The Great Genetic Era

Chapter 1517 - 1517: New Discovery of the Main Planet Force Field of Mind Power
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Chapter 1517: New Discovery of the Main Planet Force Field of Mind Power

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Actually, Xu Tui really needed to rest.

It had only been three days since he entered the small universe of the Heavenly Court. Under normal circumstances, at the level of a Planetary realm powerhouse, it would be fine if he did not sleep for ten days, let alone three days.

The problem was that Xu Tui’s mind power had been rapidly depleted over the past three days. He had also relied on the Soul Crystal to quickly recover for more than ten rounds.

Although the replenishment of external forces could quickly recover his mind power, the deep fatigue in his mental body, or rather, his brain, could not be resolved with Soul Crystals.

Xu Tui could sense that.

After more than ten rounds of rapid consumption and restoration, the mind power of the mental body could no longer recover to a 100% state by absorbing Soul Crystals.

Therefore, Xu Tui really needed to rest and adjust his condition.

However, before he rested and recovered, he carefully tried to release Belas.

Xu Tui wanted to see if it would affect the guards of the Heavenly Court who had been brought out after the small universe of the Heavenly Court closed.

“Sir, I can sense an indescribable summoning power, but it’s very weak. Moreover, it’s affecting my general seal. At the moment, it has no direct effect on me.” Belas paused for a minute before giving a reassuring answer.

Xu Tui was relieved. The Heavenly Court had certain restrictions on the guards of the Heavenly Court. However, the strongest part of this restriction was the restriction in his mental body.

As for Belas and the others, their mental bodies had entered later in the form of possession. There were no restrictions in their mental bodies. After the small universe of the Heavenly Court closed, the restrictions on their identities were greatly reduced.

This way, they could stay here.

Xu Tui had not used them in vain when he fought Lang Han in the small universe of the Heavenly Court. It was also for this moment. Otherwise, Xu Tui would have no problems wiping out everyone in the Spiritual Race.

Then, Xu Tui put Belas into the quantum dimensional chain. After confirming that it was safe, he released Little Six.

Little Six’s current position in the Southern Heavenly Gate was obtained from Gu Teng. He was one of the commanders of the Southern Heavenly Gate, but he only had the body of a deputy general of the Seven Satellites.

Xu Tui was very relieved to leave it to him to be on guard.

“Guard this place well. If anyone dares to barge in, kill them!”

The four unconscious people from the Africa Sector and the Russian Federation had already been taken away. Xu Tui was only left with the 12 unconscious elites from the Huaxia Sector. These people who had fainted could only wake up from their sleep.

Xu Tui began to meditate on the spot. Then, through meditation, he entered the deepest sleep. This kind of deep sleep through meditation was the least negative-effective restoration method. It could alleviate all kinds of fatigue.

As Xu Tui entered a deep sleep, everything fell into the most natural and pure state.

This included the aura of Xu Tui’s mind power main planet. It was also because Xu Tui had fallen into the deepest sleep that he no longer had the control and influence of it. Boundless mind power aura faintly spread out.

Shang Long, who was on duty in the Wood Origin Palace, was suddenly shocked by Xu Tui’s aura.

Shang Long had to be shocked by such a powerful mental fluctuation that was close to the Seven Satellites Planetary Realm. In the Huaxia Sector, other than him, only Cai Shaochu had such mind power fluctuations. In terms of total quantity, Cai Shaochu was a little inferior to Xu Tui.

Suddenly, Shang Long understood where Xu Tui’s powerful combat strength came from. Such powerful mind power had the ability to turn decay into a miracle. Any supernatural ability could unleash extremely powerful lethality.

Actually, this was also a characteristic of Genetic Miracles. His mind power was extremely powerful. It was the same for his other two students, Ji Guoliang and He Yunfeng. They could unleash combat strength different from theirs.

Unfortunately, these two guys had thought that he was in trouble. In order to find his whereabouts, their whereabouts had been unknown. Otherwise, they would also have powerful combat strength.

He thought for a moment. A sword light circled around the palace in the Wood Origin Palace where Xu Tui was and sealed the aura in the palace. The moment the sword light surrounded him, Little Six glanced at it and did not move.

In the hall, as Xu Tui’s mind power main planet’s aura slowly spread out, a realistic mind power force field also slowly spread out. It also included the 12 unconscious people into this force field.

Including Little Six.

From this moment on, everyone’s mental bodies in the mind power force field were affected by Xu Tui’s mind power main planet’s force field. Their mind power fluctuations were close to synchronization.

Or rather, under the influence of Xu Tui’s mind power main planet, everyone’s mind power frequency was approaching Xu Tui.

However, the stronger the mind power, the greater the resistance to this kind of frequency.

For example, Little Six and the unconscious Ruan Tianzuo.

Although they were resisting, they, who were unconscious, were inevitably affected by Xu Tui’s mind power main planet’s force field. It was cheerful, deep, and calm.

Everyone’s mind power entered a state of high-speed restoration.

What was even stranger was that as the mind power of people like Xu Tui, An Xiaoxue, Wen Shao, Qu Qingshan, Yan Xuejin, Yan Lie, and the others completely fused into Xu Tui’s mind power main planet’s force field, an extremely powerful mind power force field was slowly formed.

Slowly, Little Six stopped resisting out of curiosity. He added Xu Tui’s strange mind power force field. The frequency of all the mental bodies seemed to have entered a uniform frequency. Under this fluctuation, it was like a river returning to the sea.

Everyone’s mental bodies had actually entered a restoration state because of sleep.

