The Heiress Strikes Back

Chapter 830 - 830: Finale
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Chapter 830: Finale

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Look at them,” Zahn said to Hazel. Just as he said that, Hazel slapped him on the arm.

“When do you plan to have a child?” Xylia wanted to ask Sharon.

“Maybe after a while. I’ll be busy with my career first,” Sharon said.

“I think Wallace is already prepared to be a father. He knows so much about women’s pregnancy, postpartum depression, and so on.” Xylia smiled and said in the tone of someone who had been through it before, “It’s better to take it while you’re young. You’ll recover faster after giving birth and still have the energy and strength to take care of the child.”

Sharon glanced at Wallace and realized that he was looking at her.

Sharon and Wallace were the only couple present who didn’t have children. The two of them listened to everyone talk about the hardships of being pregnant for ten months and the laughter and tiredness of raising children. They were deeply moved.

That night, they drank and talked at night. They opened their hearts to one another. From the initial unfamiliarity, they became familiar with each other now and became friends that they could often meet in the future. Although they were reluctant to part, they were more touched. After all, the green mountains would never change and the green rivers would flow for a long time. There was still a long way to go.

The next day, Wallace went to the company to settle some matters. Sharon also returned to the company to explain some things to Tommy. At night, Wallace drove Sharon home.

When she arrived home, June was having dinner. When she saw Wallace return, she said excitedly, “Son, when did you return to New York? Why didn’t you call Mom in advance when you came back?”

“I came back in the morning and went to the company to settle some things,” Wallace said.

“Son, you’ve lost weight.” June touched Wallace’s face and said with heartache, “Did your wife not take good care of you?

June didn’t care that Sharon was present at all. She even deliberately said it for Sharon to hear. Sharon felt very speechless, but she couldn’t be bothered to waste her breath on her.

“Look, our son has clearly gained weight. There’s more meat on his face. How can he lose weight when he’s traveling and eating well?” James said something fair for once. “Even if you want to pick on Sharon, you have to find a valid reason. ”

“If I say he had lost weight, then he had lost weight. Do you have the final say in this family? Are you on this woman’s side or mine?” June patted James’ head like she was hitting a child.

James quickly stepped back and said, “You have the final say. You have the final say.”

Wallace couldn’t take it anymore. He said impatiently, “Mom, we’ll go upstairs first.”

“Sigh, you’ve been out for so long. Why don’t you talk to Mom properly?” June complained.

Wallace held Sharon’s hand and went straight upstairs.

When she went upstairs and pushed open the door to the room, Sharon was stunned by the roses in the room. Wallace suddenly knelt on one knee and took out a ring.

“Honey, I want to propose to you again,” Wallace said passionately.

“Aren’t we already married?”

“That was Grandpa’s arrangement. This time, I’m begging you to marry me. I’m begging you to be my wife. I’m begging you to let me spend the rest of my life loving you.” Wallace’s voice was a little choked. “Are you willing?”

Sharon was already in tears. She repeated, “I’m willing, I’m willing, I’m willing… ”

Wallace stood up and put the ring on Sharon’s finger. He hugged her and kissed her lips affectionately.????? –

“Now?” Sharon was caught off guard.

“Yes, now, let’s give birth to a little Sharon or Wallace. We’ll accompany them as they grow up happily,” Wallace said as he placed a key in Sharon’s hand.

Looking at the key in her hand, Sharon instantly understood. “You want the two of us to move out.”

“Yes, we’ll go to a home that only has us and only the two of us. We’ll have our children in the future.” Wallace couldn’t take it anymore that June was making things difficult for Sharon. He would be filial to June, but the premise was that June couldn’t treat Sharon harshly anymore. “Okay.” Sharon snuggled into Wallace’s arms.

“Honey, let me tell you a secret.”

“What secret?”

“I actually fell in love with you a long, long time ago.”

Wallace kissed the tears at the corners of Sharon’s eyes..

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