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Chapter 710 - 710: Finale

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Just as he was about to gently push open Chu Ning’s door, he was suddenly surrounded by bodyguards. He was shocked, but he immediately calmed down and sneered.

Chu Ning heard the sound of footsteps outside and a scornful laugh. She knew that Zhou Yi was outside the door. She suppressed her anxiety and waited calmly.

She was not in a hurry to go out. After all, Zhou Yi’s target was her. If she went out rashly, the bodyguards would be restrained.

Chu Ning waited quietly. Su Ming walked over slowly with a group of people. When Zhou Yi saw him, his body tensed up slightly.

When Su Ming saw that they were frozen in place, he frowned. “Get him.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhou Yi moved swiftly. In the blink of an eye, he had knocked down two or three bodyguards. He did not hesitate at all and charged towards Su Ming.

However, Su Ming had clearly told his bodyguards not to let Zhou Yi get close to him. The moment Su Ming spoke, well-trained bodyguards had already surrounded him in a protective circle, keeping a tight defense.

No matter how good Zhou Yi was at fighting, he could not break through the layers of defense by himself. His strength slowly drained away, and in the end, he was pinned to the ground by Su Ming’s subordinates.

He struggled, but the people pressing him down had put almost all their weight on him, so he could not move.

“Su Ming!” Zhou Yi cursed in exasperation. “Who do you think you are! Let me

Chu Ning heard the sounds of fighting outside stop. With trust in her partner, she pushed the door open and was about to walk out. As soon as she opened the door, she heard Zhou Yi’s foolish rant. Chu Ning, who was in a good mood, laughed out loud.

Zhou Yi heard the laughter and turned his head with difficulty. When he saw Chu Ning, all his anger was directed towards her. “What are you laughing at? You’re just a pig waiting to be slaughtered. I can kill five of you.”

When Chu Ning saw that he was still speaking arrogantly while being pressed to the ground, she did not even bother to look at him. She walked past him and walked straight towards Su Ming with a smile on her face. “Congratulations, Young Master Su. You have scored a great victory.”

The smile on Su Ming’s face became much more sincere. “I still have to thank Ms. Chu for your help. When the Lu family is taken down, I’ll treat the three of you to a meal.”

Chu Ning nodded and looked at Yan Shen, who had just come out of the room. “Yan Shen, The Parade is about to have its opening ceremony. When the time comes, all of you must come to show your support.”

Zhou Wei also walked over quickly from not far away. He smiled slyly. “Of course, we will show respect since Ms. Chu invited us, right, Young Master Su?”

The few of them were laughing and joking, and none of them took Zhou Yi seriously. His face was livid with anger, but he was pressed down tightly, and even his mouth was blocked.

Su Ming said apologetically, “It’s just a pity that, due to this activity, in case we delay any longer, we’ll return at full speed tonight. I reckon we’ll be back by tomorrow afternoon.’

Chu Ning and the others did not have any objections. After all, it was unsafe to lock them up on the cruise ship. As for the other guests, they could tell from Su Ming’s expression that they would not dare to have any objections.

Ever since the cruise ship incident ended, Chu Ning, Yan Shen, and the others had been separated for six days. It was also the day of The Parade’s opening ceremony.

Although the event was hosted by Zhang Bo, Chu Ning had made a lot of friends after coming to this world. Most of them were the second generation and heirs of families with businesses, so Chu Ning had to entertain the guests. After exchanging pleasantries for a while, Chu Ning rubbed her grinning face and finally had some free time. Yan Shen was the first to come and congratulate her. Because they were familiar with each other, Chu Ning told him to find some place to sit. She was busy for a while before she finally had time to sit down and have a glass of water with Yan Shen.

Yan Shen smiled lightly. “Congratulations. You’ve been busy for so long. The

Parade is finally opening for business.”

Chu Ning glanced at him. “Your words sound sarcastic.”

Yan Shen smile deepened. “No, I wouldn’t dare. I still have to count on

President Chu for support in the future.”

Chu Ning rolled her eyes. “Young Master Yan is treating me less and less like an outsider now. I didn’t have such treatment in the past.”

When Yan Shen heard this, his gaze became more profound. No one knew what he was thinking. Chu Ning seemed to have sensed something and suddenly asked, “Do you think I’m like a different person compared to before?”

Yan Shen picked up his cup and covered up the smile on his lips. “Aren’t you just yourself? You don’t have to compare yourself to others, nor do you have to compare yourself to your past self.”

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