Outside Of Time

Chapter 1085 - 1085 I Have Someone Too
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1085 I Have Someone Too

Moon Worship Region, Red Moon Island.

This statue that was being made to kneel was shaking intensely.

A large amount of dust and rocks spread out from the statue. Cracks rapidly formed on the statue’s body, spreading and extending across its entire body.

The white specks of light formed by the power of faith of all living beings continued to surge over and fuse into the statue of Ruler Li Zihua, reviving its flesh and blood, causing the statue’s shaking to become increasingly intense.

Around the statue, the heir and the others were sitting cross-legged in the air. Drops of blood flew out of the cracks on their foreheads.

This blood that contained the power of the same source landed on their father’s statue and gradually revived his spirit.

However, it was obvious that reviving the sovereign wasn’t a simple matter.

At this moment, with Xu Qing and the captain’s words, Ning Yan’s expression took on a pleasing tone, and he involuntarily recalled the eunuchs around his imperial father in his mind, inadvertently displaying a similar expression.

However, in his heart, he was filled with grief and indignation.

‘I’m a prince. You people are too much!’

‘It’s still fine with Boss Xu. After all, he doesn’t know my identity and even saved my life in the past. He’s very good to me, but that damn Chen Erniu!’

‘He actually knew my true identity long ago, but he still dared to treat me like this!’

‘Just you wait. When I return to the Grand Imperial Capital Region, I’ll definitely let you see my dignity as a prince!’

As Ning Yan’s heart churned, the captain narrowed his eyes and said coldly with a spurious smile.

“What’s wrong, Little Ningning? I feel like you’re scolding me in your mind.”

Ning Yan shivered and hurriedly lowered his head and shook it.

“How is that possible? Senior Brother Erniu, your kindness to me is as heavy as a mountain. Let alone making me kneel, I wouldn’t even say a word if you wanted me to throw my head away. The happiest time in my life was when I was spun around by you, Senior Brother. That feeling of flying was really beautiful.”

Originally, Ning Yan wasn’t good at flattering, currying favor, or ingratiating, ingratiate. However, after coming to the Moon Worship Region, everything about him gradually changed…

Xu Qing glanced at Ning Yan and couldn’t help but recall the first time he saw the other party in the Absolute Beginning Separation Pillar.

That stubbornness was long gone…

Hence, Xu Qing had some guesses about this. Now that Eldest Senior Brother had pointed it out, he wasn’t too surprised.

“Senior, I’m the 3,915th generation descendant of the Ancient Sovereign Mystic Nether, Guyue Ningyan and am here to request your blessings!”

The moment these words were spoken, all the pleasing expressions on Ning Yan’s face vanished, replaced by solemnity. His voice also changed, different from before, becoming deeper and more dignified.

Although he was kneeling there, his back was straight. Under the circulation of his cultivation, the aura on his body faintly emitted the roar of a dragon.

Despite wearing the attire of a store clerk, at this moment, he exuded an extraordinary aura. His gaze was determined, especially when he raised his hand and pressed it to his forehead. With a gentle stroke, a drop of blood emerged. Behind him, a void suddenly churned and surged.

Vaguely, illusory bodies appeared behind him. Every figure wore an emperor’s robe and crown, emitting a majestic aura.

This scene caused Xu Qing to take a few more glances. The captain blinked but didn’t speak.

Ning Yan looked at Li Zihua’s statue with a majestic aura and slowly spoke.

“I came to the Moon Worship Region on the orders of the Human Emperor to assist in the revival of the ruler.”

“I request the ruler to return to us!”

Ning Yan’s expression was solemn. He lowered his head and bowed. Blood flew out of his forehead and a large number of emperor figures surged in with his blood, floating toward the statue of Ruler Li Zihua.

The blood landed on the statue’s forehead and fused into it.

At the next instant, the statue of Li Zihua trembled. The signs of awakening became extremely intense at this moment.

That drop of blood contained the bloodline of the Human Emperor. It was of a peerless status to the human race.

This wasn’t the end. Amidst the increasing commotion caused by the statue of Ruler Li Zihua, Wu Jianwu wasn’t to be outdone. He opened his arms at the side and waved them fiercely.

“Descendants of the myriad Dao, return to the land by your father’s side!”

As his voice echoed, ferocious beasts that contained dense bloodline fluctuations rapidly descended around Wu Jianwu. Among them were bear, tiger, turtle, dog, and some random beasts.

The parrot was among them.

There were dozens of them. After they appeared, the surrounding void trembled and layers of fluctuations spread out. These ferocious beasts then looked at Wu Jianwu in unison.

“I defy the heavens with my life; all children, kneel in front!”

Wu Jianwu looked proud but most of his ferocious beast descendants had blank expressions. Clearly, even though they had followed Wu Jianwu for a long time, they still didn’t understand his words.

Wu Jianwu was displeased and glanced at the parrot.

The parrot lifted its head. Its body was like a stick as it let out a sharp cry.

