and the three-way reciprocally covered the entrance. It was said that Jiang Yan’s appearance at the moment, even the layout of the lonely moon night bedroom, is not clear from the outside.

"Can you heal?"

The elders shook their heads: "I am afraid it is difficult."


The anxiety in my heart became more and more vivid. Xue Meng closed his eyes and said, "If you need it, you can come to me at any time."

Although the elders did not know why what happened between Xue Meng and Jiang Yan, but also vaguely aware of the subtle relationship between the two, they made a gift from the good: "So, I would like to thank Xue Xuemen first."

Xue Meng waved his hand and turned his gaze to the deep curtain.

He actually wants to go in and see Jiang Yan, but the place where the lord is sleeping is probably more mysterious than the squat, and others can easily step in. What's more, Jiang Yan is still not awake, and other people on the lonely moon night can't be the master to let him in. Xue Meng really didn't know what else to say, and he frowned. "The snow phoenix of Jiang's head, I have already returned it to the elders of Feng Jian. You will remember to talk to him."

"Yes." After a pause, see Xue Meng's words and stops, the elder asked. "Don't you ask Xue Zhangmen what else?"

"...forget it, it's okay. I am leaving."

The elder is very polite: "Thank you, Xue Zhangmen personally came here."

Although Xue Meng had a lot of jealousy with Jiang Yan before, it was when the Lord was the Lord. Nowadays, it is the head of the house, and the people of the lonely moon night will naturally not be unreasonably neglected.

Several elders and medical officers accompanied him to step down the temple of Biva, and there was a spiritual flow throughout the night, so the flowers bloomed regardless of the season. Xue Meng looked at his side and saw that Lin Lingyu was covered with light snow, but it was still a splendid flower in the cold, and he was not known as a taste.

He slowly walked down the arcade, and the planks creaked under his feet.

Suddenly, the first copper bell of the horned beast, Xue Meng raised his eyes and saw a young man with his own age at the corner with two rows of knives on his face. The young man was very handsome, his shoulders were wide, and a face in the morning glow exuded the softness of the indescribable.

Rao is Xue Meng’s eyes higher than the top, and he has not smashed him several times.

"Xue Zhangmen."

When the narrow road meets, the young people stop first, and they perform a ceremony, which is correct and not humble.

"..." Xue Meng stopped. "This is..."

"Oh, this is the close servant of the Lord. These years help the Lord to take care of the size of the moon and the night house, not often show up, but it is very important." The elder laughed and saw that he had some young people. fear.

Xue Meng is not salty and does not lightly "hmm".

The young man finished the ceremony and saw that the other person was still staring at himself, so he looked up and smiled.

At this distance, as soon as he looked up, Xue Meng could see him clearly and carefully. Although Xue Meng never paid too much attention to the appearance of others, he still noticed the outstanding appearance of the youth, especially the eyes, bright and gentle, inside. It seems as if there are countless stars.

It’s an unforgettable face.

Xue Meng narrowed his eyes and looked at the other side's appearance more and more harshly, even trying to find out what he was going to compare. But after reviewing it many times, it still has no results.

He has a stunning handsome. Young, restrained, gentle eyebrows, tall, very delicate skin, even like a faint glow

Such a good young man should be on the list of young people in the real world, instead of being crushed, and selling life and hard work in the depths of the lonely moon.

Xue Meng thought dryly.

The pearl is dusty, and the **** night sink is really not something.

The good young man was stared at by Xue Meng’s eyes, and some were uncomfortable. But still politely and gently asked: "Xue Zhangmen, is there something?"

Xue Meng returned to God: ", nothing."

But still staring at others without any disguise.

Near the level of the waiter, although subject to heavy, but no status.

If Xue Meng does not ask, the other party will not tell his name, and he is humiliated.

However, the elders of the drug service were flexible. When Xue Meng was curious about this young man, he smiled and introduced: "Xue Palm Gate does not look at his young age. In fact, Lin Lingyu has no fineness. He cares very well. Sometimes let us These elders are very embarrassed."

The young man bit his lower lip and actually had a slight blush. Sorry, "The elders praised."

Xue Meng looked at him back and forth and became more curious about this person. I suddenly saw the follower behind him carrying a lacquered wooden pallet. After thinking about it, he asked, "Are you going to Jiangyan?"

"Yeah." I didn't think that Xue Meng would call the name of his own head. The young man was awkward, but he quickly nodded with a smile.

This is a good opportunity. If you express yourself and want to accompany the past, the other party should not refuse. This will also be able to enter the Jiang Yan bedroom and take a look at the idiot disease.

Xue Meng cleared his throat and just wanted to speak. He heard the young gentleman.

"I am going to give medicine to my father."

Xue Meng was a glimpse, and then his face was dull: "...what?"

The elders of the drug service said: "Sorry, I almost forgot to say it. He is still a adopted son of Jiang Zhangmen."

Xue Meng: "....................."

After a few moments, I saw that under the flying gallery, several elders followed the Xuemeng, who was looking at the blue-green.

"Hey? Xue Zhangmen?"

"What happened to Xue Zhangmen?"

“Is there something uncomfortable?”

The new leader of the dead and the sorrowful Lord looked gloomy and sullen, and the bottom of the iron-clad sole was slammed into the wood. He gritted his teeth like a ash - he certainly didn't care if Jiang Yan had any kittens and puppies, what happened to him? He just tired of Jiang Yanming clearly having a capable son in the party, but he still has to sympathize with the hypocrisy of "the lonely family is old and unaccompanied" in front of outsiders.

shameless! ! It’s really disgusting!

Mei Hanxue saw that he had a strange face and asked, "What happened to you?"

"Nothing." Xue Mengdao, "Suddenly think of an irrelevant person."

He did not want to mention the things related to Jiang Yan, and after talking about the topic for a while, he went to the ancestral hall of the dead and dying with the Mei family brothers, and gave the glory of the heroes who passed away in the past.

Into the ancestral hall, Mei Hanxue found that a spiritual card on the side of the altar was very special, covered by a red towel, and could not see the following words.

"This is the location of the ink."


