Substitute Marriage: Reborn As The Top Big-Shot

Chapter 23 - 23: 023: Viola Thompson takes action
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Chapter 23: 023: Viola Thompson takes action

Translator: 549690339

Harriet Bennett immediately contacted Angus Wilson.

“Mom, am I going to die? Boo-hoo…” In the bedroom, Edith Bennett hugged Linda Wilson, sobbing uncontrollably.

“No, you won’t! Mom will make sure nothing happens to you!” Linda gently patted Edith’s back, comforting her: “Your dad has already gone to contact your uncle. Don’t be afraid.’

“Will… Will my face get better?” Edith asked.

“Yes, it will! Definitely!” Linda said: “Even if Old Doctor Bruce can’t do it, there are other Divine Doctors! Mom and Dad will do everything we can, even if we are left with nothing, to heal your face.”

With Linda’s comfort, Edith’s mood slowly stabilized.

Half an hour later, Angus Wilson hurried over.

Although he already learned about Edith’s worsening facial condition over the phone, seeing her in person still gave Angus a big shock, to the point where he couldn’t look at her directly. “Edith, Old Doctor Bruce is already on his way. Don’t worry yet! ”

Linda’s face was very pale. “Edith’s condition was clearly improving. What went wrong?”

At this point, Angus suddenly remembered something. “Sis, do you remember me telling you last time that I met a girl while getting medicine for Edith? She pointed out that Old Doctor Bruce’s prescription was wrong and suggested I replace two of the herbs! If I didn’t change the prescription, the wound would definitely fester!”

However, at the time, Angus didn’t take Viola Thompson’s words seriously and even thought she was bragging. But now, all the symptoms she mentioned were right!

Now that he thought about it, Angus was filled with unbearable regret! “Then go find her!” Linda held Angus’s hand tightly. “You have to find her!”

“But where can I find her in this vast sea of people?”

Moreover, three days had passed since the incident.

Angus scratched his head, deeply troubled. He should have asked for her contact information back then.

At that moment, he wished he could turn back time.

Harriet looked up at Angus, “Try the pharmacy. Maybe the pharmacy’s boss has her contact information!”

As he finished speaking, Harriet picked up the cell phone on the table. “I’ll go with you!”

“Okay!” Angus nodded.

Soon, the two arrived at the pharmacy.

The pharmacy boss recognized Angus and immediately greeted him. “Mr. Wilson.”

Without beating around the bush, Angus asked directly, “Boss Bruce, do you remember that girl I met last time when I came to buy medicine?”

“You mean that insolent girl?” Boss Bruce’s impression of Viola was deep too.

After all, Viola was the first to dare to question Old Doctor Bruce.

“I failed to recognize a talented person! Boss Bruce, do you have her contact information?”

Boss Bruce was curious but didn’t ask further, shaking his head, “No, she only came once.”

Hearing that, Angus’s mood plummeted.

At that moment, Boss Bruce suddenly said, “Oh! I have her WhatsApp!”

“Really?” Angus excitedly grabbed Boss Bruce’s hand.

Boss Bruce took out his phone with his left hand, smiling, “Coincidentally, the shop didn’t have change that day, so we added each other on WhatsApp.”

Soon, with Boss Bruce’s help, Angus successfully got in touch with Viola Thompson.

First, Angus apologized for his previous rudeness, then said, “Miss Thompson, I know you are capable! Please save my niece! I’m at the pharmacy right now.

What medicine does my niece need to take to be cured? I’ll buy it immediately!”

“Mr. Wilson, don’t worry,” Viola’s tone was indifferent. “Send me the address. I need to be at the scene to determine the patient’s condition before prescribing the right medicine.”

Chinese medicine emphasizes diagnosis through observation, smell, inquiry, and pulse reading.

Listening to Angus’s description, the patient’s injury had become severely infected, and simply taking medicine would not help.

Hearing that, Angus stopped wasting words and immediately sent the address to Viola, “Miss Thompson, we’ll be waiting for you to come over.”


After getting in touch with Viola, Angus felt much more relieved and drove back with Harriet.

Sitting in the car, Angus looked at Harriet’s furrowed brow and reassured him, “Brother-in-law, don’t worry. This time, Edith will definitely be out of danger.”

Harriet sighed softly, “I hope so.”

After that, Harriet said, “I’ll call your sister so she can welcome Miss

Thompson at the door, just in case Miss Thompson arrives before us.”

Half an hour later, a luxurious car appeared at the entrance of the Bennett residence.

Angus got out of the car and looked at Linda waiting at the door, “Sis, has Miss

Thompson arrived?”

“No.” Linda shook her head.

At that moment, a taxi drove up to the intersection, and a slender figure emerged from the car very quickly.

The girl sported a simple bun hairstyle and wore a white T-shirt, faded jeans, a pair of white sneakers, and a clean and elegant face. Her attire was very plain yet possessed an extremely stunning and at the same time pure and youthful beauty.

“Is that Miss Thompson?” Linda asked.

Harriet also turned his head to look.

The young girl nearby looked even younger than they had imagined. Angus turned and saw, “It’s Miss Thompson!”

Although he had only met Viola once, Angus easily recognized her.

“Miss Thompson!”

Angus immediately went to greet her.

“Mr. Wilson.”

“Miss Thompson, please come this way,” Angus changed his previous condescending attitude, showing nothing but respect in his eyes and brows. “By the way, let me introduce you. This is my sister Linda and my brother-in-law Harriet Bennett.”

“Hello.” Viola nodded slightly.

“Miss Thompson, my daughter is counting on you!” Although the girl in front of her looked young, Linda still held high hopes. After all, Viola had seen the problem with Old Doctor Bruce’s prescription at first glance.

Ordinary people don’t have such insight!

“Let me check on your daughter’s condition first.”

Shortly after, everyone brought Viola to Edith’s bedroom.

Edith’s facial condition was already very serious, and the stench emanating from the wound was almost unbearable. It seemed as if her entire face would fester away if it continued like this.

Facing Edith like this, Viola’s expression remained calm, and she didn’t even furrow her brow. She reached out to take Edith’s pulse with her gentle voice, “Don’t worry. I’ll listen to your pulse.”

“Okay.” Edith had never seen anyone more beautiful than Viola and was a bit stunned.

A moment later, Viola released Edith’s wrist.

Harriet immediately asked, “Miss Thompson, how is my daughter’s condition?”

“It’s a bit dangerous,” Viola said with slight concern. “She needs to take medicine and be treated with acupuncture simultaneously to recover fully.”


Hearing this, Edith was somewhat afraid and asked, “Will it hurt?”

“It will hurt a bit, but it’s bearable. You must not remove the gauze from your

face during acupuncture treatment, and you can’t eat spicy or greasy foods. Go

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