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Chapter 638 Chaptwr-638

"Case 30897, Rape of the Friend's Wife. The accused will step forward now..." the announcer declared again.

"Wait, rape again?" Preci asked with a confused expression.

"Yes, 90% of the cases that come to this Royal Court are related to rape... Someone raped their friend's wife, someone raped their son's wife, and the worst of all, someone raped their own daughter.

I am sorry; you have to listen to this," Lopi replied with a disappointed expression.

"Don't worry, I can understand," Anon replied with a neutral expression.

"Hmm...? You do?" Lopi asked as he immediately looked at Anon with a confused expression.

"Yes, I can understand," Anon replied with a calm expression.

'I mean, there are literally so many busty MILFs walking everywhere in this kingdom; if they won't get raped, then who will?' Anon thought as he continuously looked at the Queen's huge breasts.

She was wearing a blouse made out of kelp, and from the angle where Anon was standing, the Queen's right nipple is clearly visible.

"Thank you for understanding our conditions, kind sir. It's just that no one has ever said that after coming here... Others always say that we are perverted creatures and many more disgusting things, but you are the only one who understood us. All the Sonarshapers are not alike, and everyone has a different personality," Lopi spoke with a very passionate expression.

Meanwhile, Anon is thinking about something else...

'Hmm... Her nipples are as big as my fingers and they are thick as well... Should I try inserting my dick into her nipples? Now, that I think about it... Making her a cow will be a waste of her body... I should make something else out of her. How about a whore bed? Yes, a whore bed out of that body will match perfectly with my needs. I will sleep over her huge boobs every night and whenever I wish, I can fuck her pussy or ass. I can turn her around and sleep over her ass as well. I should definitely make her into my whore bed and-' Before Anon could've thought of anything else, Preci interrupted him.

"My lord, it's our turn... We have to go... My lord," Preci shouted as she grabbed Anon's body and started shaking it.

"Huh...? Oh, yes... Let's go," Anon spoke as he immediately came out of his trance and started walking with Preci.

"A Royal Messenger and her partner are coming to the Royal Court with a public message," the announcer announced in a high-pitched voice.

Both of them came to the middle of the room and looked at the Queen.

"I greet the Queen," Preci spoke as she immediately bowed down to the Queen, but Anon didn't do the same.

"I didn't know that male Mystifins were so disrespectful when coming to another kingdom," the Queen spoke as she looked at Anon with a serious expression.

"Hello, luv," Anon spoke as he waved his hand towards the Queen.

"How dare you say that to my mother?" Suddenly, a girl who was sitting right beside the Queen shouted.

She also had huge breasts, a big ass, and a chubby waist, but her body size was comparatively smaller in accordance with her mother.

"Calm down, girl. I am still here," the Queen spoke.

"I-I am sorry, mother. That guy called you with such disrespect and I couldn't keep it in," the daughter apologized as she sat back down.

"You are being disrespectful to me, kid. If you said one more disrespectful thing to me, then I won't see if you are a Royal Messenger or not... I will directly kill both of you," the Queen replied with a serious expression.

"My Queen, should I start to read the message?" Preci asked.

"Yes, start," the Queen replied.

"I, Nerzis, King of the Mistifin Kingdom..."

5 minutes later...

"... So, this is your last chance to surrender your crown," Preci spoke as she folded the letter once again.

No one is saying anything; everyone is standing still and silently looking at Preci with confused and surprised expressions.

"So, what is your reply?" Anon asked the Queen with a casual tone.

"Prepare our army, get everyone, and start swimming towards the Mystifin kingdom. Both of you are sentenced to death. This court is adjourned for today; I have to prepare for war," the Queen spoke with an angry expression as she stood up from her throne and started walking back to her room.

"Mother, should I get all the generals ready?" her daughter asked.

"Yes, and get your weapons as well... You are going to fight your first war," the Queen replied.

"I knew it," Anon spoke with a disappointed expression, and he immediately used his skill.

<Command of the Sea Ruler>

"Stop," Anon ordered with authority.

Suddenly, the Queen's body stopped moving.


"What happened, mother?" her daughter asked with a confused expression.

"I-I can't move my body..." the Queen spoke.

The daughter immediately looked at Anon and understood that he was the one doing it....

"Guards, kill the Mystifin..." she shouted.

Suddenly, all the guards standing inside the Royal Court pointed their sonar guns towards Anon.

"Wait..." Anon spoke.

Suddenly, all the female guards felt an immense force pulling their fingers back from the gun's trigger.

"What is happening?"

"I don't know... I can't pull the trigger..."

"Me too... It's like something is pulling my finger back..."

"Now, ladies... Please turn your beautiful guns towards your own faces, and Miss Queen, please turn around and look at them," Anon ordered.

"N-No... My hands are moving on their own."

"I-I don't want to die..."

"Someone save me... I-I have a child."

"N-No... Please leave me..."

The female guards got really scared as they turned their guns towards their own faces.

The Queen turned around and noticed this...

"Wait... Don't do this, we can talk this out," she shouted in a loud voice.

"What is there to talk now? You rejected my offer and now, I am going to-" Before Anon could've completed his sentence, he noticed that a sharp dagger is coming towards his face.


Before the dagger could've hit Anon's face, he grabbed it with zero effort.

"S-So fast!?"

"Wow... Your daughter is really crafty with daggers huh...?" Anon spoke as he looked at the dagger with a smile.

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