Chapter 575 CH 535: ICE?
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Chapter 575 CH 535: ICE?

As Sol finished digesting the new insights he obtained this time, someone knocked on the door of his office.


The one who entered was Setsuna. Even now, Sol had a hard time adapting to Setsuna's new style. Though the golden hair suited her quite beautifully.

“Sol, it’s time for me to move.”


Sol leaned back on his chair and observed Setsuna. His eyes shined as he analyzed her fate once again and wondered if there was any hidden danger.

It was only after making sure once again that he nodded.

“Your battlefield can be said to be one of the most important ones. This gives direct access to the best road to reach Lustburg. Currently, there are already two Dukes ranks stationed there. One of them is the Contract of the previous Lord of the Milaris family. The other one is Tyr.”

This was right. Each of the four Duke families had their territory on a different front, representing the true first line of defense.

The position they had was the most strategic and dangerous one. This time, everyone was going all out and even old guys who were said to have died were waking up.

This was where Humanity was showing some dangerous aspects.

If it wasn’t for how dumb some generations of King and Queen were, Sol could have a veritable army of Dukes and King rank contracted Partners at his disposal from his ancestors.

“Athena is also taking control. You will listen to her order and I will start doing the promotion.”

“What do you mean?”

Sol smiled, “Wratharis respect strength more than anything else as such — Let’s just show to the whole world how strong your power of Calamity and Ice is.”

It was time to become a director and producer in the truest sense of the words.





Meanwhile, in Wrathari's case, morale was at an all-time high.

In the large conference room hosting representatives of all races, people were praising the King for his wisdom and insights. They keep mentioning how his plans were masterful and how Lustburg would fall soon and be forced to give up the war and keep mocking the Prince for moving so soon.

This was how war always went between the Kingdoms. It was nearly impossible to conquer the entire Kingdom as long as the Capital was guarded by the Supreme Daughter and their Holy Territory.

Either way, their goal had never been full conquest. Only stealing some land of Lustburg increasing their powers and obtaining more resources.

Interest would forever be the greatest reason for war.

Lupus was smug as he listened to the praise. He still remembers how everyone had been treating him as a crazy bastard at first. But now look? Weren’t all the same praising him? This was the same way they could only call him a tyrant behind his back and never to his face.

While truly smug and proud of himself, Lupus was also worried. The news of the Tigers defeat had not been unexpected and in fact, he had never even thought they could succeed. The fact that they pulled the prince out so soon was more than enough for him.

He now had a better understanding of the Blessed of Lustburg.

The two were undoubtedly talented. But they were too young. The prince particularly wasn’t powerful enough to truly take the throne yet.

‘This is dangerous.’

Lupus frowned, the situation was too favorable for him. This was dangerous. Very Dangerous.

Though he didn’t have any seer power or the like, he knew enough about the Blessed to understand that the more the situation was like this, the higher the chances of some big reversal happening.

Perhaps at the last moment he would lose control of the divine weapon. He also kept the possibility of the prince becoming a King mid-battle for some reason or even a meteorite falling on the battlefield.

All of this seemed so ridiculous. But Lupus knew… When it came to Blessed. The more ridiculous you thought it was, the higher chance of this happening.

After all, this is what it means to be Blessed by Fate.

‘Sigh. I have to prepare.’





Finally, on the battlefield, the situation was getting worse for the army under the control of the saintess

The army she created was truly like an endless horde of undead and the effect was devastating. But the Holy Daughter was not a goddess. Her energy was not unlimited.

It didn’t take long for the beast men to realize that the more people they attempted to kill, the faster the holy daughter lost energy.

Truly she was a saint who was trying to save everyone. But the beast men only sneered. They loved such saint-like figures the best. They were always the ones trying to save everyone without knowing how hard this was.

Some of the beast men who had been active a few decades ago couldn’t but compare this Holy Daughter with the Holy Daughter of back then and they had to say that Camelia was far superior.

She might not have as much divine power but her ruthlessness was legendary and she had never hesitated in using people as sacrificial pawns.

Dismissing this thought. The vanguard became more unruly and the soldiers of Lustburg continued to retreat.

The situation was still manageable and relatively speaking, only a few people died, but there was no one showing sincere happiness.

In the territory of humanity, they had always been the ones bullying others. But now they were once again reminded how weak humanity was.

Some soldiers gritted their teeth. Others showed strong hatred. Their eyes reddened and their breathing grew harsh.

They were angry.

But more than anyone else. They were angry at themselves.

Because they were too weak.

This feeling of self-hatred grew and the humans became more and more desperate. Fighting like mad and using the advantage of the healing from Aurora.

Watching all this, Aurora had an indifferent smile on her face.

If Self hatred, anger, pain, and grief were enough to suddenly become powerful then all the gods in that time would have evolved while being beheaded by Adam’s blade.

Strong emotions could only give a small push and break a wall that was reached but never broken. But if you didn’t even reach the wall then all those pushes would be useless.

Scoffing a little, she sneered before putting on a saintly expression; a smile full of sadness, her eyes reddening and her aura shaking as if she was forcibly calming down her anger.

Finally, she advanced into the tent where the high-ranked soldiers were giving orders and looked at the Paladin.

“We need to retreat.”

One of the captains opened his mouth, wishing to say they could still fight. But in the end, he simply lowered his head.

Listening to her, White Knight nodded and decided to stand up.

“What are your orders?”

“You will assure the retreat.”

He was surprised at her order. After all, his job was to protect her. In the end, though, he nodded. He could talk to her later in private. For now, though, he couldn’t question her order in public.

“I hear and obey.”

Perhaps it was time to show them that Lustburg wasn’t as weak as they were thinking.

He would show them the majesty of ice.

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