It was also a restoration frequency. However, due to the dominance of Xu Tui’s mind power force Field, the frequency of everyone’s mind power restoration fluctuations had been magnified.

The outcome was very simple. Everyone’s mind power recovery speed increased. It increased by a percentage! It was the same for Little Six. Although he did not sleep, the mind power that he had consumed previously was rapidly recovering because of Xu Tui’s main planet force field.

Xu Tui did not know about all of this. He slept for a full 11 hours. Eleven hours later, on the morning of August 28, 2140, Xu Tui slowly opened his eyes.

He felt refreshed! He was full of energy! This feeling was very good!

The moment Xu Tui opened his eyes, the unconscious Huaxia Sector elites lying around him woke up. The first to wake up was Wen Shao. Boundless mind power flashed past Wen Shao’s body before quickly retracting. “Eh, my mind power was sucked dry. Why did my mind power increase after I woke up?” Wen Shao was very surprised.

Wen Shao’s mental fluctuations surprised Xu Tui. Although Wen Shao was still a quasi-planet, his mind power fluctuation had reached the level of three star halos. Wen Shao was still very powerful.

Qu Qingshan also woke up a few minutes later. He also completely released his mind power for a moment. Qu Qingshan’s mind power fluctuation was a little weaker than Wen Shao’s, but it was also close to three star halos.

An Xiaoxue’s true mind power fluctuations after she woke up shocked Xu Tui. It should be at the level of four star halos, and not the low-level one. However, this was normal. An Xiaoxue was also from the Genetic Miracle. She had already cultivated the 72-point Great Genetic Ability Chain to the extreme with Xu Tui.

It was very normal for her mind power to be powerful.

Then, among the people who woke up one by one, the people from the Worldly Pioneer Raiders, such as Yan Lie and Yan Xuejin, emitted true mind power fluctuations that were stronger than their cultivation the moment they woke up.

The reason was actually very simple. These elites of the pioneer raiders had all used the Silver Spirit Box before. Many of them, like Yan Lie, had used four to five of them.

“Yan Lie, go and invite the principal over. There are some things that we have to do as soon as possible.”

What Xu Tui was talking about was naturally the heads of the 19 Planetary realm elites of the Spiritual Race and the seals of the Heavenly Court that were sealed in their heads.

Xu Tui felt that a few of the Planetary realm mental bodies of the Spiritual Race were about to break down because they had lost the support of their bodies for too long. Once it collapsed, it was unknown if it could seal the seals of the Heavenly Court.

Therefore, he had to deal with it quickly.

“By the way, how long did we sleep?” Xu Tui asked Little Six.

“Eleven hours.”

“Hmm?” Xu Tui was stunned. Looking at the energetic Huaxia elites with full mind power, he fell into deep thought. This did not seem normal.

Xu Tui was fine. His mental body was just tired. It was not strange for him to recover to his peak in 11 hours. But according to the difference in mind power cultivation, the unconscious people would have to faint for at least one to three days before they could completely wake up.

But now, they had all woken up in just 11 hours. Furthermore, their mind power was in a good state.

Little Six was rather direct. He told Xu Tui about the strange feeling he had felt previously. Just as Xu Tui was thinking, Yan Lie invited Cai Shaochu over.

Cai Shaochu, who had just entered the hall, did not feel anything. When he first entered, the unconscious Ruan Tianzuo had just slowly opened his eyes and got up from the ground. The moment he woke up, Ruan Tianzuo’s powerful mind power fluctuations disappeared.

However, Cai Shaochu was not shocked by this. Instead, he was shocked by Ruan Tianzuo’s mind power restoration state. He was completely full of energy and his energy was extremely full.

On the other hand, Old Cai had already recovered by 50% previously. He also had the effects of Xu Tui’s Sixth Revolution Soul Stabilization Pill. In order to speed up his recovery, he had even drunk a few bottles of medicine to speed up his recovery before falling into a deep sleep. Only when he was woken up at this moment did his mind power barely recover to 70% of its original state.

But Ruan Tianzuo had completely recovered! He had completely recovered from his sleep. This was not only unscientific, but it was also very unorthodox. That shouldn’t be the case! Under normal circumstances, with Ruan Tianzuo’s powerful mind power, he would not be able to completely recover without being unconscious for two days and two nights.

Strange things happened just like that.

However, in the next moment, Cai Shaochu discovered even more strange things. Anyone who had fainted with Xu Tui had their mind power completely recovered to its peak.

They were full of energy!

It was abnormal. Something was wrong.

Cai Shaochu immediately called Yan Lie and Fang You over to check on the two unconscious elites from the Africa Sector and the Russian Federation. However, Cai Shaochu immediately went to investigate personally. Before he left, he looked deeply at Xu Tui.

Xu Tui had already explained a portion of his discovery to him in the shortest time possible. Three minutes later, Cai Shaochu quickly returned and communicated with Xu Tui through voice transmission.

“Xu Tui, the effect of your mind power’s main planet force field might be much stronger than you and I imagined. Perhaps we had been wrong from the beginning. The various effects of the main planet force field produced by the main planet with mind power were much stronger than we had expected. For example, the effect of quickly recovering your mind power under the resonance of your mind power is actually extremely precious on the battlefield!”

Cai Shaochu gave a conclusion.

By the side, Ruan Tianzuo was a little stunned. He had a strange feeling when he woke up from his coma.. Why did Xu Tui, who he had never liked in the past, suddenly look much more pleasing to the eye?

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