Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter Ch775.2(END) - Extra 2: Xuan Wushe.
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Chapter Ch775.2 - Extra 2: Xuan Wushe

Translated by: Zaki

Edited by: Ea

Special thanks to Vamp for the raws

Extra Chapter 2: Xuan Wushe

Lin Zhan saw a woman who looked like the procuress walk in with a big bellied man who had a frail and powerless gait. It was clear at first glance that he’d engaged in countless debauchery.

The procuress glanced at Lin Zhan and said with a smile, “I was afraid that medicine’s effect would be too strong, and he wouldn’t be able to wake up even now. Since he has woken up, it will be more interesting. Young Master Fang, does this one look passable for today?”

Young Master Fang chuckled and casually waved the fan in front of his chest in what he thought to be a flirtatious manner. “It’s passable, it’s passable. When have the goods you picked ever gone wrong?”

Lin Zhan: Nonsense, this Young Master is always top-notch no matter when or where he is.

Lin Zhan had no waves in his heart and was pondering how to make this pig doubt his life in the near future.

The procuress reminded Lin Zhan, “This is Young Master Fang from the Eastern Land. You know the Fang family, don’t you? It’s one of the best families in the Imperial Capital, and it’s your honour to be favoured by Young Master Fang. Don’t refuse his goodwill. Even I won’t be able to save you.”

The procuress was also worried that Lin Zhan was a tough tempered person and that things wouldn’t be good if it became bloody. Therefore, she needed to remind Lin Zhan a bit in advance, so that Lin Zhan could recognize the reality and let Young Master Fang have fun.

This Young Master Fang had been immersed in brothels for dozens of years and had very discerning eyes. At a glance, he could see that Lin Zhan was still a treasure who had yet to lose his virginity. Apart from that, Lin Zhan’s slender figure was as white as jade, and the combination of his fair skin and that beautiful face, although not considered a top-tier stunning beauty in the Nine Realms, could still make people easily recognize his beauty, which made Young Master Fang feel impulsive.

Young Master Fang waved his hand and signaled to the procuress to get out of here quickly, so as not to delay his work.

The procuress took the sparrow spirit and immediately left with a wide smile.

The door was slammed shut with a ‘bang’.

Young Master Fang looked at the beauty whose whole body was flushed and panting due to the drug in his body. He couldn’t wait to rush over and press him under his body and make love to him, and in fact, he did take off his clothes and climb onto the bed.

Lin Zhan’s limbs were tightly bound, unable to move at all, looking like a fish at the mercy of others and could be slaughtered by anyone.

Lin Zhan watched coldly as the pig-like man gnawed around his neck, feeling almost nauseous.

Why should he be insulted like this?

He would rather die than do this.

Lin Zhan still had a way to save himself, but he suddenly felt that if he died like this, maybe he would return to that familiar world as soon as he woke up.

He looked so bright and glamorous on the outside, but in his heart, he felt so alone and desolate.

Lin Zhan chuckled lightly and bit the tip of his tongue forcefully.

A cut was made on the tip of his tongue, and beads of blood flowed out. Suddenly, Lin Zhan heard a familiar but ethereal voice coming from afar, echoing in his ear &#k2014;&#k2013;

“Ah Zhan, I divined that you will have two major calamities in the future, so I put a protective spell on you. When you encounter a calamity, the protective spell will be activated.”

The voice then continued to say, “Ah Zhan, from childhood to adulthood, you have always been like a spectator of the world. All the scenery and life in this world cannot enter your eyes. I cannot demand anything, but I still hope that no matter what you encounter in the future, you will remember to strive to survive. Because only by living can you see the person who truly will truly enter your heart and eyes.”

Lin Zhan’s tears suddenly fell uncontrollably.

A powerful spell rushed out from his body to the man who had been lying on top of him and bullying him, slamming Young Master Fang against the wall.

The four magic ropes that tightly bound Lin Zhan’s hands and feet were also cut.

“Teacher...” Lin Zhan wiped his face, but his heart couldn’t help but tremble at this moment. He heard someone walking towards this room from outside, so he immediately gathered up the clothes that basically couldn’t cover his body, opened the window, and jumped down barefoot.

Teacher once said that in this world, however much was owed would be however much was repaid.

Lin Zhan had a feeling of falling from a building hundreds of meters high.

He suddenly remembered that although many floors in the Nine Realms looked low, there was actually a magic formation interfering with one’s vision, and there might actually be hundreds of floors inside.

Lin Zhan suddenly had a feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

It wasn’t easy for him to finally regain the will to survive. If he just fell to his death like this, wouldn’t it be too disrespectful to his Teacher’s earnest instructions and the protection he went to great effort to leave him?

However, Lin Zhan’s luck was still good.

He had almost no cultivation and he was about to fall to the ground, but suddenly a slightly fierce wind swept over him, supporting his body.

With two “thump” sounds, Lin Zhan fell to the ground. Just as he was about to struggle to get up, he saw a pair of elegant boots with simple cloud patterns embroidered with magic arrays in high-quality fine silk.

Above them, there was a black hem.

“Master,” Someone exclaimed next to him, as if afraid, “I don’t know where this person came from. Master, please forgive me.”

