Surviving in Woman's world as a novel villain.

Chapter 242 240. Boys Don’t Like Jealous Girlfrinds
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Chapter 242 240. Boys Don't Like Jealous Girlfrinds


Alia was quite confuse hearing the statement of her mother but quickly changed from being curious to questioning as her IQ is not room temperature level so it was not hard for her to figure out what Halen actually meant.

After all, Her this brain along with her sharp uncaring nature is the reason why Alex was so paranoid about her in the beginning.

Nowadays the new feeling called love was occupying her brain the majority of time, so she look like she was tamed.

But don't be fooled, Her claws were just retracted not cut, she is still that fearsome existence being the first heroine in the novel.

"Yeah, Interest you know it wil-."

Helen, seeing her daughter quick to understand it, was glad that she didn't need to do that embarrassing talk with her daughter.

"No, He would not going to like that. It is a dumb plan, He would not gonna like it."

But before she could say it, Alia outright rejected the offer in panic, She know ex would be disgusted by this idea.

"How do you know? Right now this is the best chance we have to get him back."

Helen expected many reactions from her daughter but outright rejection was not one of them.

After all, This is girl who likes to think or rather overthink every little thing so as not to make any mistakes, For her everything have to perfect

So it was odd that she rejected this offer without even giving thought at all.

Normally she would have ignored it and dropped the idea but this time they couldn't, It was the best option they have.

Cause even if somehow Alex and Alia get together there are many people involved in this relationship which make it impossible to go back to before this all happened.

So the just talked out option is not available, though she wished it was as it would have made things a lot more easier.

Sadly her daughter not realised her mistake so soon now they all have to pay the price for it which she is willing to do.

There is no blame toward Alia, rather she is guilty as she was glad her daughter messed up, If not she never would have gotten the chance with him.

"I know the cause, Alex from my understanding would have liked that idea, So of course the current real one would hate it."

Alia straight up answered Helen, Actually she thought of this when she saw Amara.

But not paid much attention to it as she was in an emotional turmoil, so her mother had to point this out to her.

Just that she knew it would not work as the old Alex is in her mind would have liked this idea and by the current state she knows that she was wrong about Alex.

If that is the case then if she thinks Alex would like this idea then the opposite of it would be the case.

If Alex was here to hear this, he might have banged his head on the wall drowning in regret.

At least thankfully she still has her twisted reasoning for finding virgins for him as it was part of her "punishment", So it is different.

"I…I still think we should do this as I also have a hunch he would love it, But we don't have to be hasty, We can go slowly."

Helen took a second to assess the situation before she give her verdict on this issue.

She really has a hunch Alex would love this idea though not sure why but her heart just feels like this is a case.

".....Okay fine but on condition that Alex would still be mine and he was okay with it, If anytime I feel like this is not the case, I would pull the plug."

Alia looked at her mother and did her own assessments. She knows her stamina and libido of Alex is way more than herself.

If she tried, She could still grit her teeth and give what he wants but he surely would not going to live with the idea of having pleasure at her expense. He is not sadistic.

Even if, this is a big if that he is sadistic, She still would not be able to fulfill his desire as even she along with her mother was not enough for him.

So adding other interests is not a bad idea, Of course unless they try to steal from him just like her mother did before, For which she still has not forgiven her.

There is also Alex's issue, It was not sure if he going to like the idea or not, After all even if he has a big libido he would be hesitant to proceed with this plan.

So she also needs to convince him that this is a good thing, she would not mind if he sleeps with others rather she would even help him with them.

Yeah, he would not gonna like it, But she has to at least try, right? And if it was too much then she can drop the idea but not without giving a try.

"Of course but you also have to agree that he would not be the only one you have, So you have learned to share, Boys don't like jealous girlfriends."

Helen responded to Alia in a positive tone as even she agreed with this point but of course there was some obvious condition that was put on the table also.

Like they all get equal rights in Alex, no one can monopolize him for themselves, after all they are law-abiding citizens.

"As long as it's clear that I am his girlfriend and would stay the same, I have not problem, What I have problem is about the schedule of the coitus."

Alia once again able to get back her composers as gears in her head started to spin and she become her usual logical thinking state.

And so she was concerned about the sleeping schedule of them, As who gets him and when because that would be an issue.

"That…We should figure that put later in ourselves but right now our priority is to get Alex back."

Helen was stupefied as she did not think about this issue knowingly or unknowingly she still couldn't digest news of her man being with others.

But she can get over that for him, it would not be that hard even as it was already happened before, She just needs time.

And so the mother and daughter duo started to make a plan among themselves to be the man both women are madly in love with.

They didn't know what it says about their relationship as being mother and daughter but it surely says that they are excellent lovers.



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