Primordial Sin System

Chapter 492 492-Distributing Titles
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Chapter 492 492-Distributing Titles

Chapter 492

Dave went back to the Hall of Chaos because he felt the connection with Muller and realized he was now summoning the envoy.

Dave smiled, but he noticed a black crystal ball appear and float around the Hall of Chaos.

"What is that?"

Dave scanned it using his Chaotic Eyes and realized it was the faith energy accumulated due to his devout followers and believers.

Since contracting his first customer, Muller, the Hall of Chaos started to gather faith energy for him, which he could collect anytime he needed.

He realized that even his subordinates and lovers weren't contributing to Faith Energy because he hadn't told them about his other identity as the Lord of Chaos.

He needed to set up his church in his space world to involve them in the faith energy collection.


<<Lord of Chaos>>

-The Lord who rules everything. The beginning and the end of everything. The creator and the one who rules with supremacy.

Divine Mark: 1

Faith Energy: 2%

Priest: Muller Defeco

(Loyalty: Maximum)

Note: The Lord of Chaos can appoint positions to his followers and subordinates, and they will be blessed with the blessing of the Lord of Chaos.


Lord of Chaos Blessing:

-Cultivators blessed by the Lord of Chaos gain unparalleled mastery over adaptability.

-The Lord of Chaos Blessing grants the cultivator the ability to harness and manipulate chaos energy for a certain limit of time.

-Can use the chaos aura that makes those blessed individuals immune to any suppression, only succumbing to the suppression of the Lord of Chaos.

-This grants them resistance to attempts at control or prediction by other cultivators, and their fate cannot be read by anyone.

Note: Only those who reach the maximum level of loyalty can receive the blessing of the Lord of Chaos.


Dave was amazed, not expecting such perks of being the Lord of Chaos.

He analyzed how it works, and Aby answered some of his questions, leaving him satisfied.

The Divine Mark symbolized his level as a God being, and the more marks he accumulated, the stronger he would become.

Currently, he was starting his journey as a God, even as a Divine Emperor.

Aby explained that one could only embark on Godhood after surpassing the Transcendental Being.

However, not everyone had the right to become a God; they first needed approval from the Supreme Will, or they could kill a True God and absorb their God core, thus coming under the Supreme Will.

Another option was accepting the offer of a demon, fighting a demon lord to seize their position.

In the demon realm, loyalty didn't matter; strength ruled everything.

Dave could raise his Divine Mark after accumulating enough Faith Energy to reach 100%, and only his believers and those who prayed to him could generate faith energy.

Smiling, Dave easily formed a plan for his church, accepting Aby's suggestion as she was truly knowledgeable.

He then flicked his fingers, connecting his consciousness to his subordinates, lovers, and familiar.

He sent them the information and gave them time to read before appointing them to their positions.


Supreme General: Archangel Gabriella

(Loyalty: Maximum)

The Supreme General is the one who will lead the army of the Lord of Chaos and has the authority to punish those who disobey the rule of the Lord of Chaos.

Title Effects:

? The title holder will be enveloped by an ethereal aura that deflects and absorbs attacks imbued with order or predictability.

? As the Supreme General, the title holder possesses the ability to inspire unwavering loyalty and determination in her troops.

? Holding the authority to punish disobedience, the title holder can invoke the Judgment of Discord. This ability allows her to mete out consequences to those who defy the rule of the Lord of Chaos.

? The title holder has access to the skill Chaos Buff, which can make the recognized army become 2 times stronger and make them immortal for 10 seconds.


Chaos Shadow Lord: Assassin King Ronin

(Loyalty: Maximum)

Chaos Shadow Lord is the shadow who will act in the darkness for the Lord of Chaos.

Title Effects:

? The Chaos Shadow Lord can attune his blades to the chaotic energies of the environment. This Chaos Resonance enhances the cutting power of his weapons and allows him to exploit weaknesses in his enemies' defenses.

? Increase affinity to darkness, void, and chaos by 500%.

? The Title Holder can channel chaotic energies into his own body temporarily, enhancing his physical attributes and reflexes. The Chaos Infusion makes him a blur on the battlefield, allowing him to outmaneuver opponents and strike with unparalleled speed.

? The Title Holder can sense those who disrespect the Lord of Chaos, locate their position, and ascertain their status.


Divine Flame Guardian: Primordial Flame Flamy

(Loyalty: Maximum)

The Divine Flame Guardian will protect and shield every temple of the Lord of Chaos against intruders and bad intentions with its Primordial Flame.

Title Effects:

? The Divine Flame Guardian can grant the devour believers immunity to any poison and enhance their affinity to fire.

? Divine Flame Guardian can summon an Inferno Shield, a barrier of primordial flames that surrounds and protects the temples of the Lord of Chaos. This mystical shield not only repels physical attacks but also burns with chaotic energy, disrupting the cultivation techniques of intruders.

? When the temples are under direct threat, Flamy can unleash the Temple Guardian's Fury. This entails a heightened state of vigilance and power, where the flames burn hotter, and the guardian's protective abilities are magnified to repel even the most determined intruders.

? The Title Holder can unleash Divine Punishment with the power of Primordial Flame and chaos to destroy anything in its path.


Chaos Undead Lord: Xegron

(Loyalty: Maximum)

The Undead Lord will fight for the Lord of Chaos without limit and with their immortal bodies.Title Effects:

? The Chaos Undead Lord has control over Necrotic Dominion, a power that allows him to extend his influence over undead minions. These minions serve as an unyielding army, fighting tirelessly and without fear under his command.

? The Chaos Undead Lord has the ability to enthrall weaker minds with Chaos Enthrallment. This power allows him to bend the will of mortals, making them susceptible to his commands and turning them into loyal servants of the Lord of Chaos.

? The title holder's touch carries the weight of a Cursed Grasp, draining the life force from living beings and offering it to the Lord of Chaos.

? The Title Holder can enhance his undead creations and guarantee the creation of a strong undead.


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