Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 3171 - 3171 Can You Accept Me
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Chapter 3171 Can You Accept Me

Actually, Qin Xiu was just worried that if he really said it… he might not even be able to be her friend.

Ye Jian was waiting for him to say the words so that she could reject him.

“Okay, go ahead. I’ll listen.” She nodded with a faint smile on her lips, waiting for Qin Xiu to say something.

Her smile made Qin Xiu heave a sigh of relief. It also gave him the courage to continue.

“I’ve only interacted with you a few times, but for some reason, every time I interact with you, the longing in my heart will deepen. I want to say something to you, but I’m afraid of ruining things with you.

“When I was met with an avalanche on the snow mountain, I really thought that I would be buried in the snow. But you came and appeared in front of me from the top of the avalanche with a ray of light. You made me see hope of survival.

“Ye Jian, we’ve known each other for a few years. Although we haven’t interacted much and we’ve never had a deep relationship…

“For some reason, it’s as if everything is predestined. Every time I see you, my heart palpitates. I feel as if I’ve found the best direction.

“Actually, with your intelligence, you definitely know what I want to say, right?”

Ye Jian knew what he wanted to say.

“Qin Xiu, I know what you want to say. This…”

“Can you wait for me to finish speaking? It wasn’t easy for me to muster all my courage. I’m just waiting to show you my true feelings today. Let me say everything first, okay?”

Ye Jian only spoke half a sentence before Qin Xiu interrupted her anxiously. He couldn’t see any joy or shyness on her face.

It was as if… she was waiting for him to make things clear so that she could… reject him seriously.

She was too calm. It made his heart turn cold.

Ye Jian raised her eyes slightly and looked at Qin Xiu. Just like what Xu Wen said, the young diplomat in front of her was indeed very eye-catching. He was handsome and elegant. His every move was extremely elegant. He was the complete opposite of Captain Xia, but he was also very outstanding.

He was so outstanding that he looked like the stars in the sky.

However, she had already plucked the star she loved the most from the sky and placed it in her heart. Hence, no matter how outstanding and dazzling the man in front of her was, he was not someone who would belong to her.

“Qin Xiu, you don’t want me to say it because you already know what I want to say. No matter how much you say, the result will still be the same. It won’t change anything.

“It’s different. I haven’t finished speaking. Even if the answer is the same, it’s still different in my heart.” Qin Xiu’s heart turned from slightly cold to very cold. His eyes were still warm as he smiled calmly and said, “Ye Jian, I like you. It far exceeds what you think.

“Look at my qualifications. I don’t think I’m bad. I don’t have any bad traits either. I look elegant on the outside, but I’m actually quite boring. I don’t know how to woo you or coax you, but I’ll definitely do my best to make sure that you won’t have to worry for the rest of your life.

“Ye Jian, can you give me a chance to take care of you?”

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