Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 1248 You think my Nux would initiate a challenge he thinks he is going to lose?
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Chapter 1248 You think my Nux would initiate a challenge he thinks he is going to lose?

1248 You think my Nux would initiate a challenge he thinks he is going to lose?

"What? That man is fighting against a Complete Saint in a Deathmatch!?"

Ariana was shocked.

She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Aren't you showing a little too much interest in that man?"

Lyriana questioned with a slightly annoyed look on her face.

"Mom! He is fighting against a Complete Saint!

A Semi Saint fighting against a Saint!"

"Why are you acting like it's a big deal, I have defeated a few Saints when I was Peak Semi Saint." Lyriana retorted, however, Ariana was quick to shake her head.

"Mom, the difference between a Complete and Incomplete Cultivator is too big, you cannot think of it from that perspective.

When a Complete Great Sage becomes a Semi Saint, he not only rebuilds his entire Body like a Body Cultivator, they also get a Mana Shield that the Mana Cultivators get.

The power-up is more than twice what a normal Incomplete Cultivator would get.

The same can also be said for the transition between a Saint and Semi Saint, although there is no 'Phase' difference between the two ranks, the Power-up is the same, more than twice compared to an Incomplete Cultivator.

So comparing you defeating a Saint as a Semi Saint and him doing it as a Complete Cultivator are two completely different things.

Not to mention that his opponent is someone like Sauren, one of the Stronger Complete Saints in the Ancestral Order. He didn't become a Leader of the Clan without a reason."

Ariana explained the entire situation.

Lyriana, as the Elven Queen, obviously didn't need any explanation, she knew what Ariana was talking about and knew just how difficult it is for a Complete Semi-Saint to defeat a Complete Saint, it is almost impossible in some cases.

Lyriana knew it well, she just didn't like the interest her daughter was showing towards Nux.

On the other hand, a worried look appeared on Ariana's face, and,

"But that man is filled with nothing but Hatred against Nux. Don't you think Nux is being a little too impatient here? Even if he is angry about Sauren trying to take his wives away from him, don't you think he should wait till he becomes a Saint and then challenge him?

What if he puts himself in a dangerous situation?

Not to mention that the Dragon Lord will be there as well.

The situation would definitely not be in his favor."

Ariana spoke with a troubled look on her face.

She then turned towards Lyriana and,

"Mother, can we not do something to help him?"

Lyriana, on the other hand, absolutely did not like how anxious her daughter looked.

"Why are you so worried about that bastard? The worst that can happen is that he will be killed.

What does that have to do with us?"

"Mother, how can you act like that?"

Suddenly, Ariana raised her voice.

"The only reason we are all alive is him! Else we would have been facing the Dragons by now and our people would have died in vain.

He protected not only us but even our people, providing home to more than 20 million elves, and as the Queen of Elves, you are cursing him and thinking about his demise?

How could you be so heartless?"

Arina questioned with a wronged look on her face.

She couldn't believe her mother of all the people was acting like this.

Seeing her daughter act like this, a deadpan look appeared on Lyriana's face, in her heart, he cursed that bastard again,

'What sort of Magic have you done on my daughter, you bastard!? Didn't I tell you to stay away from her?'

Right now, however, it was much more important to clear her name in front of her daughter,

"The Dragons wouldn't have attacked us. We aren't someone anyone can pick on just because they feel like it." She spoke with an authoritative look on her face.

"Oh? Then why did you order all our people to stop what they were doing and come here? I am sure you are aware of how much that would affect our Kingdom's Economy, correct?"

Lyriana avoided her eyes, "I-I ordered just to be on the safer side."

"See that? We came here because we could potentially be killed! And now you are cursing the man who gave us the place to live!"

"And who do you think is the reason behind the potential threat looming over us, huh!? It is that same man! It is obvious that he would give us a safe place if he has the means."

"Don't you think you are the one responsible for that?" Suddenly, Ariana questioned.

The Elven Queen narrowed her eyes and the princess continued,

"You were the one who decided to side with Nux, weren't you? Then why is he being blamed for that? You could have chosen to stay neutral like others instead and it wouldn't have happened."

Ariana replied and Lyriana turned silent.

She recalled why she was here and couldn't help but find faults with herself, after all, it was her mistake for falling for Nux's trap.

That man only used the resources available to him, anyone in his position would have done the same.

No, actually, a truly evil person could have done something even worse.

Thinking about all this, Lyriana turned silent.

Seeing the change in her mother's reaction, Ariana's tone changed as well.

"I am not saying you did anything wrong, Mother.

Your decision to support him is correct, he is a man with endless potential, he even has Lady Vyriana behind him.

This is also why I want you to help him in some way…

I do not want to watch him die."

Ariana spoke in a soft tone.

Lyriana, who glanced at her daughter shook her head,

"Don't worry, he won't lose.

I know exactly how strong he is."

She spoke.

Honestly, no matter how much she cursed him, after that man's wives, she was someone who knew about him the most.

With the extent of his abilities, she was absolutely sure that it wasn't Nux who would be losing the battle.

For some reason, hearing her mother say that reassured Ariana.

Then, she sighed,

"I really wish I could watch the battle with my own eyes.

I am sure I would learn many things if I do…"

It was regretful, however, Ariana knew that her mother would never allow her to watch the battle.

After all, almost everyone knew that Arcturus would be there with his big army tomorrow, it wouldn't be a big deal if the stadium turned into the epicenter of a Great War and people's security might be threatened.

Ariana knew that her mother would never allow her to go to such places no matter how much she asked,

But to her surprise,

"You can come with me to watch the battle if you are so curious to learn."

Ariana blinked in surprise,

"R-Really?" She questioned.

The Elven Queen nodded.

"W-What about the Dragon Lor-"

"You don't have to worry about anything."

Lyriana chuckled with a confident smile on her face.

"Actually, you should definitely come together with me, I am sure something very exciting would happen."

Thinking about it, Lyriana was actually looking forward to the day.


On the other side, in the Blood Continent, Melia greeted her Uncle with a light smile on her face.

Alaric, on the other hand, narrowed his eyes,

"I already went along with your plan once for your sake, Melia. Do not ask me for a second time."

"Do you think I only come to you because I have a favor to ask?" Melia pouted.

She was offended.

"What can I do? I only talk due to my past experience."

"If that's the case then I will take my leave." Melia was quick to get up.

Seeing the pout on her face, the Vampire King was quick to back away, and,

"Okay Okay, it was my fault, I was just joking with you. Have a seat."

His lovely niece had come to meet him on her own accord, how could he possibly let her leave?

Especially when he has such a great news hidden for her.

"So, tell me, what are you here for?" Alaric questioned.

Melia, however, shook her head,

"I only came here to meet everyone and decided to give you a visit before leaving."

"So you really came here just to meet me, huh…"

Alaric was surprised.

Melia stared at him with a deadpan look on her face. Alaric quickly buried the matter but failed miserably.

Ambrosia couldn't help but chuckle when she saw her daughter and brother act like this.

In the end, she decided to end her brother's misery and decided to change the topic,

"Anyways, Melia, who do you think would win tomorrow's battle?

Nux or Sauren?"

Hearing that question, Alaric soon butted in,

"Yes, I wanted to know your opinion as well."

Melia, however, just frowned in confusion,

"Do you not know who initiated the challenge?"

"Hmm? Why does that matter?" Alaric frowned in confusion.

"It was Nux," Melia answered her own question.

"Again, how does that matter?" Alaric couldn't understand.

"You think my Nux would initiate a challenge he thinks he is going to lose?

Sauren stands no chance."

Melia had absolute confidence in her husband's abilities.

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