Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 4509 Miraculous Use of Violet Blood
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Chapter 4509 Miraculous Use of Violet Blood

When Long Chen’s hand slammed onto the black ape’s forehead, it went crazy. The black fur covering it actually turned dark red, and its aura intensified, causing the earth to shudder and explode.

Its eyes were scarlet, and it swung its head, flailing as it went completely berserk.

Long Chen kept his hand tightly pressed against its head, unleashing the power of his dragon blood as he exerted effort to inscribe a slave seal.

The light he injected into its mouth was a medicinal pill, specifically a soul-suppressing pill often used to subdue housepets.

For this opening of the pathway to the ninth heaven, Long Chen had prepared countless types of medicinal pills: healing pills, antidote pills, barrier-breaking pills, spirit-controlling pills, and even various kinds of poison pills.

This soul-suppressing pill was a special pill used to calm the soul of a housepet and facilitate the placement of a slave seal.

While the medicinal pill did not reach the peerless grade, it was a top-grade golden pill. Moreover, as it was refined by the Earth Cauldron, it was potent enough to be effective even against a Saint-level devil beast.

As the black ape started to weaken, Long Chen seized the opportunity, unleashing the power of his dragon blood. However, he found that the ape had entered a berserk state as it resisted. If this continued, it would expend all its strength in a fight to the death. Even if it didn’t die, it would be crippled and unable to be a housepet.

Considering the dangers in this unfamiliar environment, having a Saint-level devil beast could serve as another life-saving card. Hence, Long Chen channeled all of his power to complete the placement of the slave seal.

However, the black ape refused to submit, enraging Long Chen. According to reason, an ordinary devil beast would definitely submit to a slave seal infused with dragon blood. After all, this was true dragon essence blood, something that completely suppressed them. To submit to the dragon race wasn’t something embarrassing either.

“No good. I can’t use the dragon blood to seal it. It’s going to die.” Long Chen’s expression changed.

However, opting for Spiritual Strength over dragon blood would be even more draining. Furthermore, he would have to constantly control it with his Spiritual Strength to prevent it from rebelling. Such an action would severely affect his combat power.

“I’ll try with my violet blood then!”

Violet qi surged behind Long Chen, causing the golden seal on his palm to transform into a violet hue. Unexpectedly, something completely unforeseen occurred. The berserk black ape actually calmed down in an instant.

No longer fiercely resisting, it now trembled, yet its movements were no longer erratic. The violet seal gradually penetrated its head, diffusing through its bloodline.

Once that violet seal fully set in, the black ape gradually became gentle and actually knelt on the ground.

Seeing this scene, Long Chen was shocked and delighted. He hadn’t expected his violet blood to simplify the process of placing a slave seal. If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have wasted so much unnecessary effort.

Huo Linger and Lei Linger withdrew their energies, silently observing the devil beast they had battled tirelessly for a full day and night suddenly becoming docile.

Anyway, it had long since lost its mighty appearance as its shiny fur had been charred badly by Huo Linger. Moreover, it had countless wounds on it, and some were still bleeding. Inside these wounds flowed lightning runes, hindering its ability to heal.

It went without saying that this black ape was incredibly powerful, as even the full-powered assaults from Lei Linger and Huo Linger failed to inflict deep wounds.

Long Chen instructed Lei Linger and Huo Linger to pull back their energies from it. After that, Long Chen fed it a few medicinal pills to help it recover.

However, this black ape had already entered its berserk state just now, overdrafting its power. Recovery from such a state couldn’t be achieved within a mere day or two.

Long Chen chose to remain in this area during this period, allowing Lei Linger and Huo Linger to rest as well. After all, they were also fatigued from the prolonged battle.

The regretful thing was that this slave seal was created using Long Chen’s violet blood, not his Spiritual Strength. That meant that he couldn’t access the black ape’s memories.

Long Chen constantly fed it medicinal pills, including a Sacred Light Snow Lotus Pill. Three days later, it had recovered to approximately seventy to eighty percent of its former strength.

During this period, Long Chen excavated the immortal metal ore deposit and also found several extinct types of medicinal ingredients in the surroundings. After confirming that he hadn’t overlooked anything, he got on the black ape’s shoulder and started to explore the surroundings.

Although this black ape was now his housepet, he didn’t dare to be careless because just a moment ago, the black ape paused at a certain area and pointed ahead fearfully.

Long Chen instantly realized that this was the domain of another terrifying devil beast. From its fearful expression, the master of this domain was not an existence that it could challenge.

Long Chen could only nod and send it in another direction. The black ape was extremely fast, not much slower than Long Chen’s top speed. However, it was running and jumping, making the ride very bumpy.

This was a foreign world, and Long Chen could only learn about the surroundings by having the black ape run around randomly.

Right now, Long Chen was hoping to encounter the stone lifeform he had encountered back then through the Esoteric Spirit Eye. If he could communicate with it, he could quickly gain an understanding of this world.

Suddenly, the black ape slowed down, and its gaze grew serious. When it let out a low roar, its fur started to stand on end.

Just then, a furious roar came from the distance, its voice similar to that of this black ape. Then Long Chen saw another black ape appear, its appearance similar to the one he had just tamed.

As soon as this new black ape appeared, the one beneath Long Chen’s feet also roared and charged forward.

“Fuck, you brought me here to get revenge on an old opponent?!” Long Chen was dumbfounded. These two black apes clearly knew each other, and the one Long Chen had just tamed had guided him straight into its old opponent’s territory.


The two apes collided, their colossal fists meeting in a series of impactful blows. The surrounding mountain ranges erupted, and shockwaves of qi surged skyward.

“You’re a scammer!”

Long Chen cursed. However, these two apes were already fighting, and Long Chen’s ape had not fully recovered, so it was clearly at a disadvantage.

“Come out!” Long Chen helplessly summoned Lei Linger and Huo Linger to his side. With the four of them joining forces, they instantly gained the upper hand.

Taking advantage of the moment, Lei Linger thrust her lightning sword through the eye of the black ape. The creature toppled to the ground and lay motionless.

In a hurry, Long Chen rushed to its side and formed hand seals, as his Spiritual Strength spread toward it.


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