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Chapter 131 Sisters' Battle (2) (END)

Chapter 131: Sisters' Battle (2)

Before long, Asmodeus was just a few steps before Charlotte and Seraphina. There was a short staring contest between them, and it seemed that Asmodeus had a slight advantage here as the sisterly love between these two had twisted his face, for he never believed in those kinds of bonds.

Relationships between siblings were strangely too dangerous for a demon of lust. If he had a brother, he would never be able to be at peace with him being in the same world. It'd mean, after all, that they both would be demons of lust and that there would be an inevitable clash between them for a woman.

For Asmodeus, it was as though written in fate or their bloodline. Moreover, he would also be restless because the possibility of his brother going for an already-claimed woman was also quite high. He had done that to other men before, so what stopped him from doing the same to his brother's women and vice versa?

It went without saying that there was a unique bond between the same blood, but for Asmodeus, it only spelled trouble and endless concerns, so he killed all his family members before rising to the throne of the demon lord.

"Nothing beats fucking sisters at the same time, though," Asmodeus commented, "They tend to get really passionate as they rival each other for my affection."

Charlotte replied first, "What did just go through your messed up head?"

Seraphina scowled at the man like a tigress.

Asmodeus sneered, "Just needed some recollection to warm me up. Your man really did you a good service there."

After having said that, Asmodeus clenched his hands and took a step forward. At last, his innate domain of debauchery blossomed from his form, spreading across the entire battle zone. It hadn't extended past the borders of the arena and onto the seats, for Hades' arena had safety measures for the crowd.

Even if it didn't, Hunter's maids were more than enough to ward it off.

For him and his maids, the domain wasn't anything particular. But for two sisters, it had given them a trip back to how it all began. Inside that domain, the sky of Hunter's world was now purple, and Asmodeus had grown so strong that strains of women's cries of that day had been already ringing in their ears.

His presence kept heightening and growing stronger.

However, Charlotte activated her innate skills and turned herself into a fire fairy. Her entire body blazed with bright flames, and so did her sword. She shone like a sun in the middle of this despair, encouraging her younger sister to do the same.

Feeling the touch of warmth, Seraphina nodded and unleashed her mirror skill in which the evolved flames of the lizard had been resting. She seemingly mimicked her older sister's style, drowning herself in flames.

In fact, now that she looked at Charlotte, Seraphina was glad to have that skill dwelling within her. It had evolved so much due to Hunter's help that her heart stirred with love toward him.

He was no longer like a Celestia. He hadn't been like that for a good while, though. He was a lover that was much better and ahead of Celestia! He was her man!

As those thoughts filled her heart and soul, Seraphina's flames suddenly turned blue and chilling. The coldness stemmed from her and billowed in four directions. It didn't cause any reaction to Charlotte's flames, probably because of their bonding, but the difference in elements would be quite crucial there!

In an instant, these two sisters understood that.

Seraphina was also feeling tender for a moment as those blue flames and coldness meant she had developed something purely out of feelings for Hunter. She would be able to use it against Aimee in their recent arguments for Hunter's attention!

Her lips curved into a wide smile.

And then, Asmodeus rained on her parade. He walked forward in a gait worthy of the demon lord, his presence hammering the auras of two sisters. His entire body was beefed up by his mana, and he seemed much larger. Streaks of purple mana were oozing out of his pores, and his muscles had worm-like veins going across his flesh.

Asmodeus, the demon of lust, had a simple style. He was excellent in close combat, and his body was like a living machine with countless engines to keep his stamina and strength at the highest level. He cultivated that body through intercourses with various women, and his domain was possibly the only magical thing about his mana, which was still playing voices of various cries of women like a psychological attack to weaken the sisters' defenses.

In a nutshell—wrestle good in battles, wrestle splendidly in the bed—was his motto.

Irked by the man's presence and how he stomped on her feelings, Seraphina was about to launch the first attack on him but was beaten to the punch by Charlotte, whose fairy form already flew toward the demon, leaving fire in her wake. Her sword clashed with Asmodues' forearm, causing a shockwave strong enough to shake the entire arena.

