Starting With 3 S-Class Talents

Chapter 632 - Reunion of Old Friends, Farewell to the Human World (Grand Finale)
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Chapter 632: Reunion of Old Friends, Farewell to the Human World (Grand Finale)

Gajero looked at the Lingluo Race in front of him and asked with a gloomy face, “What are you doing?”

“You killed our race leader and destroyed our race. Today, we will respond to Vincent and declare war on the Demon Race!”

A Lingluo race member who was not very old clenched his fists and roared in grief and indignation.

After hearing this, Gajero could not help but raise his head and laugh. He then sneered and said, “Do you think you b*stards are qualified to declare war on me? Everyone who stands in my way will die today!”

All the Lingluo Race members huddled together and made a gesture. They were preparing to use their power to modify the rules. They looked at Gajero with a determined gaze, showing no intention of backing down.

Gajero sneered and said ruthlessly, “If that’s the case, then let me send you all to reunite with Jackson!”

Gajero raised his hand and waved it. A ball of dense demonic energy surged forward.

However, just as the demonic energy was about to strike the Lingluo Race, a transparent figure that was burning with flames suddenly appeared. The high temperature it carried with it destroyed the demonic energy in an instant.

Since Vincent had advanced to the Protoss Race, his Shadow of Desolation had naturally risen to level 95 as well. At that moment, all of Gajero’s attacks were ineffective.

Gajero was shocked when he saw this. He did not expect Vincent’s clone to follow him all the way. He roared even more angrily, “Vincent thinks that I’m afraid of you. Even if your real body comes, I still have the strength to fight!”

Vincent’s voice suddenly sounded from behind Gajero, “Is that so? Then let’s end this battle as soon as possible!”

Gajero’s arrogance disappeared in an instant. He turned his head to look at Vincent with both grievance and anger. He said in a deep voice, “I’ve never invaded your race. What right do you have to keep chasing and beating me? Can’t you just let me go now? You are a high and mighty God now, so why do you still want to make things difficult for a false god like me?”

Vincent landed on the ground. He stood in front of Gajero and said softly, “Because of the invasion, my race has experienced a painful period, so I hate all invaders. You are the instigator of the chaos in the Black Hole World, so I will eliminate you no matter what!”


Gajero sneered and said, “Even if you kill me, you will become the next me. This is an eternal principle! The strongest will always crave more power!”

Vincent smiled disdainfully and said softly, “I am not you, and I will never become the next you! Moreover, you were never the strongest. There is still the existence of the Protoss above you. From now on, I will silently protect this world. Anyone who dreams of becoming you will be punished by me!”

Gajero sneered with disdain and muttered, “Your personality is very suitable to become a Protoss. Since our paths are different, then let’s do it!”

Vincent nodded and sized up Gajero. He said helplessly, “I originally wanted to refine you into a piece of equipment, but I found that your body is too dirty, so it can’t be used at all. Moreover, your resurrection ability seems to be different from the other demons, so I will use a method that can ensure your death!”

Gajero’s mouth trembled violently. It seemed that the last escape method he had prepared was still not effective. He could only nod his head. It looked as if he had resigned to his fate.

He said, “Then I’ll have to trouble you to act quickly and let me suffer less!”

Vincent nodded solemnly. Finally, he snapped his fingers, and Gajero’s body began to burn on its own.

“This is the order of fire that I control. It can burn your body and soul together, ensuring that you die completely!” sighed Vincent softly.

He then watched Gajero burn into ashes bit by bit. After confirming that there was no possibility of him reviving, he turned to look at the Lingluo Race who had risked their lives to block Gajero.

“The Black Hole World is now peaceful. You can return to your world to cultivate. Whether or not you can revive the glory of the Lingluo Race will depend on you!”

The members of the Lingluo Race looked at each other when they heard this. In the end, they all bowed to Vincent. Although Vincent had a huge conflict with the Lingluo Race previously, it was still Vincent who had preserved the last hope of the Lingluo Race. Therefore, the Lingluo Race still respected him.

After waiting for all the members of the Lingluo Race to leave, Vincent turned around and looked at his clone. He waved his hand lightly, and a transparent figure immediately appeared. He transformed into another perfect Vincent.

“You are my perfect clone. You have even inherited part of my thoughts and wisdom. But I believe that you are more willing to become a person in the true sense of the word. I can cut off the connection between the two of us, but you will lose all your power and will have to cultivate from the beginning. Are you willing?”

The Shadow of Desolation silently looked at Vincent, and finally nodded gently.

