Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1691 Wisdom Pearls
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Chapter 1691 Wisdom Pearls


Lin Feng stepped into the Divine Abode.

Unlike the pitch-black surroundings he had imagined, there was a huge continent in the Divine Abode. This continent was too huge. Even with Lin Feng's Chiliocosm Sovereign-level mental power, he could not explore it completely. It was at least equivalent to dozens of small chiliocosms.

Of course, the continent might also contain many worlds, but there were no rules here. That's right, it was a state of disorder. It was between a space and a world, and was very miraculous.

Perhaps only the Medium Chiliocosm Sovereign could establish such a place. Even those high-level Chiliocosm Sovereigns could not establish such a place.

"There are three types of things in the Divine Abode: supreme treasures, secret techniques, and small chiliocosm origin!"

Lin Feng recalled some information about the Divine Abode in his mind. Without a doubt, Lin Feng's first goal was definitely the small chiliocosm origin. For the rest, be it supreme treasures or secret techniques, it would naturally be very good if he could obtain them. Even if he could not use them, he could give them to Chiliocosm Sovereign Epoch or Supremacies of the Chaos Dojo as rewards to increase the foundation of the dojo.

"There are rules for competing for treasures set by Chiliocosm Sovereign Mythical Tree in the Divine Palace, and the rules are different every time. What are the rules this time?"

Lin Feng looked around. His surroundings were empty. Clearly, there was no one around. They were all in different places. After all, the Divine Abode was just too huge.

It was very difficult to even encounter them.

"In the first round, kill Void Behemoths and obtain the Wisdom Pearls. Every Wisdom Pearl contains information about a supreme treasure or a secret technique. After use, the Wisdom Pearl will disappear. One hundred Wisdom Wisdom can show the rules of the second round."

A voice suddenly entered Lin Feng's ears.

However, when he took a closer look, he did not discover where the sound came from. Or rather, it came from all directions, from the entire Divine Abode.

"Is this the rule of the Divine Abode? In other words, we have to find the Void Behemoths first!"

Lin Feng knew about the Void Behemoth. It was a special lifeform that survived in the void. Even a Three-star Supremacy could not survive in the void, but this kind of Void Behemoth could. It was very miraculous.

Moreover, every Void Behemoth was very powerful. They were all at least comparable to top-notch Three-star Supremacies. Moreover, in an environment like the void, they were even enhanced.

If it was moved to the medium chiliocosm, even a few top-notch Three-star Supremacies might not be its match.

These Void Behemoths were extremely troublesome to deal with. However, the Chiliocosm Sovereigns were great and powerful, and were already standing at the peak of life. Hence, Void Behemoths were nothing to the Chiliocosm Sovereigns.

Hence, Lin Feng guessed that this first round should be a test left behind by Chiliocosm Sovereign Mythical Tree for those Supremacies. Those Supremacies also entered the Divine Abode to obtain opportunities, but how could they compete with the Chiliocosm Sovereigns?

In this first round, killing the Void Behemoths was undoubtedly an opportunity for those Supremacies. No matter what method they used, as long as they could kill the Void Behemoth and obtain the Wisdom Pearl, they would be able to obtain a secret technique or a powerful supreme treasure. To Three-star Supremacies, this was already a huge gain.

Lin Feng also roughly understood the arrangements of Chiliocosm Sovereign Mythical Tree. The first round was not difficult for Chiliocosm Sovereigns. It only required collecting 100 Wisdom Pearls without using them.

The true use of the first level was actually obtaining a chance of entering the second level. Only the second level was what the Chiliocosm Sovereigns truly valued.

"Let's begin the search."

Lin Feng began to mobilize his Chiliocosm Sovereign-level mental power, which was enough to cover the range of a small chiliocosm. It was all too easy to find the Void Behemoth.

Even though the space in the Divine Abode was huge, at most, the Chiliocosm Sovereigns would use their fastest speed to "scan" area by area, and all the Void Behemoths would be exposed.

"Eh? Found it!"

Lin Feng's heart skipped a beat. Then, he summoned the River of Spacetime, stepped into it, and began to warp through the void.

Originally, in the Divine Palace, even a Chiliocosm Sovereign could not warp through the void. They could only fly at their own speed. This way, the speed at which they killed the Void Behemoths would definitely become very slow.

However, Lin Feng's River of Spacetime was not restricted at all. Lin Feng could warp space directly.

"Heavens, there are a total of three Void Behemoths. This… This is really unlucky!"

"Three Void Behemoths. We're finished. We thought that it was a huge opportunity. Who would have thought that it's simply a huge trap?"

"Why are there three Void Behemoths?"

In a space, there were five Three-star Supremacies. They were all free Three-star Supremacies and had not joined any dojos. They took the risk to enter the Mythical Tree Divine Abode this time also to try their luck, hoping to obtain some supreme treasures or secret techniques, so that they could become invincible Three-star Supremacies.

However, who would have thought that they would encounter three Void Behemoths at once?

If there was only one, it would be a huge surprise for them. The five top-notch Three-star Supremacies could try to surround and kill a Void Behemoth.

Even if there were two of them, the five of them might be able to succeed with some struggles.

But three Void Behemoths? To the five of them, that was despair. Moreover, the speed of the Void Behemoths was extremely fast, and they were very difficult to kill. They could not escape even if they wanted to.

In just a short period of time, the five of them were already covered in injuries, and three of them were severely injured. If this continued, the five of them would all be devoured by the Void Behemoth in less than an hour.


Just as the five of them were despairing, a surging river appeared in the void, flickering with faint specks of light.


Right on the heels of that, a terrifying world power suddenly erupted from the River of Spacetime, and a majestic figure appeared in the void.

"That… That is a Chiliocosm Sovereign!"

"The Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign, it's the Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign's River of Spacetime!"

"It's actually the Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign…"

The five of them were excited, but their expressions were very complicated. They did not know if they should be glad or sad to encounter a Chiliocosm Sovereign. With the Chiliocosm Sovereign around, they definitely would not be able to obtain the Wisdom Pearl of the Void Behemoth. However, the Chiliocosm Sovereign who appeared could also help them to kill the Void Behemoth, thus saving their lives.

Hence, they felt disappointment and regret.

Lin Feng waved his hand, and world power swept over like rolling waves. With a terrifying force, it landed on the two Void Behemoths.

Immediately, the two Void Behemoths were crushed without even wailing. Two bright Wisdom Pearls landed in Lin Feng's hand.

Lin Feng glanced at the five Three-star Supremacies. Two of them were very strong. They could even escape from the Void Behemoth. However, they did not choose to escape. Instead, they stayed behind and resisted the Void Behemoth with the three severely injured Supremacies.

Such Supremacies were simply too rare in the medium chiliocosm.

Lin Feng also felt a trace of compassion. He said calmly, "You're very good. I'll leave that Void Behemoth to you. Whether you can seize the opportunity will depend on yourselves."

With that, he entered the River of Spacetime and instantly disappeared.

The five Supremacies were still a little stunned. They looked at the Void Behemoth in disbelief.

"The Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign, this is an opportunity left to us by the Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign!"

"Let's attack. What are we waiting for? The Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign left us a Void Behemoth. This is the greatest opportunity. We must seize this opportunity."


Battle intent erupted in the five Three-star Supremacies erupted again. They charged towards the Void Behemoth.

At this moment, Lin Feng was already in an empty space. Two pearls appeared in his hand. They were the Wisdom Pearls.

"So these are Wisdom Pearls? Let me try them first and see what exactly Chiliocosm Sovereign Mythical Tree left behind."

Lin Feng then extended his mental power into the two Wisdom Pearls.

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