Taking advantage of the beauty being poor, fooling her into being my girlfriend

Chapter 80 - 80: I Really Do Not Want To Take Advantage Of You
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Chapter 80: Chapter 80: I Really Do Not Want To Take Advantage Of You

A few masters walked over.

One of them said to Jiang Xu, "We've examined it carefully.

The foundation and load-bearing structure of this house are quite good.

Conservatively estimated, it can support two additional floors."

Jiang Xu's eyes lit up and he handed them cigarettes, "Thanks to you all."

If he could build two more floors.

If it was ever demolished in the future, he could at least make a few extra million yuan.

Then Jiang Xu asked them how much it would cost to just raise the floors.

He didn't plan to live there.

So, the height of each floor could just be of two meters plus a little extra.

The rebar and cement, all could be based on the lowest standards.

In this way, the cost should be significantly reduced.

One of the masters thought for a moment and replied, "If that's the case, adding up all the costs, it would be fifteen thousand."

Labour was not expensive now, nor were the prices of various materials.

This price, perhaps there was some face-saving for Fu Yanjie's family.

Jiang Xu confirmed this arrangement on the spot.

And hoped for the construction to begin as soon as possible.

After discreetly asking Fu Yanjie whether the masters were reliable and getting a positive response,

Jiang Xu gave each of them one thousand yuan as wages.

The money would have to be paid sooner or later anyway.

But paying in advance without a doubt would give them more enthusiasm.

After all, those working in this field,

Most of them spent a long time demanding payment after the work was completed.

Sure enough,

When he gave them some wages in advance, these people looked at Jiang Xu with gratitude.

This young man was fully aware of the ways of the world.

He offered drinks and cigarettes as soon as he met them.

Such a person was comfortable to deal with.

They were determined in their hearts.

They must do this job beautifully.

When the masters had left, Fu Yanjie curiously looked at Jiang Xu, "Why do you act so experienced in everything, just like my dad."

Jiang Xu, "Am I not your dad?"

"Get lost!" Fu Yanjie flipped him off, "I won't talk to you anymore, I'm going home to play a game."

Jiang Xu, "Off you go."

He leisurely headed back home.

His mood was excellent.

Everything was developing in a good direction.

Marrying a rich white beauty and reaching the pinnacle of life were just around the corner.


Capital city, photo studio.

"Good, today's shooting is over, everyone go home."

As soon as the director shouted, the numerous actors dispersed at once.

Only Zhou Qingyue, ran to the director's side and whispered, "Director, can I take a look at what we just shot?"

Because of her diligence,

And because everyone knew she was a connected person.

So, often when they could stop shooting,

Zhou Qingyue still requested to shoot some more.

Although everyone was annoyed, no one showed it.

Therefore, the shooting progress was swift.

It had already reached sixty percent of completion.

At this rate, it could be finished in just over a week.

The director nodded with a smile.

He liked the tenacity in Zhou Qingyue.

If not for her being the boss's relative, he would have had to make some kind of underhand deal.

But as this relationship was on the table.

The director could only try to portray a friendly elder image.

Zhou Qingyue said thank you.

Then she meticulously watched the scenes just shot.

While watching, she also took notes.

She was determined that this film must succeed!

By the time she returned to the dormitory, it was past one in the morning.

Dragging her exhausted body, she took a bath.

Just out of the bath, she was radiating the unique freshness of a young girl.

Wearing loose pajamas, her perfect body was still evident.

Her pajamas neckline was slightly opened, revealing her refined collarbones.

The hemline swayed gently with her steps, exposing her slender and beautiful legs.

Zhou Qingyue's figure was slender yet voluptuous.

More mature than most people her age.

Her skin was also very white, as if it had been soaked in milk for a long time.

Glowing white.

Lying in bed, she casually picked up the latest edition of the story meeting from the bedside table.

As she read, she started to cry.

After all, this was her first time going so far away from home.

Although her aunt was with her.

But in the quiet of the night, she still felt lonely.

And she couldn't help but think of Jiang Xu.

She thought of all the nice things that boy had done for her.

"I miss you so much, Jiang Xu..."

Crying herself to sleep, Zhou Qingyue drifted off.

Not knowing what she was dreaming about, a faint smile hung on her lips.


The next day, a little past eight in the morning.

Jiang Xu stretched lazily.

He had done it!

He had finished writing his fourth novel.

Next, he would have to start writing "Broken."

Of course, Jiang Xu had no intention of using his original name and changed it to "Martial Universe."

The sound of the door opening came from outside.

It must be An Nuonuo coming over.

Jiang Xu gave her his house key.

At first, the little girl was unwilling, feeling it was inappropriate.

But under Jiang Xu's persuasive CPU, they exchanged house keys.

By the time An Nuonuo realized what had happened, it was too late.

Of course, for now, Jiang Xu had no plans to sneak over at midnight.

But he was retaining this right.

Cough cough.

He walked out of the bedroom.

Jiang Xu's eyes lit up.

She seemed like a fresh and elegant painting, making his heart race.

Her snow-white skin shone like jade.

Her eyes were bright as a lake, full of innocence.

Her glossy black hair naturally fell down to her waist, highlighting her slender waist.

My desk mate had grown up, a smile that could bring down a city, another could topple a nation.

"Why... are you looking at me like that?"

The girl felt a bit uncomfortable, not yet accustomed to Jiang Xu's occasionally hot gaze.

Jiang Xu took a step forward, capturing her delicate, petite hands.

An Nuonuo subconsciously tried to withdraw her hand, but found she couldn't.

"What are you doing? Let me go."

She felt that Jiang Xu was a bit too much.

Feeling a bit angry.

Who would grab a girl's hand so early in the morning, wasn't that harassment?

Jiang Xu looked serious: "Hmm, your hand is warm, your stomach should not hurt anymore, right?"

"Ah?" An Nuonuo was taken aback.

So, Jiang Xu was worried about her health.

She instantly felt ashamed.

She had thought Jiang Xu was taking advantage of her.

"Well, it doesn't hurt anymore, thank you for the durian you bought, but isn't it a bit expensive?"

Jiang Xu chuckled, "It's fine, we are good deskmates, naturally we should help each other."

An Nuonuo felt touched.

She looked down at her hand still being held by Jiang Xu, feeling her cheeks heating up.

She weakly said, "Can... you let go now?"

He had been holding for quite a while now.

Although Jiang Xu's hand was big and hot, his grip was comfortable.

But it was still a bit embarrassing.

"Ah, right!" Jiang Xu suddenly raised his voice, his expression as if he had just thought of something.

"There was another thing I forgot to tell you.

If your stomach is okay, how about going to my new house for dinner tonight?"

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