Vincent raised his hand and snapped his fingers, severing his connection with the Shadow of Desolation, allowing him to become a complete and independent individual.

Naturally, there was no need to be overly courteous between the two of them. The Shadow of Desolation, who had obtained his freedom, only nodded slightly at Vincent, before turning around and walking away into the distant Black Hole World.

After watching his clone leave, Vincent turned around and returned to the Inn alone.

At that moment, a carnival was being held in the Inn. As the demons had been exterminated, their huge burden had been removed. It was worth celebrating with a drunken carnival.

At the banquet, Kurt took the initiative to find Vincent and reported all the battle reports he had received to Vincent.

“Due to the unprecedented unity of the 10,000 races, the demon corps everywhere had suffered a major blow. Only a few defeated soldiers remained, and they had all retreated to the Demon World. However, the Demon World is still in possession of many resources that they have obtained through invasion. Many races are preparing to seize the victory and invade the Demon World!”

Vincent put down his wine glass and said somewhat helplessly, “Tell the Esville Race to spread the news for me. As long as the Demon Race takes the initiative to return the resources they obtained from the invasion, no race is allowed to take a single step into the Demon World! As for those resources that cannot be returned due to the destruction of the race, the Demon Race shall scatter them in every corner of the Black Hole World. Those who are fated with those items shall receive them!”

Kurt nodded, then turned around and left.

Alexia immediately came to Vincent’s side and asked gently, “Now that we have won, why do you still seem unhappy?”

Vincent shook his head and said softly, “Nothing, I’m just a little homesick!”

Alexia held Vincent’s arm and said softly, “Then I’ll accompany you home. I know there are still people you care about there, but please don’t leave me behind!”

Vincent nodded and said with a smile, “Of course, you must return home with me! But before I go home, I still want to meet some old friends. Are you interested in a short journey with me?”

Alexia smiled and said softly, “I’ll go wherever you go!”

Vincent put down his wine glass and stood up.

He said, “Then let’s go now!”

Alexia put down her wine glass and the two of them quietly left the Inn while everyone was partying. He did not even bring Kurt along and only left him a note.

The note read, “No matter where you want to go, you must learn to take the first step!”

In the following years, countless races began to spread the myth of Vincent.

Some people said that Vincent traveled to Elf World and found that the six elf kings were so drunk that they had forgotten to answer the prayers of their believers.

So, he beat up the six elf kings and sent them fleeing all over the world!

Some people said that they had seen Vincent appear in the Esville World and left behind a story that could fill an entire library.

Some individuals said that they had seen Vincent reappear in Beast World and had competed with the Beast Emperor for three days and three nights. In the end, there was no winner.

Others saw Vincent in the world of the Feathered Monsters, the Bards, the Evil Spirits, and the Vampires. However, it was unknown whether those rumors were true or false.

However, there was one piece of news that was true. After the final war ended, Vincent and Alexia returned to the Immortal World and released Edward and Quinn who were trapped in the space tunnel. They told them that the Immortal ruins had been found and that the entire Immortal Race was theirs.

Vincent and Alexia then left hand in hand, leaving behind Edward and Quinn who were at a loss. Later, when the two of them realized that they had been deceived by Vincent, they wrote down this bloody history to be used as evidence against Vincent.

Half a year later after the final battle, the Human World had completed its final unification. On the streets of the Imperial City of the Cang Yuan Country, Angelina and Avril, who were respectfully known as the human goddesses of war, met a man and a strange woman.

They had not seen each other for a long time.

The man took out a heart-shaped necklace made of white jade and abducted the two goddesses of war and disappeared without a trace.

In a corner of the Black Hole World, Alexia was fiddling with the bonfire whilst looking at Vincent on the other side with great care.

Avril and Angelina were both leaning on Vincent’s arms. They were listening to him tell the story of the battle with Gajero.

After listening to the story, Angelina took off the heart-shaped necklace from her neck and asked curiously, “Didn’t you say that you would make an equipment for me? What is the ability of this necklace?”

Vincent patted Angelina’s shoulder gently and said with a smile, “No matter when, no matter where, so long you call my name, I will immediately appear in front of you. This ability is quite practical, right?”

Angelina nodded sweetly and then carefully put away the necklace.

Avril asked while warming the fire, “We can’t always wander around in the future, right? Where do you plan to settle down?”

Vincent looked up into the distance and muttered, “Let’s walk around and see. After we confirm that the black hole is truly stable, we’ll go to the Spirit World to live!”

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