It lasted for a second before these two thrust a few more moves at each other. Asmodeus' fists were all aimed at Charlotte's sword. She reflected them with precision while aiming for a gap in his moves. It was hard, however, even if Asmodues was weakened by his time in prison.

However, the second variable that was on Charlotte's side soon joined the battle, her white sword lit up with cold flames sneaking onto the demon's side. Asmodeus elbowed it down, protecting himself. Alas, Seraphina had grown strong enough that her strength and flames also caused a chain reaction.

A shockwave followed that move.

Using it to her advantage, Charlotte grazed Asmodeus' shoulder. A burst of flames followed that, seemingly throwing Asmodeus out of the balance. He was indeed lost, but only for a split second before he controlled himself to sacrifice his defenses to catch Charlotte's hair.

Once she was in his grasp, he had given up on more defenses, boldly throwing a low jab onto her face. Charlotte's head was forcefully twisted to the side, and blood spurt from her nose. At the same time, Seraphina growled aloud. Her sword was faster than her voice, its tip already sinking into Asmodeus' abdomen.

She leaned all her weight onto that move, driving her cold flames and blade into him! Coldness so similar to Hunter's prison invaded him, and Asmodeus's body reacted to it without his consent. He froze and stood trembling, allowing Charlotte to extricate herself out from his grasp.

Flames burst out of her lithe form. Before long, she turned into a flash of sunlight as she hacked at the demon's slowed frame, her fire popping like lava on him. Seraphina had also gotten out her sword from his abdomen and chucked her slashes to match her elder sister's pace.

For a moment, Asmodeus was as though a training dummy barraged by blue and red streaks of unique flames. When he returned to his usual movement and started defending himself, Charlotte and Seraphina ceased their attacks. That took Asmodeus by surprise.

He looked ahead, only to find none.

And before he noticed, two vertical slashes had fallen onto his face, going across his eyes. It was an attack he should have easily avoided, yet for some reason, didn't.

'Has that coldness nulled my senses? Or is it a combination of their flames? Wait… this sensation…' Asmodeus inwardly commented, recalling a man who had stolen his eyes some time ago and left a scar he kept on his face for a year. That man had won against him.

But then, Asmodeus exacted revenge and paraded the man's village.

'Oh…' Asmodeus had finally recalled that this man had two daughters. They were so little he never really cared about them, but it wasn't like he hadn't seen them. Now, those daughters had matured into beautiful women whose blades were as sharp as a woman's intuition was supposed to be!

Asmodeus dropped flat onto the ground.

'I see… so it's 2:1, isn't it?' he inwardly whispered while his body laughed outside. He would never say he had lost 2:1 against a human, for his pride was too big for that. But that was indeed true. That human man had defeated him once and left a scar on him, and then Asmodeus dealt with him.

And now, that man's daughters were about to take his life!

Since Asmodues didn't have any family left, let alone a daughter, his loss here meant that in his entire reign, he would never be able to win against that human male. It wouldn't even be a draw, but clear two one!

There was also no way out of this predicament.

That man—Hunter or Hades—would also have children with these two sisters, but Asmodeus naturally had no one left.

And so, the man had resigned himself to his fate.

Two sisters would never waste a moment of this weakness.

Their swords went for his throat and heart, finishing the demon lord's life.

Asmodeus died…

"You know… Hunter had met our father… and he had sent him to reincarnation. If we find Mother's soul, we will be able to send her to reincarnation, too. Maybe they will meet again," Seraphina commented while staring at the demon's corpse.

Charlotte was quiet for a while as she learned about it, then smiled deeply, "Should we learn a skill to see souls and go onto a sisterly voyage to find Mom?"


"Yes, for all these years we lost."


"Hehe, you will also lose some time with Hunter as your big sister had lost her prime for this day and never had a boyfriend! I want to cuddle and have sex so much!"

"Don't you dare! At least not now! I have yet to calm down this beast within me!"

"Should I go for crimson hair or maybe return to black so I can fetch Celestia, too? Hunter would love it, right? A duo of black-haired beguiling best friends! I will be able to even add Layla for some foursome!"

"Big sister! Were you holding back so much horniness?! Are you listening to me?!

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