The Bloodline System

Chapter 1402 He Is Here
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Chapter 1402 He Is Here

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter.


A group of three who were positioned atop the mountain peered into the distance with different expressions on their faces, ranging from nostalgia to fascination.

"We're back," Endric voiced with a reminiscent look.

"Wipe that look off your face. We're not here to have a good time," Gustav reminded Endric.

"I can't see it but I can sense that it is beautiful… is this where father grew up?" Sersi questioned from the side.

"Yeah, and it is truly beautiful but don't let that fool you… underneath all of that beauty lies the ugliness of earthlings," Gustav replied while turning around.

Sersi had a slightly confused look after hearing that.

Of course, she couldn't understand the mixture of dreadful and delightful memories Gustav had harnessed from growing up in Plankton City.

"They can't detect our spacecraft right?" Endric questioned.

"I activated Incognito mode before transporting us here with the dimensional bracelet," Gustav replied while stepping into the spacecraft.

"I have to inform E.E. that we are here," He added.

Usually, Earth couldn't be infiltrated by any spacecraft due to the barrier that surrounded it unless the MBO gave access.

However, Gustav still had multiple areas on earth with his spatial marking so he could return to such places any time he wished without having to be bothered about the barrier. So long as the dimensional bracelet had enough power.

Gustav stared at his dimensional bracelet as he sat before a panel in the control room.

< Energy Levels : 0% >

'~Sigh~ It will take at least two weeks before it regains enough power for usage,' Gustav sighed inwardly while hoping a scenario wouldn't play out where he needed to use the dimensional bracelet as a means of escape.

Gustav tapped on multiple buttons before him and a small vibration rang out depicting that a call was going through.

The moment the person on the other end accepted the call, a loud yell rang out.

"Dude! I have been fucking trying to contact you for ages!"

"Erm… relax…"

"Don't fucking tell me to relax. Where the hell have you been?! You had my ass worried! Now I sound like my mama."

"Calm down, man. We ran into issues and couldn't use the communication transmission in some regions of outer space," Gustav tried to explain.

"Checks out… I left a bunch of messages though. Did you bother to check them?" E.E. inquired like a nagging wife.

"I am just realizing that you did… I was kinda in a life or death type of situation so…" Gustav said with a wry tone.

"So you didn't check them MF," It felt like E.E. wanted to strangle Gustav through the transmission.

"Why is the transmission feedback so smooth? Like you're close by or something," E.E.'s tone had a tinge of suspicion.

"Hold on… playing your messages now…" Gustav hollered for E.E. to reduce his voice.

"Yo, Gus… been trying to reach you? Where you? Get back to me ASAP!"

"Yo, Gus. It's been a week… you good? I have vital information you need to hear. Contact me as soon as possible!"

E.E. messages over the last two months continued to play out.

"It's been a month bruh! Did something happen to you out there? I have tried to contact you over and over again."

"Yo, Gus. The information I've been trying to pass is about Jack and Mack's return. The grand commanders requested his return to guard the location where the captured death angel is being held. Remember I told you something happened… turns out that the initial place was attacked.

I can't give more info over transmission since it could get traced if I speak on here for too long. Just postpone your trip to Earth. It won't be smart to come here when the world's strongest mixed blood is on the planet."

After the last message ended Gustav let out a "Oops."

"Did you listen to them all?" E.E. inquired from the other end.

"Yeah I did," Gustav replied.

"So just postpone your trip to earth, I reckon that Jack and Mack won't be here for too long. At most one or two months. They tend to go off earth a lot so after they leave, you can return," E.E. suggested with a concerned tone.

"About that… the advice kinda came in too late," Gustav voiced softly.

"What do you mean?" E.E. questioned with confusion in his voice.

"I am… here," Gustav stated.

"What do you mean by you are here… ohhhh wait… you fucker…" E.E.'s tone went from confusion to realization very quickly.