A gorgeous and very cold voice reached Lin Zhan’s ears—

“He fell from upstairs, didn’t you see that?”

That person: “....”

Lin Zhan suddenly wanted to laugh for some reason. In fact, he did burst out laughing just like that.

Lin Zhan laughed so hard that he could hardly breathe.

The several people behind Xuan Wushe only stared at Lin Zhan with surprised eyes, or lowered their heads and dared not speak, waiting for this kid to be ordered to be executed on the spot.

One should know that the East Sovereign Xuan Wushe was famous for his coldness and ruthlessness ever since he was young.

Xuan Wushe could only see this shameless person in revealing clothes, with his long hair like a black waterfall draped on his back and scattered on the ground. He could hear his slightly hoarse laughter, but he couldn’t see his face.

Xuan Wushe: “Raise your head.”

He used commanding sentences, and probably for Xuan Wushe, apart from commanding tones, he couldn’t speak in other tones.

Lin Zhan’s laughter gradually weakened and he slowly raised his chin.

A man with tears still hanging on a face which could only be considered a bit beautiful appeared in the East Sovereign’s eyes while in an absolutely disadvantaged position.

There was no doubt that the East Sovereign and the West Phoenix Monarch were strong. He once lost his temper because the Empress candidates selected by his clan were too weak in strength and had a weak temperament, so even the servants who served him were of high cultivation.

From any perspective, Lin Zhan was completely different from the type favored by the East Sovereign.

The East Sovereign didn’t even raise his eyebrows, and his gaze swept over Lin Zhan, as if he was looking at someone insignificant. He didn’t even bother to say a word as he raised his foot and planned to leave.

He only saved this person because he was blocking his way.

However, no one expected for Lin Zhan to hold onto the right foot that the East Sovereign had just lifted..

Xuan Wushe: “....”

Everyone else: “.....”

An act of breathless audacity.

The people around Xuan Wushe were about to vomit blood. Who didn’t know that Xuan Wushe was a man of cleanliness, and what he hated the most was dirty things.

And now, he was hugged by a guy whose whole body screamed obscene at first glance. However, something even more outrageous happened.

Lin Zhan spat a mouthful of blood on Xuan Wushe’s shoes.

Xuan Wushe: “.....”

“Hiss–” Someone gasped.

Lin Zhan coughed lightly and said hoarsely, “Daoist Lord, please save someone to the end. If you just leave like this, I will still die without a burial site.”

Xuan Wushe: “Let go.”

Lin Zhan: “Don’t be like this. You save my life, and my life belongs to you, okay?” His tone of voice was both pleading and coquettish, and it sounded a bit like he was coaxing a child.

Xuan Wushe: “You’re not qualified enough.”

Lin Zhan chuckled softly and looked up at the man who almost made his heart jump out of his throat. “Whether I’m qualified–don’t you have to give it a try to find out?”

Xuan Wushe felt a bit strange. Since his accession to the throne, the men and women who had wanted to climb into his bed were like fish in the water, countless. However, those people were mostly reserved, and even if their attempts were already obvious to the extreme, they would not tear off the last flimsy pretense covering their shame.

However, the man in front of him, who was like a butterfly that could easily be crushed with just a pinch, didn’t care about any sense of shame. In broad daylight, he held onto the feet of another man and refused to let go, then expressed his commitment to repay him with his body.

This slight interest was not enough to make Xuan Wushe have any special feelings towards him.

Xuan Wushe: “I am not a person of good character. Once again, let go.”

Lin Zhan: “What if I don’t let go?”

Xuan Wushe easily withdrew his foot, and with a casual flick of his hand, even the blood stains on his shoes disappeared.

Lin Zhan knew that he probably met someone he couldn’t afford to provoke.

He watched the man walk further and further away, and when he heard the sound of bystanders pointing at him, he suddenly felt a great pain in his heart.

At this moment, the old procuress in the building had already arrived with the cultivator guards. The old lady screamed sharply, “Good, you dared to try and commit suicide! I’ll let you taste today what it means to live a fate worse than death! Strip him and discipline him right here!”

Teacher had said, “Your true fate is not with me.”

Lin Zhan finally knew what he meant by that sentence.

Some people, from the moment you see them, you understand what it feels like to have a heartbeat, and you realize that all the scenery in heaven and earth are actually so different and refreshing.

He was more aware than ever that he respected and admired his Teacher, without any romantic thoughts mixed in.

With comparison, everything became clear.

Lin Zhan silently recited a mantra.

Even if his Dantian was damaged, he always had a way to save himself, but the cost was relatively high.

Lin Zhan stared at the man’s disappearing back, half of his face in the sunlight and half in the shadow cast by the eaves. The half of his face with light was smiling, while the other half had a teardrop silently sliding down the corner of his eye.

Xuan Wushe turned his head inexplicably at this moment, and what he saw was the appearance of Lin Zhan amidst the mottled light and shadow, his lips slightly raised, while a tear fell from the corner of his eye.

He wanted this person.

He wanted this man who was seducing him with every expression and look. He wanted to firmly press him under his body and make love to him, watch him cry, moan, and toss and turn in joy.

Since he had aroused his desire, he was destined to be a bird trapped in a cage, bound by him for eternity.

All stories began from this encounter.

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