Shota's Isekai NTR Adventure

Chapter 697 Is that who I think it is?
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Chapter 697 Is that who I think it is?

?Since this was urgent, I set off the next day.

It was also so that no one would be able to make any moves that would hinder us.

If we gave them enough time, there was no doubt that the nobles would do something so that they would be able to exert their influence on this mission. Whether that was sending their own people or sending presents for the other countries that would have secret messages.

In short, there was nothing good that would come if the nobles were to get involved.

So we would be leaving first and announcing this afterwards.

There were spies of nobles that were able to see us leaving, but they weren't able to stop us.

The ones that came with me were my own knights that were led by Cecilia which also included Shaka.

At this point, Shaka had been with me long enough that he could be considered one of the subordinates that had been with me the longest, even though he wasn't actually my subordinate. However, there was never an order from Shadow Garden for him to go back, so he never went back.

As well, there were guards that were sent by the fourth prince and the king.

These were elite guards that had served the two of them for years, yet they were sending them to protect me.

That was more than enough to show how important I was to the both of them and I couldn't help being touched.

Angela had also wanted to come along, but she was the last person that I could allow to come.

So in the end, we packed up our wyverns and headed out from the capital.

In just a single day, we were able to reach the border of our kingdom.

That was just how fast traveling by wyvern was.

Those that were traveling by wyvern for the first time were naturally shocked by how fast we went, but they quickly came to accept it. That was just how well trained they were.

We could have gone past the border today, but we wanted to wait until tomorrow to reach the capital of the Beirut Kingdom which was our first destination.

If we were to arrive in the middle of the night, that would surely be inconvenient for everyone. So instead of scheduling our arrival for the middle of the night, our arrival would be at noon instead.

That would also give the Beirut Kingdom side to prepare since our message should have reached them today.

We settled in one of the towns that were near the border.

When we arrived in that town, we naturally caused a large commotion with our wyverns, but the reaction wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Instead of people freaking out over the fact that wyverns were landing, many of them looked excited and even approached the area where we were landing.

It was as if they all wanted to get a look at the wyverns.

It seemed that the fourth prince had been hard at work during this time to spread the news of the wyverns under our control.

But then again, this was a town that was near the border to the Beirut Kingdom.

This should have been a place that should have been near the frontlines of the war.

I could still see that there was a lot of damage in this place from the war.

As such, they should have already seen the wyverns that had come to the border to threaten the Beirut Kingdom previously.

So it only made sense that they were used to seeing wyverns.

We left the wyverns in a stable that had been built near the gate, which was specifically built for wyverns.

Like I had suspected, this town had hosted wyverns before when they came to end the war, so they were equipped to host our wyverns.

The lord of this place wanted to invite us to a banquet, but we rejected this since we would be setting off early in the morning. When he saw the orders that we had, the lord had no choice but to back down since these were orders from the king.

But he made sure to set us up in the nicest inn that was in this town, which was still quite bad compared to the inns of the capital.

Still, it was a good enough place to get some proper rest.

As well, there was something that I had to deal with.

While we had been traveling, I had taken the time to get to know the guards that the fourth prince and the king sent. We would be working together, so I wanted to get to know them so I could work better with them.

But as I was talking to the guards sent by the fourth prince, I couldn't help noticing something strange…

There was one that I seemed oddly familiar with…

Well, I was familiar with most of the guards that the fourth prince sent since they were the ones that had gone with me when I went to take care of the wyverns. They were the ones that were the most familiar with their wyverns, so they would be the best to threaten the other kingdoms with.

At the same time, they could be considered the ones that knew me best since they had known me the longest, even if that wasn't much longer than the others.

Still, the one that I was oddly familiar with seemed to know me even better than them.

It was almost as if we were close enough to be called 'brothers'...

"Is that who I think it is?"

This was what I couldn't help saying to myself during this entire time until I finally decided to confront this person.

That person had an awkward stance when I confronted him, but eventually he took off his cloak.

"What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here!"

I hate driving people to the airport.

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