Xue Meng’s face was faint, and he couldn’t guess his mind: “Everyone else said that he was dead, but I don’t think. After the end of the war, I saw the teacher respected Kunlun Mountain... He obviously wants Where to go, just don't want to take someone else."

He said, rubbing his lips and hanging his eyelashes: "In short, I don't believe that he is so ruined."

"Xue Meng..."

Xue Meng turned his head away and looked at the sky outside the door: "The ink-burning dog has something to do with it since childhood, and does not act according to common sense."


"I know that this is the same."

Listening to him said that Mei Hanxue could not help but sigh, but did not intend to refute anything.

The Mei family brothers worshipped the Engong couple, Xue Meng stood by, closed his eyes and did not say anything.

After the ceremony was over, Mei Hanxue got up and patted him on the shoulder.

"Zi Ming, you will be a good head."

Xue Mengshu opened and looked at the black and white characters. The scent ignited, and the ash drifted away. In the pale blue haze, Xue Meng looked at his father's tablet and said calmly: "It won't be better than him."



Xue Meng waved his hand and turned away.

In the solemn and solemn ancestral hall, there was no nickname on the small lacquered wood that was written according to the rules. The Mei family brothers glanced at each other and sighed and kept up with Xue Meng’s footsteps.

A fragrant ash fell.

The young people have already gone far, and the Wuliang altar is still burning the three pillars of their fragrance. Behind the faint light spot, the wooden sign slammed Xue Meng's handwriting:

Father is no substitute,

Dan has no heart.

At the bottom of the card is a four-character inscription that is ridiculous. However, the Mei family brothers know that Xue Meng also knows that if Xue Zhengyi is in the spirit of the sky, seeing these four words, he will laugh happily.

The long light swaying, according to the handsome cursive script, is the extension of Xue Zhengyi's brush and ink, and the strokes are all casual.


Xue Lang is very beautiful.

In the evening, a banquet was held to host the banquet of the Snow Palace.

Because of the friendship between the two factions, this is a private affair and does not look at it with outsiders. Even so, there are still rumors that have flowed out.

According to the legend, the newly-elected Xue Zun, who has three cups of two liqueurs, is so drunk that he cannot find the north. After Xue Momen was drunk, he loved to mutter. He had a lot of content that he muttered that day. He was crying for his own mother, and later hated his brother. After a while, he recited the master, and later recognized the neighbors. Teacher.

That day, his mouth was upside down and their names were theirs.

But those old people, except Mei Hanxue, did not come.

Deep in the drunk, in the lamp, he put his arm on the case, and went to see Meng Potang from the arm.

For a time, he saw a hustle and bustle, and he was very happy.

In the crowd, Xue Zhengyi and Mrs. Wang toasted their glasses, and the left and right divisions and the ink burned in the dumplings. Later, they quieted down. Everyone turned their heads and saw the snowy house. The elders of Yuheng wore a bright red cloak. Shake off the snowflakes on the paper umbrella and walk towards them.

"Respect the Lord, you are drunk."

Someone is calling him in the ear, Xue Meng did not respond.

Later, some people sighed and put him in a cold coat. He didn't know who the man was, the elders who were elders, or other people.

Later, the man touched his head and said, "Less Lord, you are drunk."

He responded vaguely, but the tears flowed down, and he threw his head into his arms. At this time, the night was deep, the cup was a mess, and Yi Xing was stunned. Xue Meng did not talk any more, and no one was crying anymore - he was trying to grow up to be a father.

Maybe another year, he won't be so drunk. In a few years, even if you are drunk, you will not talk nonsense again. At the end of the day, probably no one can easily see the tears of Xue Ziming who died.

Slowly, he will become a tree that supports the middle of the world and even the entire realm of cultivation. Those who are willing to cry and raise their wines will one day become a past when Xue Zun and his younger generations chatted.

A generation of generations have passed like this. When Xue Meng is old, it belongs to the past of their generation, and will be mentioned in later generations, but no one knows.

Those years old, maybe after all, will go down to the point, and finally become a sentence on the Xuemeng fan, "Xue Lang is very beautiful."

After the Mei family returned to the Snow Palace, it took a few days for the comprehension to announce a news.

"Kunlun Snow Palace will become an ally with the dying of life and death after the New Year's Eve. The two factions are united and unconstrained, but they are not divided into the upper and lower circles, but they are seeking Haiyanheqing, Limin Anping. The head of the Mingyuelou, the head of the Xuezi Ming, the total Zhao The world, to prove the heart."

Zhaowen is out, the waves are rolling.

Some people praised the festival, some people are unclear, and some people are silent - they can see that this new contract may shake the whole world in the next ten, twenty, or even faster time. The so-called revision of the upper circle, probably slowly blurring the boundaries.

“Is this a good thing?” After a meal, someone asked curiously.

His companion licked the snow in the bowl and shook his head. He said, "Who can know about the future? From the former Nangong Changying, the nine sects of the sects form the upper cult, and the place where these martial arts are to be ruled becomes In the paradise, everyone is not paying tribute, but the result is not satisfactory. It seems that a decision is wise and correct, but it still has to be timed to prove..."

"Oh, yes."

"But at least for the time being, there will be no more things in the words of the Church. You should be no match for the Snow Palace and the dead and the dead."

"This is also not sure, according to Jiang Yan, who refuses to succumb to the temper..."

"Forget it, take care of so much. Take a step and take a step. Let's have a good time for ourselves.... Hey, this snake-boiled melon is good." The tea drinker pulled the scorpion and sipped it outside the bamboo curtain. "The boss, come back a pound!"

In the winter and spring, the scars of the Chinese people slowly healed. The villages and towns that were once destroyed by the war were rebuilt under the support of the major sects.

Someone once lost faith in the dark, but fortunately, the human heart is not static.

Maybe one day, there will be a cry in the silence, and there will be sparks in the abyss. Those who blindly applaud will stop, and those who cringe will speak. When the threat comes, the gentle person will be tough, and in the face of lies, the retorted person will stand up.

Everything is changing the cycle, and a new town is built on the ruins. However, it is not clear that right and wrong are still inseparable.

