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Chapter 684 - 684_End : The End (5)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At this critical moment, the gates swung open and a formidable battalion of armored men marched out. Their gaze was fierce, and their aura unyielding, almost aloof. Despite their slightly bulky armor, it seemed to amplify their lethal intentions rather than hinder them.

Their power was palpable — they were warriors of the visceral prefecture realm. And there were two thousand of them, an immense force that sent shivers through the ranks of the royal clans’ combined forces, leaving them feeling somewhat unnerved.

Meanwhile, the mountains around them erupted in clouds of dust and smoke as hordes of blood beasts charged forth. These creatures bore a monstrous and beastly might, effectively sealing any escape routes for the allied armies of the royal clans.

Qiong Mou immediately opened his monstrous mouth wide.


Like a voracious black hole, it began to suck everything within its vicinity with a thunderous roar. A great force seemed to have engulfed thousands of miles, lifting warriors and even vegetation off the ground as they were drawn toward him.

However, this formidable power had barely manifested when suddenly, from the distant sky, a new force emerged. This power disrupted the connection between Qiong Mou and its surroundings, causing a momentous disturbance in the skies.


A turbulent sea of clouds surged, revealing the head of a malevolent dragon spanning several miles. At the same time, the sky was set ablaze with flaming hues as nine menacing beasts emerged, holding the gaze of the clan leaders who appeared to regard these creatures with a reverence, akin to venerating their ancestors.

This scene ignited a tremor deep within their bloodlines, an overpowering pressure that seemed to resonate with their very souls.

In this chaotic scene, the atmosphere thrummed with the approach of a monstrous energy from the Eight Vicious War Domain. This force, packed with shocking momentum, managed to unsettle even the usually unflappable Qiong Mou.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

In the midst of this dramatic unfolding, there was a sound echoing as if someone was making strides amidst the clouds, descending from an otherworldly throne. The eight beasts bowed down, creating a pathway for the emerging figure.

A man adorned in a black robe, his waist-length hair fluttering in the turbulent winds, gradually became visible to everyone present.

Facing this newcomer, he displayed a complex expression, as a whirlpool of thoughts swirled within his mind. An air of familiarity surrounded the black-robed figure, his presence seemingly an expected turn in the unfolding events.

“It’s you..

As he tried to unravel the intricacies of the moment, a multitude of thoughts raced through his mind. Finally, directing his gaze at the young man in the black robe, he spoke, filled with both curiosity and accusation, “Is this all within your calculations?”

He found it unnerving that, despite his apparent youth, he couldn’t sense any aura from him, making him an enigma in a scene filled with powerful and intimidating forces.

However, amidst this escalating tension, the eight beasts surrounding the black-robed man, Qin Huai, were hard to ignore. As Qin Huai moved slowly yet determinedly towards Qiong Mou, he remained silent, his presence speaking volumes.

“How about we split the world? If we fight, both sides will suffer. It’ll just delay you and kill everyone in Qingzhou…”

Qiong Mou, perhaps sensing the weight of the moment, spoke up. But his words faltered, his bravado diminishing as he assessed the formidable forces gathered before him.

The small force from Qingzhou, it appeared, had a might capable of challenging the combined power of the royal clans. In this assembly of forces, ten were the highly regarded Heaven’s Favorites, bolstered by the might of two housand Immortal Guards and the fierce blood beasts.

This formidable army threatened to overrun Great You, and at its helm was the

mysterious figure, Qin Huai. What disconcerted Qiong Mou was his inability to gauge the true extent of Qin Huai’s power, despite being in close proximity to him.

“It’s over.” Finally breaking his silence, Qin Huai uttered two words that seemed to herald an end. His voice was cold, his gaze judgmental as it fixed on Qiong Mou. A convergence of profound energies – the Imperial Power and Samsara of Life and Death – coalesced, signifying the merging of the Black Dragon World and the dynasty of the king domain. This fusion embodied Qin Huai’s true emperor authority.

Without any warning or visible phenomenon, Qiong Mou began to experience an accelerated aging process. His once invincible strength was ebbing away rapidly, leaving him unable to resist or reverse the effect.

Desperation and disbelief marred his features as he screamed his unwillingness to accept this fate. “True Emperor! I refuse to accept this! This should be my world!”

Cold and unfazed, Qin Huai retorted, “No. This is the world of peace.” Under the formidable authority of a true emperor, all falsehoods and pretensions were exposed and obliterated. In mere moments, Qiong Mou’s grandeur crumbled, his power severed ruthlessly by Qin Huai.

Then, in a coordinated surge, the united forces – comprising the ten kings of the Qingzhou Alliance, the celestial beings known as the Seven Supremes in the Sky, the two thousand Celestial Guards, and the relentless blood beasts – swarmed towards their last enemy.

Qiong Mou’s instant death shattered the morale of the remaining members of the royal clans, leaving them devoid of the will to fight back.

Those who remained, including the remaining clan leaders who foresaw their imminent demise, attempted to escape the battlefield using their unique escape techniques. But even this proved futile as Qin Huai effortlessly thwarted their exit, trapping them in the human world.

His power seemed unrivaled, a testament to the true might of an emperor, making it evident that no one could stand against the invincible Qin Huai.

“We won’t kill those who surrender.”

Qin Huai’s words resonated like a mighty wave, reaching every corner of the battlefield and resonating within the hearts of the warriors present. In the wake of the royal clans’ leaders’ demise, the remaining forces realized that they had lost any possibility of a comeback.

One elder lifted his hands in a signal of surrender, triggering a wave of acquiescence and defeat that rippled across the land. As Qin Huai surveyed the scene, a brilliant white light emanated from his eyes, absorbing the essence of the world around him.

In a secluded part of Qingzhou, Gou Jie and Zhang Youji were amongst seven others struggling to hold back their flowing tears.

Simultaneously, three seasoned sect masters, including Yao Yongfei, were investing all their efforts in protecting a heavenly secret and buying some precious time for Qingzhou.

Qin Huai quietly reflected on the path that had brought him here, a journey that began ten years ago with his arrival in this world. From the frantic escape during the beast tide at Pingnan City, through the strategic retaliation at

Lingjiang which was orchestrated with the assistance of the Sacred Heart Sect and the prefectural governor’s office, to the nefarious plots woven by the Kun Peng clan and the Sacred Heart Sect in Qingzhou, and culminating in the brutal ambition of the six royal clans aiming to conquer humanity — his path had been relentless and exhausting.

Tired of the incessant conflicts and fleeing, Qin Huai had finally reached a point where he could bring a conclusive end to this chaos. He sought to return to a place of peace, true to his core nature.

With a voice that gathered in strength, becoming a thunderous wave of resolve, Qin Huai declared his vision for a peaceful world. “The world is now at peace.

There is no more violence. Violators will be beheaded!”

His words echoed from Qingzhou to every corner of the Great You, promising a time where the clashing of weapons would be a thing of the past and any breach of this peace would be met with stern retribution.

At the border of Qingzhou, the assembled experts from various corners of the world listened, their fists clenched in a gesture of allegiance to the sweeping decree pronounced by Qin Huai.

All over the world, individuals from diverse backgrounds found themselves overcome with complex emotions, their hearts swelling with an unexpected joy at Qin Huai’s proclamation. Unified, their voices rose in a harmonious chorus, responding to the newfound hope and the promise of a peaceful future…

“We will obey!”

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