"You are on earth… what the fuck?" E.E added and one could hear the sound of objects falling to the floor from the other end. This information had left E.E. extremely flustered.

"Relax… it's not that bad," Gustav tried to calm E.E.

"Dude, how the fuck am I more worried about your safety than you are?" E.E. said in response.

"Because we probably don't have much to worry about…" Gustav stated.

"Hmm... yeah. Yeah, we probably don't have much to worry about when a universal fugitive who is at the Beta rank is on the same planet with an MBO agent who is considered the strongest at Beacon rank…" E.E. voiced with sarcasm.

"I get what you mean but I can escape his detection simply by shapeshifting… so long as he isn't within proximity, he will never be able to feel that something is off," Gustav assured E.E.

"Where the hell are you right now?" E.E inquired.


In the heart of a towering skyscraper, nestled high above the bustling streets below, lay a living room space with four figures seated within. The room had a breathtaking view of a futuristic metropolitan city on the left, beckoning with its shimmering lights and dazzling architecture.

From its vantage point, one could view the city humming with life. Streams of commuters rush by, their silhouettes blurring into an endless stream, while hover cars navigate through the labyrinthine streets.

"Nice place," Gustav said to E.E.

"Was only able to afford it by selling you out," E.E. replied with a wry smile.

"It is okay though. It was my plan, remember?" Gustav reminded E.E. who seemed to feel guilty.



E.E. slouched on the seat opposite Gustav while turning to stare at Sersi.

"Who is she?" He questioned.

"A long story," Gustav replied.

"It's been almost a year so that makes sense but tell me all about your endeavors outside of the planet," E.E. said with excitement on his face.

"Hmm, where do I start… you probably already know a couple since we were mostly in touch," Gustav decided to narrate the sequences of some major things that occurred during his time outside of Earth.

Sersi mostly listened while Gustav, E.E., and Endric caught up. Their discussion lasted hours and by the time they had narrated most of the events that transpired outside of the planet, E.E. was left awestruck.

"You fought a being like that and won?" E.E. inquired while referring to Seifiling.

At that point, he wondered if there was still any need for Gustav to keep running and hiding.

"Barely… I would have lost if the fight continued in the vessel," Gustav chipped in.

"But you didn't use your cosmic superior abilities…" E.E. reminded Gustav.

"I haven't used it in months especially after I found out they had a way of tracking cosmic superior energy," Gustav replied.

"Oh yeah… that is true but then, you could literally stop anyone with that though," E.E. felt like he was missing something.

"Perhaps… or perhaps not. Anyways did I tell you about why I had to return?" Gustav changed the subject.

"You haven't," E.E. lightly shook his head.

"I believe someone cloned my cells," Gustav stated bluntly.

"What the hell?" E.E. thought he had run out of surprises for the day till Gustav dropped the bombshell.




In the heart of a futuristic enclave, a twelve-foot-tall figure stood amidst the amalgamation of a sleek office and a personal laboratory. The towering, young-looking man exuded an air of both sophistication and innovation as he navigated the cutting-edge space.

The walls, constructed of transparent smart glass, displayed holographic data streams and intricate blueprints, creating an immersive blend of work and creativity. Ambient lighting in shades of cool blue and pulsating white illuminated the vast expanse, casting a crystalline glow on the polished surfaces.

A colossal desk dominated the central area, its surface a combination of interactive touchscreens and holographic displays. On it, a holographic keyboard materialized when needed, complementing the advanced computer terminals embedded seamlessly into the sleek design.

Opposite him was a dirty blonde-haired figure with a patch covering his left eye.

"He is here," The dirty blonde-haired figure spoke up.

"It was inevitable… I knew he would figure it out eventually," The twelve-foot-tall giant responded calmly while pushing his glasses up slightly.

"What do we do?" The dirty blonde-haired figure inquired.

"I am close to completing the research so we have to stall as much as possible," the twelve-foot-tall giant replied.

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