But there is nothing. It may never be possible for a person to truly understand anything, or even to fully understand himself.

One of the simplest examples -

You have a pair of eyes, but have you really seen your face directly?

"Good!! Come again!!"

In the old land of Linyi, under the old banyan tree, a storytelling book was finished.

"Chu Xianzun is really a good person..." The old woman heard tears. "I don't know where he is now."

"Mo Xian Zun is really wronged... oh..."

Another half-sized little girl licks the sugar gourd in his hand, his eyes are sloppy, and his face is full of tears. She twitched, and suddenly turned her head to the companion around her: "Hey, I don't like the story of Nangong brother and Ye sister."

Her companion slammed: "Why?"

The girl wiped her tears: "All dead."

The boy muttered: "The leaves are not dead yet..."

The girl cried even worse: "You don't understand, you boys are stupid, she is definitely more uncomfortable than dead, hehe..."

The boy was so overwhelmed by her crying and fierce posture. She scratched her head for a long time and said: "Hey, don't cry, let's play, let's play family? I came to Nangong. You come to be a leaf, the story we compiled ourselves... Oh, don’t cry, don’t cry.”

The boy was happy for the little friend, picked up a palm leaf and covered the little girl half face.

"Then, take your hijab, let's come to the house~"

The little girl blinked and broke.

It turned out that the pain in the eyes of the child can be rewritten. Everything will gradually get easier. Their love and hate will be separated, and they will gradually become legends of the rivers and lakes. Under the old banyan tree, they will be told by one story after another.

With you and me for a lifetime of ups and downs, life and death, honor and disgrace, Bo spectators two or three tears, full of applause.

Xiaotoutou and Xiaomao’s children are in a decent manner, covering the leaves and worshipping each other, childhood, and each other’s eyes are only the other side, sweetly shouting:

"One heaven and earth -"

"Two worship high church -"

Under the old banyan tree, I walked through a long black dress with a beautiful face. There was an old sac that had faded in the waist, and there was no arrow in the sac.

After the beating, the world is very peaceful.

Embroidered with a cluster of colorful arrows, carrying a golden claw-tip milking dog, squatting on the outside world.

The black road leader stood under the tree, looking at the two little dolls and laughing at the house, suddenly remembered something, went over and handed the little girl a red handkerchief.

“Hey?” the girl stunned. “What is this? Who are you?”

The black dresser did not answer, only smiled: "Which is a family with a leaf, come, this is for you."

The handkerchief is a bit old, very soft and has a good texture.

Embroidered with a "驷" on the corner, how many years ago was the old things, some broken, this is when she was scared and crying in the illusion, Nangong came out to wipe her tears.

The little girl took a look around the patron and suddenly smiled like a flower.

She looked up and said, "Thank you, my sister."


The black road is long, with some stars and light shining in the eyes.

After so many years, not many people can recognize that she is a daughter at a glance, not to mention the sound-changing spell that can never be solved.

This little guy is really poisoned by eyes.

She shook her head with a smile, straightened up, and patted the plush head of the white gold in the arrow pocket: "Go, what are you looking at?"

Naobai Platinum: "Hey!"

The wind is blowing, and the eucalyptus leaves are rustling.

The storyteller is talking about the singer, and is talking about the battle of Lushan, Nangong 驷 blood pool town evil spirits, everyone mourning.

She didn't cry any more. She was straight back and walked alone to the distant mountains. The sweet voice of the little girl and the little boy sounded behind her.

"The husband and wife are worshipping -"

At this time, she just walked out of the shade of the banyan tree and glared at the sunshine. For some reason, she smiled and bent her eyes, filled with joy and sweetness.

When I was a child, it was a very good time in my life. She thought that it is so easy to make a vow.

After a while, there was a little footsteps of the little guy: "Big sister! Your handkerchief!"

She didn't look back, she waved her hand and looked like a hero.

Naobaijin looked at her with a pair of round eyes, and looked at her blankly. She seemed to be asking her: "That is what the aunt left behind. Don't you?"

She smiled and her eyes were very gentle: "No."

She said, she turned to look at the grassland of the sly, and all things were born in the spring, and then she did not accidentally see the figure of Nangong 立 standing on her side, still unruly eyebrows.

Some are arrogant and somewhat calm.

She said: "I know you are."

The phantom of Nangong Temple frowned, as if blaming him.

She said softly: "You don't want to be angry. They are in the hall and they lack a hijab."


"So I gave them your handkerchief."

Nangong Temple is still not very happy.

"A handkerchief for a good marriage, you can laugh."

The sun is golden, and Nangong is unwilling to squeeze out a smile, but it is more ugly than a ghost.

She also laughed and hung her eyelashes. When she raised her eyes again, the shadow of Nangong Temple was gone. But she knew he would return.

It is not a ghost or an illusion.

He is in her heart, so she will always see him.

- He has always been the most handsome look when he is most arrogant.

In the blink of an eye of the New Year's Eve of this year, according to the rules of the realm of cultivation, parents can be removed. Therefore, in the month before New Year's Eve, Xue Meng finally officially crowned the crown of death and death, and the Quartet came to congratulate him.

In that fire tree silver flower night, Xue Meng 璇玑 璇玑 所述 所述 所述 , 戴 戴 戴 戴 戴 戴 戴 戴 戴 戴 戴 戴 戴 戴 戴 戴 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛 薛Use fire refining beads to embroider.

He stood in the solemn and magnificent Dan Xin Temple, and his face was like Kunyu, handsome and mature.

In the eyebrows, if you carefully distinguish, how much can see the shadow of Jiang Yan. It’s just that he will never be surnamed Jiang, and he will never be like Jiang Yan.

"Congratulations, the head of the fairy."

The elders led the disciples to take the lead.

The disciples of the dead and the dead, such as the blue sea, the waves, the glory, and then the worship, and other guests who come to congratulate each other also bowed.

The sound rumbling, like a thunder, rang through the hazy mountains.

"Congratulations - the head of the king."

The fireworks bloomed in the night sky, as if the golden years of the dead and the dead were beginning to begin, and the darkness of last night was good or warm, and they would never look back.