“Kneel, shout!”

With their voices and the source of their bloodline, they called for Ruler Li Zihua.

The statue of the ruler shook again and more cracks appeared. A large amount of gravel fell off and the signs of awakening became much more obvious.

The sky and earth changed color. Even the distant Red Moon Star seemed to tremble.

However, this awakening seemed to be a little lacking. It wasn’t stable and was sometimes strong and sometimes weak.

Seeing this, the captain’s eyes revealed a strange glint.

“Everyone from the Moon Rebel Hall, your mission has arrived!”

“The Moon Rebel Mirror contains a wisp of the ruler’s divine sense before he died. This divine sense has transformed into 100,000 temples. Now, all the statues, return to your positions!”

“Little Qing, help me!”

The captain roared and controlled the Moon Rebel Mirror. Xu Qing didn’t hesitate at all and immediately acted. They could only control the Moon Rebel Mirror completely if they were together.

Now that they acted together, the Moon Rebel Mirror rumbled and faced the ruler’s statue.

Under its reflection, the statue of Ruler Li Zihua instantly changed. It was as though it had transformed into a mountain and countless vortices appeared on its body.

In each vortex, a temple was faintly discernible.

The cultivators of the Moon Rebel Hall all took a deep breath and determination appeared in their eyes. They were willing to revive the ruler from the bottom of their hearts. Now, they instantly flew out and began to return to the temples.

This time, they no longer returned to the temples of the Moon Rebel Hall but to the temples in the vortices on the statue.

In the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of Moon Rebel cultivators disappeared. When they reappeared, they were in the body of the statue. All of them transformed into statues and sat down cross-legged. The cultivation bases in their bodies circulated and fused into the ruler.

They became the source of energy for the revival of the ruler, Li Zihua.

As their cultivation levels fused, and the aura of the ruler gradually stabilized. It persisted to grow and become stronger.

The momentum of awakening finally formed a cycle, like flames being ignited. As long as it continued to burn, it would burn the world.

The heir and the others were excited as they saw this.

“Now, there’s only one last step left.”

The captain’s breathing was hurried as he lifted his head and looked at the Red Moon on the horizon.

“In two days, the Red Moon Star will appear directly above this place. At that time, the power of the Red Moon will reach its peak.”

“This peak power of the Red Moon and the aura of Crimson Goddess are the greatest stimulation for the ruler. At that time… his awakening will be ignited and… he will return!”

“What we need to do is to continue calling out, keeping the will of the ruler in a state of revival, ensuring that this flame will not be extinguished!”

After the captain finished speaking, the heir in the sky nodded and closed his eyes, calling out inwardly.

Princess Mingmei, her other siblings, and the tens of thousands of Moon Rebel cultivators did the same. They called out inwardly at the same time. Not only that, but the scene here had already emerged in the minds of all living beings in the Moon Worship Region through the Moon Rebel Mirror.

Those scattered Red Moon Shrine cultivators were exceptionally terrified.

However, to the sorrowful living beings who were still alive, this was unprecedented hope.

Hence, the shouts for the ruler filled the entire Moon Worship Region.

“Ruler, please return!”

“Ruler, please return!!”

“Ruler, please return!!!”

The sounds persisted and grew increasingly intense. When they filled the world of the Moon Worship Region, Xu Qing’s heart fluctuated. He gazed at the Red Moon Star in the sky and then at the statue of the ruler, Li Zihua. He narrowed his eyes and walked toward the captain.

“Eldest Senior Brother, after Crimson Goddess arrives, will our reinforcements be enough? I still have a helper…”

“You’re talking about that coquettish fox?” The captain was looking at his work proudly. When he heard this, he gazed at Xu Qing and blinked.

Xu Qing shook his head.

“The other one.”

The captain was a little surprised. He took a closer look at Xu Qing and pondered for a while before speaking in a low voice.

“Junior Brother, actually, I’m not too confident about whether it’s enough or not. If you can call for help, it’ll naturally be best. I’m just worried that if there are too many helpers, our allocation might be reduced in the end.”

Xu Qing fell silent and shook his head.

“Although the loot is important, killing Crimson Goddess is more important!”

“Besides… with so many people around, I don’t think that my helper will ask too much. Otherwise…” Xu Qing glanced at the captain.

The captain licked his lips and immediately spoke.

“Junior Brother, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and invite them over.”

Xu Qing nodded and lifted his hand, taking out a jade slip from his storage bag. The jade slip seemed like a living thing, and holding it in hand produced a greasy sensation, akin to flesh.

It emitted an ancient aura that contained the presence of a god.

The instant it appeared, it exuded a domineering presence even though the energy fluctuations here were chaotic.

The captain’s gaze swept over and his brows lifted as he laughed.

Xu Qing didn’t hesitate and squeezed fiercely.

The jade slip instantly emitted a dim light that enveloped Xu Qing.

Xu Qing’s figure disappeared.

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