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Chapter 1014 Invincible in the Universe

With his divine sense, Zhou Han quickly scanned his entire body.

The relevant description of the Myriad Dimensions Extraordinary Body slowly appeared on the virtual interface.

[Myriad Dimensions Extraordinary Body: You are in countless dimensions. You do not exist in the universe, but you are everywhere. All living beings in this universe cannot see you or attack you. With a thought, the world will change and the galaxy will disappear. With a thought, time and space will reverse, and life and death will rotate. With a thought, heavenly fate will circulate, and heaven will punish. With a thought, karma is fixed, and ten thousand cycles will happen. With a thought…]

"Is this the legendary dimensional attack?"

According to the Universe Ancestral Dragon's classification of top experts, Level 9 Primordial Saint Emperor experts corresponded to nine-dimensional lifeforms.

The current Zhou Han had 10,000 dimensions. He was definitely crushing them.

"By the way, how is the Universe Ancestral Dragon?"

Zhou Han thought of the Universe Ancestral Dragon, but it took him a long time to refine the small universe and comprehend the rules of the universe.

"It doesn't matter if he's dead. Just revive him once!"

After controlling the rules of the universe, doing this was simply at Zhou Han's fingertips.

With a thought, all the scenes in the entire universe appeared in front of Zhou Han.

In the Ancestral Dragon Hall, the Universe Ancestral Dragon was covered in blood and his aura was dispirited. His three intrinsic Dharma treasures had long been shattered. At this moment, with his powerful body, he kept enduring the bombardment of the eight giants.

"Hahaha, no matter how hard your bones are, so what? You're already an arrow at the end of its flight."

"Ancestral Dragon, stop struggling meaninglessly. Your blood is a top treasure. It's a waste of natural resources to lose it just like that!"

"Pain, struggle, and then…"

The eight giants stared at the Universe Ancestral Dragon like hungry wolves, their eyes flickering with huge greed.

After a fierce battle that had exhausted the other party's energy, it was time to harvest.

At the thought of distributing huge resources, everyone's hearts burned.

"Think about how mighty I was when I dominated the universe and shocked the sea of stars. I actually died at the hands of you rats today…"

"I can't accept this…"

The Universe Ancestral Dragon roared at the sky. The hero was in his twilight years. He let out his last words and self-destructed.

The scene of the battle quickly circulated in Zhou Han's mind like a movie.

"So I've been silent in the Chaos for a hundred million years!" Zhou Han stood in the river of time and muttered to himself. His expression was expressionless as he whispered.

"Time Reversal!"

A time fragment was directly pulled out of the river of time.

The scene returned to the moment the Universe Ancestral Dragon was about to self-destruct.

Zhou Han smiled and took a step forward. Countless light-years were nothing to him.

"I can't even self-destruct?"

"Do I have to let these thieves have all my blood essence?" The Universe Ancestral Dragon was a little flustered. He activated the nine star cores in his body and prepared to self-destruct, but he realized that he could not activate this energy.

"Everyone, seize the opportunity, and don't let him self-destruct!"

"Grand Sealing Talisman, seal his star core energy."

"The Ancestral Dragon is filled with treasures!"

The eight giants joined forces and erupted with their strongest power.

Zhou Han was expressionless. He waved his hand slightly, and the space where the eight of them were disappeared, leaving only a breeze.

They were annihilated along with the space.

"They're dead?"

"They're all dead?" The Universe Ancestral Dragon was so shocked that his scalp went numb. The eight Universal Powerhouses had actually been instantly wiped out without a trace.

"What happened?"

"Which senior attacked? Please appear!" The Universe Ancestral Dragon looked around and constantly scanned with his divine sense, but he found nothing.

This was enough to show that the person who attacked far exceeded him in terms of realm.

"When did such a transcendent existence exist in the Primal Universe?"

"But I'm really lucky today to be saved by such a senior!"

"Ancestral Dragon, how have you been?"

Zhou Han took the initiative to adjust his dimensional body before appearing and greeting them.

"Zhou… Zhou Han?"

"It's you? You attacked?" The Universe Ancestral Dragon's pupils constricted in disbelief.

However, he quickly knew that the person who attacked was Zhou Han.

Not only could he not see through Zhou Han's aura,

but most importantly, Zhou Han's temperament was unique. He had an inexplicable mystery and vastness.

At this moment, the Universe Ancestral Dragon felt the insignificant powerlessness of facing a peerless expert when he cultivated when he was young.

Ever since he became a Universal Powerhouse, he had never felt so small.

However, today, he felt that unfamiliar and familiar situation from Zhou Han.

"Zhou Han, no, Senior Zhou! You… you're actually so strong?" The Universe Ancestral Dragon did not dare to be rash. At this moment, it was extremely respectful and asked carefully.

"Ancestral Dragon, you don't have to be so polite. It's also fate that we're master and disciple!"

"After refining the small universe, I obtained some opportunities to break through the limit of the Level 9 Primordial Saint Emperor and become a Super Dimensional lifeform!"

Zhou Han said casually. At his transcendent realm, his every move was filled with Dao runes.

"I really didn't expect you to grow so quickly! It's ten thousand times, a hundred million times more than I expected!"

After chatting for a while, Zhou Han bade farewell.

A hundred million years had passed, and those female confidants had also disappeared with time.

Thinking of the good things of the past appeared in his mind.

He fished out fragments of time from the river of time.

Han Qinxue, Mei Aoxue, Xi Yao, Wan Yuhe, Song Yushan, Mei Ji, Qin Mengyao, Tang Yurou, Catherine, Wei Xiaoqian, Bai Linglong, Xuanyuan Meng, Jiang Yanran, Ao Zhen, and Little Lotus.

The women appeared in front of Zhou Han one after another. They were delicate and charming, smiling sweetly. Their beautiful eyes were looking forward to it, and their hands were soft. Their skin was smooth, and their collars were like porcelain. Their teeth were white like snow, and they had delicate heads and eyebrows.

The beauty was like a painting, and the entire sea of stars was exceptionally enchanting.

"Xiangning! Where are you?"

"I've searched the entire river of time, but I don't see any trace of you?"

Zhou Han stood proudly in the nebula, frowning slightly…

"Has he become invincible so quickly? The progress is much faster than I imagined!"

"How boring!"

The young man lay in the rocking chair with a lazy expression. His appearance was a little similar to Zhou Han's.

Under his feet was actually a universe. Layers of mountains rose and fell.

The universe in the eyes of humans was like the humans in the eyes of quarks.

The universe was vast and boundless. How could it not be a toy in the hands of others?

"Supreme One, should I tell this 'Zhou Han' the information about going to a super universe?" The beautiful woman chuckled, her face almost identical to Han Xiangning's.

"Make the arrangements yourself! When the time comes, reveal some information about Han Xiangning. This way, Zhou Han will have more motivation to fight! Haha…" The young man waved his hand and said playfully.

"Next, I'm going to condense another Origin clone and go to other worlds to play. At the same time, I'll arrange a more awesome class!"

"By the way, let's call it the [Nine Tribulations Dragon Rider]. This name sounds domineering!"

"Yes, Your Excellency. I'll arrange it now!" Han Xiangning nodded.

"Don't make too much noise. If you alarm the Heavenly Dao of that world and take too much care of my Origin clone, invincibility will come too easily. I'll lose a lot of fun!"

"Life is really lonely!"

The young man stepped through thousands of universes and stretched.

He controlled the entire situation and controlled other people's lives, but who knew if he was also controlled by another expert?

These things were too far away. Thinking too much would only add to his troubles.

Standing on the spot and living a wonderful life was the most important.

(The End)

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