Xue Meng smiled, his eyes were deep, very quiet, but not so bright.

He toasted and drank with the crowd.

The extremely good manners will no longer make those ridiculous and ridiculously different pools as before.

Mei Hanxue sighed in the distance and closed his throat: "This kid... finally has to become Nangong Liu."


Mei Hanxue looked at his brother and said: "I am not saying that others have problems. I mean his position today."

"That's not what you should talk about." Big brother coldly, "And, from the dinner to the present, there are already twenty-six girls who have come to me. Take off your skin mask, I am fed up." It is."

Mei Hanxue immediately wrinkled his face in a whim.

The banquet was scattered. Because there were too many guests, it was difficult to take care of the dead and dying. They had to arrange for the disciples to receive the corresponding heads, elders, and disciples.

Everyone drunk and went back, Jiangshan changed to the dynasty, each has its own mind.

Xue Meng returned to the room.

He was really not drunk today, and the hangover soup of the elders of the wolf was more than anything.

He sat down and rubbed his eyebrows with some exhaustion. He wanted to take off his heavy ornaments, but looked at the bronze mirror for a while, but he felt that he was covered with jade, and he didn't know where to pick it up.

I knocked on the door and came in.

"Respect the Lord."

Xue Mengdi: "Well?"

"This is the gift list given by each door, and the precepts have forgotten to send it to you." He handed him a thick sheet of gold and red book. "Remember to look carefully and pay attention to it."

Xue Meng only felt more and more tired: "Know it."

"And, Jiang Jiangmen said that he wants to see you alone."

"……not see."

He is not reluctant, he has always been the life and death of all the elders to finally observe the words. He sighed and said: "Then I will go back to him later."

"Is there anything else?"

Ruan said: "No."

Xue Meng actually wants him to say that there are other things. It is best to tell him directly that "there are two mysterious guests who have come to see you outside." But they did not.

He walked away and closed the lacquered Zhumen in the bedroom.

In the big room, Xue Ziming stood alone, he stood for a long time, and finally went to the table, picked up the lights and went to see the thick gifts.

The list of gift lists is arranged in the order of gift-giving, and the lonely moon night in the rich world is naturally in the first place. The list is full of extravagant treasures such as “Fan Yu Yu” and “Ling Whale Beads”. Some things have never been seen before. I have seen that Jiang Yan’s shots are very good, and it’s really not bad.

But for these luxurious treasures, Xue Meng didn't have much mood at the moment. He flipped through the booklet and tried to find the name of Chu Yuning and Mo-burning in it. Many gifts will be sent even if they don't come. . This is an extremely important day in Xuemeng's life. If the ink is not dead, if Chu is still in this river, then they will always get the news of his ascent.

Stepping Snow Palace, Huohuang Pavilion, Wusi Temple...

One page turned over.

The pages of the private greetings were turned back and forth dozens of times.

But no.

In the end, Xue Meng leaned on the cushioned mahogany carved seat and raised his hand and rubbed his eyebrows tiredly.


His master, his cousin, is really like a complete retreat. After the war of that day, it disappeared from the rivers and lakes.

Outside, there was a laughter, a salute, and the lord of death and death locked himself in the room, and the eyelashes slowly became moist.

He really can't accept the sinfulness of Chu and his burning, and can't get along with them any more, but in any case, he still misses them in his heart.

When the sacrificial ancestor was built, everyone said to him that the smoldering was dead, but he was stubborn. He said that he would see the dead and see the corpse. Without the exact news, the red cloth on the spiritual card is like how he Will not take off.

In fact, he also knows that many things have happened. He tried to try to understand them, but he still couldn’t relieve it. When he thought about the things that they were carrying on him, he was upset, and he was entangled in the five, even with a sigh of relief. Not coming up.

He also knows that for this reason, Chu Yunning and Mo-burn may never return to the top of life and death - no taboo between mentoring and apprenticeship can be accepted by true tolerance.

But, let me send him a letter...

I will report him a peace.

Xue Meng took a deep breath and raised his hand to cover his trembling eyes.

Suddenly, there was a sigh of sigh outside the window. Xue Meng slammed and jerked up and rushed over, pushing the house open.

The fireworks that appeared one after another reflected on his face. He looked around and saw no one. But a narrow brocade box hung from a peach tree outside the window.

Xue Meng shuddered and reached out, tightened and opened the box.

At this time, there was a fireworks in the "咻" place, and thousands of stars were broken in the night of Shulang.

In the gleaming Guanghuali, Xue Meng saw a newly-formed narrow and thin machete lying in the brocade box. The silver handle was long and the stalked crystal was radiant...

It is a re-quenched Dragon City! !

Xue Meng almost stunned the box in his arms, and then jumped straight through the window, plunging in the back garden and shouting: "Master!!"

The backyard of the empty door, responding to him is the sound of the wind.

He screamed insanely: "Master!! Ink!!"

"Come out!"

The night wind was refreshing, and it was wet and cool on the cheeks. He ran away in the luxuriant flowers, and the robes and arms were scratched by the branches.

"You come out!!"

The sound has a whimper at the end.

Where no one could find anyone, Xue Meng stopped and slowly bent down and snorted on the floor: "Come back..."

The sound of the leaf blowing in the ear stunned, Xue Meng glimpsed, looking in the direction of the song -

Then he saw it, but the two men had already traveled too far and stopped at the towering tower of the distant sky. Behind the majestic tower corner of the flying eagle beast, two old familiar figures are leaning against each other. Sitting sleeves fluttering, knees holding Shenwu nine songs, leaning against the night coat, Slim, fingertips clinging bamboo leaves in the sound.

"I visited the old man under the bright moon, and the people of Huanhuan met with each other. One dynasty phoenix 啼 啼 Chunxiao, Wanyuheshan Qingpingzhong. The total angle of the Tibetan brewing Jun Mo drink, after the return of the year and the brothers. Why should life always accompany, away from the Acacia ""

This leisurely whistle echoed in the moonlight, drifting into the vast sky.

A song congratulates the end, but seeing a flash of gold flashing, Chu nightning's title candle dragon is called out, the two jumped on the back of the dragon's back, so take the wind away...

