Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 1238 Reality
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Chapter 1238 Reality

Liam stood silently for a while trying to figure out just what the hell was going on. Was the sword simply impatient to swallow the material or perhaps it could feel that he did not plan on giving it the material immediately?

That seemed to be the most plausible explanation but Liam could intuitively feel that he was wrong in this assumption. His connection to the sword or his gut feeling told him that it was something else.

After thinking for a bit, Liam decided to do something. He brought the sword close to the material he had just purchased.

And voila, just like he thought, there was no response from the sword. He then brought the sword closer to the material that was stored in the showcase and coincidentally the sword started going crazy once again. Liam sighed. He now understood what the sword was trying to communicate with him so desperately. It did not want just any Drakeheart ore. It wanted the one that was in the display case.

As for how it was different than the one he had purchased right now, he had no clue.

Liam examined the Drakeheart Ore in the display case more closely, trying to discern what made it special compared to the one he had just bought. It was no use. He really couldn't find any difference.

He gave up and tried enquiring the fairy. "Could I buy the one that is displayed here instead?"

The fairy was taken aback by his unusual request. "Give me a minute, esteemed Grandmaster." The fairy hurriedly left to check with her superiors. After a few moments, she returned with a slightly apologetic expression. "Esteemed Grandmaster, I apologize for the inconvenience. The Drakeheart Ore in the display is not for sale as it's a part of our private collection." "It's meant to showcase the variety and quality of materials available. However, I can assure you that the ore you purchased is of the highest quality available for sale."

"Understood. Thank you for checking," Liam replied, masking his disappointment. He turned his attention back to the ore he had purchased, considering his next steps.

Well, there was nothing he could do.

For now, he decided to focus on what he could control. He would continue his search for items and materials that could aid him, and keep an eye out for any leads on similar materials.

He returned the sword to its place even though it was not ready to be put away and continued with his trip. He took a look around the floor and found many interesting items and materials.

However, there was nothing that made him want to splurge. He had obtained several recipes from the other fairy which he had used to forge items that ranged from earrings to boots.

He did not have the time to perfectly forge them but he had forged them well enough for pragmatic usage.

Liam decided to hold back on spending on this floor for the moment before he checked out the rest of the system shop. Just as he and the other three prepared to take a look at the next floor, the fairy quickly called out to them.

"Esteemed Grandmaster, please allow me to apologize. Unfortunately, I am unable to accompany you to the higher floors. They are the private floors of the Manager and only a selected few have access to the floors."

Liam frowned. Even being a Grandmaster doesn't give him access to the whole building? That was unfortunate and once again there was nothing he could do about it.

Liam nodded at the fairy and silently exited the system shop for the time being. He needed to do some thinking before taking any further steps. He stepped out of the shop with a pensive look The others also looked very serious. Coming to this system shop and tailing Liam and the fairy had been eye-opening for the three of them.

They had seen items and materials they never knew existed, encountered prices that made them dizzy, and realized just how vast and complex the world they had stepped into was. The trip to the system shop hadn't just been a shopping excursion; it was a stark lesson in the realities of the wider cosmos.

As they walked away from the shop, the group's conversation was subdued. Each was lost in their thoughts about what they had seen and learned.

Liam felt that his mind was also a bit chaotic. He stopped and addressed the gang. "Let's get a room and rest for a while." They did not dare rent a room anywhere in the area near the system shop and walked for a while to come back to the outskirts before deciding on an affordable inn.

Soon after everyone checked into their rooms, they received a surprise when a nymph waltzed into each of their rooms. Apparently, along with room and board, there was also a nymph added to the deal.

Liam only needed to glance once at the nymph who hurriedly apologized and ran away. He did not care about what the rest were up to but he needed the time to go over some things. His mind was not in the mood for frivolity. Besides, with two wives he already had had enough in this department.

Liam sat on the edge of the bed and took out all the skill books he had purchased for himself. He then allowed Luna to pop out. The little fox stretched her limbs and yawned. She had wanted to go out and play badly. It sucked to stay cooped up, nestled cozily against her master. Yawn. On second thought, it was not so bad. The little thing once again dove into Liam's robe and went back to sleep.

By now, Liam was used to her small figure clinging to him. So he did not care. He continued going over the skill books he had purchased. One by one he activated them and started learning them.


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