She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1793 Return at the Max Level, I’ll Take Care of that Sickly Person (5)
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Chapter 1793 Return at the Max Level, I'll Take Care of that Sickly Person (5)

The Creator had really appeared!

After the woman flicked her index finger, a deafening bang suddenly echoed in the world. Then, a huge white pillar descended from the sky and landed in a low valley in the Kunlun Mountains. The pillar towered into the clouds and emitted a faint golden light that enveloped a radius of 200 miles with the Kunlun Mountains as the center.

An ethereal voice resounded in the world. "The time and space door has opened. Everyone, please enter quickly!"

Upon hearing this, the survivors hesitated. At this moment, Huo Yu held Yu Xingxing's hand as they walked towards the pillar. Then, the two of them disappeared into the pillar. The survivors didn't hear any screams, nor did they see blood and corpses being thrown out of the pillar. Only then did the survivors rush towards the pillar.

The golden light became stronger and stronger before absorbing all the living beings near the Kunlun Mountains…

Huo Yu and Yu Xingxing walked hand in hand in the darkness. After an unknown period of time, they saw a faint white light. After they ran towards the light, they passed through the faint light to the future world.

This was the future Earth.

The trees here were very old, the seawater was blue, and the air was fresh. After hundreds of years of restoration, Planet Earth had recovered and there were almost no traces of it being injured by any 'intelligent species'.

Standing in this unfamiliar yet vibrant world, Huo Yu suddenly had an epiphany—

In the face of nature, humans were as insignificant as ants.

These ants had only drilled a few holes in this land and built some high-rise buildings, but they already started to feel smug. As long as a gust of wind blew, the buildings would eventually tilt and the seawater would pour in. Even the ants would be exterminated.

But the land that they had once ignored would still exist.

More and more humans and beasts appeared beside Huo Yu and Yu Xingxing.

Soon, the survivors were teleported to the future Earth.

They turned around and kowtowed to the white pillar behind them gratefully. Then, they walked into the primitive forest with their companions.

In the dense forest, a cute panda was dozing against the trunk of a huge tree. When it heard the familiar Sichuan dialect that appeared in his dreams at night, the panda's eyes snapped open.

More than ten million people were reflected in his dark eyes.

The panda stood up excitedly and shouted in Sichuanese, "Oh my god, I've finally awaited you guys! Welcome to the future world. This is Year 2888 on Earth!"

As the survivors looked at the panda running over, they all had the same thought—

This was a brand new world where pandas could speak Sichuanese!

* *

When they arrived in the future, they had to start from scratch, but the survivors didn't find it difficult.

As long as they could survive, there would be infinite hope and possibilities.

The survivors were busy every day, rebuilding their homes, exploring unknown continents, and working. They didn't have much time to grieve. One night, with a deafening explosion, the survivors were woken up and they ran out of their homes.

As they looked up into the deep sky, they realized that the moon was gone!

In its place, there was a huge unknown planet!

After a scientist observed the planet through an astronomical telescope, he realized that there were traces of human life on that planet. Then, he saw a black shadow appear in the telescope. As the black shadow got closer and closer to him, he finally saw the thing's true form.

It was actually a dragon!

It was a huge black dragon!

A man stood on the dragon's head as it rushed towards Earth.

The scientist's hand trembled and he fell to the ground in shock as he marveled with a shocked expression, "Oh my god, the future world is so mysterious. I actually saw aliens, an alien race that knows how to ride dragons!"

The dragon quickly landed on Earth. After the man in black walked down from the dragon's head, he stared at the woman sitting at the edge of the cliff in front of him for a while. Then, he walked towards her.

After Sheng Xiao sat down beside Yu Huang and hung his long legs by the cliff like she did, he stared at the bottomless abyss under his feet and asked, "Does this place have any special meaning to you?"

After Yu Huang smiled and took a sip of Green Plum Wine, she said, "I once ended my life here. This is where I died and where I came back to life."

These words sounded confusing and mysterious, but Sheng Xiao understood what Yu Huang meant. He had never experienced an apocalypse, but he could imagine how it felt to live alone until the end of the world.

The loneliness and despair that could force Yu Huang to commit suicide must have been very deep.

Sheng Xiao reached out and hugged Yu Huang's waist as he promised her, "Jiujiu, I'll continue to accompany you until the last moment of your life."

"I'd like that."

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