Later, Xue Meng found two letters with similar handwriting in the box. One is Chu Yuning, and the other is ink rain.

The letter of the ink rain was written very long, telling the stories of the later, telling him many of the previous hidden feelings, and explaining that they did not want to appear rashly because they still don’t know what the world thinks of them. The shackles of life and death. As for the new Dragon City scimitar, it is in the past few months that he and Chu Lingning have tried to obtain materials that have been refined and may be used.

The letter of Chu Yuening is much shorter, and the letter is a few lines of work:

Respecting the Lord, Yu Heng has a flaw in his heart, so he has no face to see Jun. The road ahead will be long and hopeful. The dragon castle handle is embedded with a night sea otter, which can be accompanied by the Lord's life. If his lord needs to take the power of jade and balance, he will do his best.

That night, Xue Meng looked at the word "respecting the Lord" for a long time.

Until the night was deep, and the chaos was scattered, and he was silent. He did not return to God. I think that from now on, I may never hear the name of the teacher, and I can only hear the voice of the Lord. He feels that he has never been so tired of the rules of the world.

But at least the night is still there, and the ink is still there. They may be thousands of miles away in the future. Maybe they will not be able to meet each other for several years. However, this piece of human moonlight, they can still enjoy a reward in the end of the world, this is somewhat comforting.

The foot of the dead and the foot of the mountain, the town of impermanence.

Two people wearing hooded cloaks came from the night, went to the bustling night market, and found a day and night stand with a colorful lantern.

One of the tall and slender men said: "The boss, you must clear the soup pot, crisp bamboo shoots, tofu, thousand sheets, fungus, thin cut beef, thin cut lamb, beef belly, crispy meat, crystal fillets, hibiscus Shrimp ball..."

The other person said faintly: "It's almost enough, I can't eat it."

"Then it's another pine nut squid, plus two cans of soy milk -"

"..." The man licked his thin lips. "Don't order again."

These two guys are not others. It’s just Chu Yuning and Mo Weiyu who just gave Xue Meng a gift.

"Then I will come back to the sweet-scented osmanthus." After the ink burned, he smiled. "Will you do it?"

The younger brother of the running hall is very eager: "It was not originally. This is the food in the Jianghuai area. But Mengpotang, who lives in the dead, often does, so we have learned a little at the foot of the mountain. Oh, yes, we have big here. Hero recipes, do you want to see two?"

Chu night Ning frowned: "...What recipe?"

"The big hero recipes. The two don't know?" Xiao Er said with pride. "There were big disasters in the past few days. The two immortals who settled the disaster were all dead and dying. Hey, impermanence. Everyone in the town’s wine cellar will make some special dishes, according to the taste of the two immortals!”

Speaking of two bamboo plaques from the waist, he enthusiastically handed Chu to Ning and ink burning.

"This is Chuxianjun's recipe." I was afraid that they couldn't understand it. Xiao Er also explained with a brow and dance. "It is said that Chu Xianjun loves to do something that is defocused, so we have Jiao Yao Wan, fried coke, Jiao tofu boiled green vegetables, oh yes, this squirrel mandarin fish will also deliberately fry some."

Chu nightning: "........."

The opposite ink burned in order to make a laugh, raising his hand and drinking a cup of tea.

But he raised his hand and flipped another piece of "Moxianjun recipe", and the tea in his mouth almost squirted out without slamming -

"Cough and cough!!"

Xiao Er is a little panicked: "Oh, what happened to the guest officer? Is it okay?"

"It's okay, cough..." The ink ignited and asked the bamboo sign. "What are you? Why is there something like the jellyfish on the recipe? I have never heard of it." ""

"It is said that Mo Xianjun likes sweets."

Ink burning: "..............."

"He also likes Begonia." Xiao Erwan is like a river and lake Bai Xiaosheng, and the tongue can explain the lotus. "So our boss wife created this jellyfish sweetheart. The sugar on the head is more than the usual dessert. 30%, keep the sweetness to the tongue and numb!"

"... can you still eat?"

Xiao Er smiled: "How can you not eat, sell very well. Two guest officers are better to come to a Mo Xianjun recipe, and then a Chu Xianjun recipe? Two Xianjun like to eat, taste a taste You don't suffer, try to taste that you are not fooled."

Chu night Ningtou has some pain: "No. I don't like to eat coke, thank you."

Ink burned and said: "I don't really like sweet food."

"Oh, that's a pity." Xiao Er was quite unfortunately scratching his head. He seemed to really admire the new dishes in this store. He could hear the mutter when he walked away. "Well, it is a salvation hero." What do you like to eat? You are not curious to try it..."

Chu nightning: "..."

Ink burning: "Hey."

"What are you laughing at." Chu nighting looked at him. "Is it so funny?"

"Not at all." The eyes of the burning eyes are black and lacquered. "It's just fun, happy, a little thing can laugh."

He said, turned to look at the bustling crowds on the street, after the storm, the fire and fire burned the birth machine, the women were picking up the fat powder jewelry, buying some New Year's Eve red paper new year, the men gathered in the bright Drinking and chatting in front of the night stalls, the light of the lanterns, the relaxed face, the warmth, and the oil on the cheeks are not so annoying.

A group of children screamed and laughed and ran over, not knowing what game to play, one child wearing a mask, another group fleeing in front of the rabbit, and kept shouting: "Don't let him catch, hahaha Don't let him catch it."

The ink burned with his hand on his chin. This action has always been very handsome, and there is even a cuteness in the handsome.

He suddenly sighed with satisfaction: "It's good."

He said that he looked up again and looked at the dead and dying, and repeated it again: "It's good."

Chu night Ning said: "...not too good. You just heard, Xue Meng is calling us."

"..." The ink burned for a moment, but still smiled. "But if we really stay, he will be embarrassed."

Chu nightning said: "I know."

There are a few dishes on the dish, and the ink burns and eats and says: "Xue Meng still has some children's minds. In fact, it is best now. If we go back to life, troubles will come one after another. And he may Forbearing me for two days a day, after a month or two, let's try?"

Biting a peanut, the ink burned like some grievances.

"He must have told me to go."

Chu Xiaoning endured a smile and knocked his head against the chopsticks: "You are the child's heart."

"Really." The ink ignited, "When he rushed me, I couldn't help but leave, and the door was stunned, scared to death."

Chu Zhongning really couldn’t help it this time. He laughed out loudly: "Don’t mess around. Where will he drive you away? It’s clear that we don’t want to stay, so don’t let things depend on him.”

"Okay." The ink burned and scratched his head, grinning, and the pear vortex was deep. "Meng Gong brother said everything right."

Chu night Ningdao: "Diet. We will go home after dinner."

They are now hiding in the depths of Nanping Mountain. After the ink burned all the souls back to the body, the two lived there. It is not a deliberate refuge, but I feel that the world has gone through halfway, passing by here, it is just resting in that paradise.

Everything is just right.

With a piece of crispy meat, the black ink burned, and smiled: "It is actually that I am wrong."


"I really don't want to go back."

"Are you afraid he blames you?"

"No." The ink smiled and touched his nose. "I am afraid that he will call me a teacher."

Chu nightning: "........."

The eyes of the smoldering are very gentle, the black ink is dark, and the luster is faintly purple, but those purples now look very kind. He sighs: "The hard life has grown a generation."


When the ink burned, he bowed his head and ate it. He felt like two fluffy dog ??ears appeared on his head, and he pulled it down softly and tamedly.

However, in fact, Chu Xiaoning is very clear that the ink is not unwilling to return to life. In fact, he is also good, he is also good, Xue Meng is also good, they are thinking about reunion, but time is killing everyone, sometimes the ignorant and frivolous years have passed, is not coming back, no one can reluctantly.

Everyone understands this truth, but it is only smoldering that he is uncomfortable, so he will take full responsibility and make him laugh.

"Speaking, I haven’t been asking you all the time." Chu said, "On the day of the war... How did you know that you will be able to come back?"

The ink burned the rice and thought for a while: "... If I said I am telling you, would you blame me?"

Chu night Ning, a pair of clear eyes looked at him: "You say it."

The ink burned on his back neck and smiled down: "In fact, after the door of the demon world was opened, I also felt that there was a kind of spiritual power flowing in the body... But I still stepped on the will of the immortal, my head was dizzy. It’s faint, and I don’t think too much.”


"It was when I finally dissipated, I suddenly remembered this embarrassing thing."


"I was gambling at that time, maybe I was the same as Song Xing, that is, there are some special beauty seats." In the air, "The history book says that the devil is not broken, the soul is complete, and it is easy to regenerate." So I thought... If I really, then as long as I insist on going back to my body, I should be able to live."

Chu night Ning micro-brows: "Before this, I have always felt that the soul of the Mozu can be a legend." Suddenly, he asked, "Why did Song Qiutong not survive in the past?"

The ink burned helplessly: "Even if the devil wants to resurrect, the desire to live is very, very strong."


"That kind of to say it, just like giving me a life-saving rope before falling off the cliff. The rope is covered with oil, and it will fall into the abyss with a little carelessness. I must hold the rope tightly. Climb up, you can't relax for a moment, you can return to your body."

"Late Ning, I have been thinking about coming to you." The ink burned his throat and looked at him. "So I can come back."

The lantern on the top of the head swayed, and Chu Yuning looked at the dark and deep eyes of the other side, and felt that the chest was soft. He still is not used to this feeling of weakness, and he has turned his face away.

The ink burned: "There is still a very important reason."


"The sphenoidal beauty seat is a half-devil. Before the magic door is opened, this method of rebirth does not apply to us." Ink ignited, "because it absorbs the magic, it gains strength - otherwise we are still the flesh." The heart of my body has been ruined. After I got the magic, I feel that the power is much stronger than the power of the core, and I think I might be able to return to heaven."

Chu night Ning said: "So when you let me go, I am not sure if I can be born again..."

The ink burned and looked at the other person's slightly raised eyes. Only then did he find that he had said something wrong. He couldn't help but panic. He coughed and wanted to open the subject: "Hey, this fish is good."

Chu nightning will be fooled and stare at him: "If you don't come back at the end. I went to Nanping Mountain and saw a cold body."

"..." Hearing his tone was so dull, the ink burned a little, and he lowered his head and bit his lip for a while, then raised his face. "Yes."


"I can't bear to die. Whether I am alive or not."

Looking at the late night, the eyes are reddish. It seems to be painful and seems to want to be angry. The ink burns out the fingers and holds his hand on the table, holding it in the palm of his hand.

In the glitz of the light, he said dumbly: "I know that it may be a lie to you, but even if you are hated by you, you are blamed, I can't watch you die."

He said, closing his eyes and shaking his eyelashes.

"I have seen two generations."

The tight back of Chu’s tightness slowly slowed down, and the pinched knuckles gradually lost strength, but the tail was still red and somewhat moist.

The steam in the crucible floats and the broth in the stove is bubbling. In this hard-won fireworks, the ink burned the hand of Chu Xinning and handed him a finger.

He said: "I thought at the time, if I really lost the gamble. I can wait for you... For more than ten years, for decades, if you become a fairy, you can wait for hundreds of years and thousands of years."


"The world is very good. Late, I don't want you to marry me."

Suddenly a boiling bubble in the pot broke, and some hot water splashed out, just splashing the arm of Chu Xinning. This kind of hot water flower is of course not hurting, but he still retracted his hand in a reflective manner and then lowered his head.

After the end of the low, I felt that I should be more calm, so I raised my head with a hard scalp, and looked at the opposite of the unbelievable.

The ink burned and laughed at his actions: "What's wrong? I will lick me for a while, and I will lick the table for a while."

Chu night Ning is trying to say something. At this time, the night bell of the Tongtian Tower rang, and the mountain fell from the mountain to the bustling night market.


As soon as I counted the time, Chu Xiaoning’s face changed slightly.

The nodes that alternated in time are here...

He stared slyly at the man sitting opposite him, seeing that he just smiled and the man suddenly closed his eyes, and his heart was anxious -

Since the resurrection of the ink, every three days, when the child arrives, the consciousness of stepping on the king will reoccupy the body, and will not disappear until late on the second day.

This happens, probably because the sorcerer's soul that belongs to stepping Xianjun has been separated from the other two souls and seven scorpions for a long time, and it is difficult to integrate them into consciousness. Therefore, even if the soul is already closed, it will be carried out at the time of the child. Change personality.

Sure enough, after a while, when the ink burned and opened his eyes again, the brilliance of those eyes has changed.

Stepping on the emperor's emperor slowly lifted up the handsome face, obviously the same person, the same body, but his demeanor would be less to be a bit of righteousness, adding some dangerous and mysterious evil.

Stepping on the fairy, opening his mouth, lips and teeth, smiling and arrogant: "Hey... I haven’t seen it for three days, can I miss my seat in the evening?"


Look down at the tableware in front of me, and eat half of the shabu-shabu. In the end, the predecessor's discerning eyes fell on the ragged streetside wooden chairs and the obviously greasy dinner table.

- Those who are human fireworks for the ink master.

to him……

"Small two! Roll over to this seat!"

"Ink burns you down!"

Such a trouble, suddenly alarmed the surrounding diners, everyone turned back, suddenly someone said: "Ah! ... Is that the master of Chu?"

"Hey? Ink, Moxianjun seems to be there too? Isn't he dead?... Who will take a look at my eyes, I shouldn't be jealous..."

"You have nothing, I saw it."

A little girl screamed: "Ah! Really is Immortal!!"

The excessive movement caused the attention of passers-by, and more and more eyes cast their eyes on them. Some people even fully recognized them. Chu night-none was black-faced, and he was still screaming at the table. How can I eat? Have you made a mistake!" The stepping emperor, in the meantime, no more people have come in, and a chicken flying dog jumped out to summon the sword, and fled.

When he was promoted to the sky, Chu Ning was finally relieved.

The moonlight is clear and the rest of the life is robbed.

Everything is fine - if it is not stepping on the fairy, he is screaming violently behind him, dissatisfied and said: "What good is Mo Xianjun?"


"A group of people! Why do they only remember Mo Xianjun?"


"It is this seat to repair the Xuanwu enchantment!"


"It’s also the seat to save them a dog!"


"It’s still the seat to stop the flood!"

Chu late night, looking at the man who couldn't help but gnash his teeth, suddenly felt that this guy was really careful, even his own vinegar.

"Look at what?!" Suddenly seeing Chu nightning with a smile, stepping on the fairy is a glimpse, then squinting and angry, but pretending to carelessly grind the roots, "even you. You are also this Block!"

A slap in the face, Chu night Ning smashed, and said: "You don't move!" Sure enough, the sword under the foot slightly swayed, but it was quickly stabilized by the magical one.

Stepping Xianjun wrapped him into his black gold cloak, and said uncomfortably: "What are you afraid of? If you have this seat, you can still fall to death?"

Speaking of urging the sword, Gao Tianyue, the sword shadow is like a black whirlwind, flying in the direction of Nanpingshan...

Late at night, like every pair of ordinary monks.

They are going home.

Later, people occasionally saw the appearance of Mo Zongshi and Chu Zongshi on the rivers and lakes, but they came and went without traces, like a glimpse.

Later, there was another rumor in the realm of comprehension. Legend has it that there is a blind-eyed medical practitioner who has traveled through the desert of Jiangnan. He always wears a fight and falls veil. No one has ever seen his true appearance. Only knowing that this blind person has a great medical skill, he has gone all the way to the poor mountains and waters, and he has cured the people and won't take them.

The most famous thing about this doctor is the story: There is a group of teenagers in Wuchang Town. When they were young, they were sold by monks, burned with flesh and made into bears. It is still difficult to cure. The medical practitioner came to this place and heard about it. He used the skin on his wrist as a medicine, and cut the meat to change the health of those teenagers. The townspeople are very grateful and ask the name.

The doctor said that he was just a sinner.

After many more years, the wars that have been in the past have become the old news of the yellowed books. The children who have been in the past have been drawn. Most of the former youths have become family. Many of the former heroes have had white hair.

Another winter is coming to spring.

Xue Ziming, the head of the dead and dying, received a coveted child as a pro-disciple, as if he had already. This little guy is familiar with himself, and he is not afraid of it in front of the famous Xue Zun. Around the whole day, Xue Meng asked Dong to ask West. One day, the little guy ran over curiously and asked him: "Master, I heard that many of the past about the ancestors and the uncles, they... are they still dealing with the Master?"

At that time, a generation of sage Zunzi Ming stood by the Xuan window and looked at the peach blossoms of Zhengcan, which was opened outside the window. He said: "Occasionally."

The little guy is quite eager: "Why don't you ask them to come back?"


"Honglian Shuiyu and Shishu's disciples are empty, and they have never lived in other people." The younger disciple took Xue Ziming's wide-sleeved cuffs. "Master respects the master, tell them to come back. I listened to the storytelling." For a few paragraphs, I said that the ancestors and the uncle are the rare heroes of the world..."

Xue Meng turned the light brown eyes, in the spring sunshine, looking at the little guy like a smile: "You want to be a hero in the future?"

"Sure!" The young disciple drums up the gang, a full-fledged look. "How can there be an undiscipled apprentice under the teacher's seat? I have to do something big!"

"There is no need to make a great cause." Xue Mengdao, "If you can live a life, do not deceive the weak, the unyielding in the strong, not arrogant in the good times, not in the adversity... and, can be cautious Judging a person or a thing in a reserved place, and often with compassion. When I am in the age of sorrow, I can say that there is no innocent heart, that is, the hero of the top of the earth."


"what happened?"

After all, the little guy was young, Xue Meng turned his head and found that he was already yawning.

At first sight, Master stared at himself. He yawned in half and screamed back. There were two sleepy tears in his eyes, but he tried to straighten his back, as if he thought and nodded.

This is a strong look like a young phoenix chick.

Xue Meng held back and laughed, and asked seriously: "Remember?"

Busy: "Remember."

Xue Meng asked: "I understand?"

"Listen..." The tone faded. "I didn't understand..."

After a while, he was wronged: "Master, you are too circum..."

Xue Meng did not blame, thought for a while, raised his hand and patted his head: "Forget it. It is indeed too much."


"If you want to be a hero, remember one first."

The younger disciple was busy with his waist and listened intently. He probably thought that Xue Meng would tell him what a particularly powerful move or trick, and his black and white eyes would be rounded.

The sun is flowing in Xue Meng's face, and the shadows flow, Xue Meng smiled.


"Do not speculate on others, it is the highest dignity that people can give themselves."

He finished, leaned over and picked up the ignorant little guy, took him out of the house and walked to the end of the garden. Looking at it from here, "Ah, ah," the mountain peaks shrugged, and the red lotus water was hidden in the clouds. Through the clouds in the land, you can see the bustling towns under the mountains and the rivers.

When the wind blows, the sleepiness of the young disciples is completely dispersed and they are not yawning.

After all, it’s still so childish, and one flower and one bird can win his favor.

Xue Meng and he stood by the carved bar and looked at him with him for a while and asked: "What did you see?"

The little guy is unknown: "Mountain... house... water... and fog..."

Xue Meng smiled and listened. His temper is now more and more calm, and it seems that it is a long way to go anger.

He and his disciples stood by the carved bar and looked at the same red dust. The children saw the house. What he saw was the rise and fall of the impermanent town under the mountain. From the once ruined town to the nowadays, it was better than the old days. The exquisite appearance of the upper territories.

The child sees the water. What he sees is the rolling of the river. Sometimes he feels that there is a monk standing by the river, holding a light in his hand, and he said to him: "Xue Shizhu , go to the local government..."

The child sees the fog, and what he sees is the dead souls of the gathering and separation in life, which are scattered all the time in the dead.

Father and mother are also among them. Later, he can always see their figure, in Wujianping, in the back garden, in Mengpo Hall, at the Naihe Bridge, even if he closes his eyes, he can see. In fact, in addition to the three souls and seven scorpions, there is probably a kind of soul, which is only born in the heart of those who love the loved ones - when you miss them, they will come to you.

Xue Meng holds his own little apprentice, and his eyes are far away to the Frost Heaven Hall in the mountains. Many of his family and friends have stopped here.

Speaking of it, last year's commander-in-law grew older and died in a heavy snow in early spring. The elders of the elders also left in the first two years. People said that he was doing too much good things. Jurassic was named earlier, and he could be dismembered into immortals. The elders of these elders, Xue Meng, looked one by one in their eyes, from the beginning of the hysteria to the later peace - or helplessness.

When he can calmly manage the elders' funeral, Xue Meng will also miss his former self, but it is just a nostalgia. He will not indulge in the past and cannot withdraw.

He is the master of the school and the disciple under the jade balance. He always looks forward.

"Master?" A small pink hand was shaking in front of him, calling Xue Meng’s consciousness back. "What is Master thinking?"

Xue Meng smiled and said: "I want to think about some past events."

When it comes to the past, the little guy is a little excited and tries to continue the topic he has just finished: "Shizu and Shishu..."

"In fact, they will come back every New Year's Eve." Xue Mengdao, "You can see them this year."

The little guy grinned, and some were not satisfied: "But why is it only New Year's Eve? Why don't they stay? I heard that the uncle is particularly powerful, he goes down with a knife-"

Xue Meng raised his hand and poked his head: "Your head is gone."

The little apprentice spit out his tongue, but he was not afraid.

Xue Meng seems to be very serious: "Really. Your uncle is a little... how do you say... split."

"Hey? Split?"

Xue Meng nodded: "You will see him on New Year's Eve this year. However, you can only stay until the time of the child, you must leave when you have time."

“Why?” The child listened with tension and excitement, and curiously rounded up the scorpion.

Xue Mengdao: "...unless you want to call him down."

"Ah..." Hearing even more confused, this newly-introduced little disciple straightened his eyes, and he was going to ask again. Xue Meng was like thinking of something unbearable, and he just put him down. I’m going to lick my own eyebrows, and I’m going to have a headache.

Since the beginning of the game, I have never seen the distress of the Master. The little guy can't help but be more interested in the legendary "splitting" teacher, chasing Xue Meng straight:

"The teacher respects the teacher, the teacher is uncle -"

"Don't ask."

"That ancestors he..."

"No, please."

"That ancestors and uncle..."

"Go back to copying books!"

"Hey, Master is so fierce..."

In the midst of the clear sky, the pure sunshine fell on the masters and the disciples through the branches. The wind blew, blowing through Xue Meng’s clothes, blowing through the younger cheeks and blowing through the majestic life and death. Blowing through the grass of the heroes before the grave.

The wind blew through, and it ran through the Wanli River in one fell swoop. It smashed through the blind people who lived in the pot, and sang the brothers who enjoyed the plums on the snowy fields. They sang the girls drinking at the edge of the Dragon Mountain, and passed through the monks of Nanping. Wherever passed, Jiangshan is still the same, Haishuheqing.

When you meet each other and meet each other, the fate of countless people is intertwined. Although you can't stop at a night banquet that will make you happy, your dreams will never wake up, but there will always be broken pieces of loved ones, friends, and lovers. Shadow, whether life or death, whether or not those people have left, and these fragments will always follow the same pattern.

The breeze covers the surface, and the sea otter tree in front of the tower is brilliant, and it is no different from yesterday. The long night has passed, and there are places in the world, and everything is peaceful now.

Xue Meng looked up and looked like a raft, and the pagoda was solemn.

He seems to remember something, smiled, took the hand of the little apprentice, and went to the heart of the world's largest school.

At this moment, he seems to hear the songs of the masters and apprentices on the Tongtian Tower when they were in the throne many years ago. The sound of the songs passed through the long river of the years, and the snow was blown behind the Xuezhangmen.

I visited the old man under the moon, and the lights and faces were red. One of the phoenix babies is Chunxiao, and the Wanhe River is clear. The total angle of the Tibetan brewing is not drinking, and after years of returning to the brothers.


Why do people always accompany each other, and send them to the east with Acacia.

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