My Trillion-Dollar Assets is Exposed by My Wife's Bragging!

Chapter 32 - 32: Isn I t this operation too Versailles?
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Chapter 32: Chapter 32: Isn I t this operation too Versailles?

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Suri Drew nodded, “That’s certain, could even be more. Speak softly, let’s not have your brother hear you.”

During dinner, Yigol Novak noticed that Sana Woods kept looking at him. He asked curiously, “What’s up? Is the food not good? Or is it not to your liking?”

“No, no, it’s not that, the food is delicious.” Sana Woods hurriedly averted her gaze and started battling a large lobster.

Yigol Novak looked at Suri Drew, puzzled.

Suri thought for a moment, pretended to look at her phone and sent a message to Yigol Novak.

Yigol Novak understood, and quickly picked up his phone.

On opening it, he saw the message sent by Suri Drew.

“Tell your sister that your money is probably over ten billion dollars. Don’t scare her.”

Yigol Novak shook his head, laughing and crying at the same time. So that’s why! No wonder she kept staring at him, probably still felt unreal, right?

If it weren’t because of the System, if it was him instead, he’d also be stupefied.

A fortune over ten billion dollars, for people like them who come from rural areas, this is an astronomical sum, beyond their wildest dreams.

If the person with such a fortune was right beside you, it would be even more unthinkable.

“Sana, eat more. After we finish, let’s go out for a stroll. Maybe your brother can buy you some clothes or something,”

Suri Drew said while eating her meal.

“No, no, I don’t …” Sana Woods, usually so articulate, suddenly found herself stuttering.

“When I was packing with Sana earlier, I noticed that most of her clothes are what little kids would wear. Our Sana is now a grown lady, now that she’s in the city, we should buy her a few decent outfits, don’t you think?” Suri looked at Yigol Novak and said.

“Sure, let’s go and buy. Just get anything you like, no need to worry about the cost. Anything you can find and buy, I’m all for it.” Yigol Novak replied.

Suri Drew found it both funny and a little surprising. She knew that Yigol Novak meant what he said, but why did it sound so boastful?

With over ten billion dollars, even the wealthiest tycoons may not have this kind of spending power.

Yigol Novak thought for a moment, and added, “Once we get there, you two can look around and choose whatever you like. I don’t know much about girl stuff, I won’t be much help, I’ll just take care of the bill. You both can pick out whatever you want.”

“And me, other than paying the bill, I’ll be your carry-cart, help you carry stuff and escort you two beautiful ladies.”

Listening to this, Suri Drew felt both touched and amused.

Yigol said he’s quite simple and straightforward, and it turned out to be true.

Yigol was very down-to-earth, utterly lacking a romantic bone in his body.

But this is why when she was with him, Suri Drew felt very secure.

Where else could she find a man who is both wealthy and grounded?

“Could you tell us the spending limit? How much are you okay with us spending?” Suri Drew asked.

Yigol Novak thought for a moment and shook his head, “That’s hard for me to say, I really don’t understand how women shop. Are the things you need very expensive? It’s fine, if you like something, just buy it. No matter how expensive it is, buy it. Spend as much as you want, there’s no limit.”

“Just make sure you buy stuff that you’ll actually use, don’t buy something that won’t even get a second look.”

“Your words are making me feel unsure, can you just set a spending limit?” Suri Drew persisted.

Yigol Novak found himself in a bind. After some thought, he reluctantly took out a card from his pocket and said, “This card has 3 billion dollars in it, use it however you want.”

This card was included as part of the reward from the system.

This card contained part of the rent income and his own some money, other income like equities, were stored in another card.

Each card was designated for a different purpose.

Suri Drew took the card Yigol Novak handed over, so shocked that she didn’t know what to say.

Her intention was just to tease Yigol Novak and to let Sana Woods see some of Yigol’s financial capacity. But unexpectedly, he just casually took out 3 billion dollars.

At this, Sana was completely flabbergasted and didn’t know how to react.

After a while, Suri Drew said, “We’re going shopping, not starting a company. What are we supposed to do with so much money, buy the whole shopping mall?”

Sana was still in shock.

Yigol Novak thought for a moment and nodded, “Yeah, I did say that I don’t understand girls’ stuff.”

He took back the card, pulled out another one, and handed it over. “This one has three hundred million dollars, should be enough. If it’s not enough…”

Before Yigol Novak could finish, Suri Drew hurriedly cut him off, “That’s enough, that’s more than enough for us to spend.”

In fact, it wasn’t Yigol Novak trying to show off his wealth. He just really didn’t understand what girls wanted and because the System was so generous, he barely had a concept of money anymore.

He thought since he was wealthy now, he should buy good things that he liked.

He hadn’t spent much himself, but he had heard that in a wealthy world, a small piece of jewelry or a piece of clothing could easily cost tens of millions of dollars.

If they were to buy high-end items, naturally, they would need a lot of money, so he casually handed over a bank card with 3 billion dollars in it.

But in reality, Yigol Novak was overthinking it.

Those high-end luxury goods do exist and are indeed expensive, but they wouldn’t have such consumption in their daily lives. According to Suri Drew’s standards, spending ten thousand dollars on an outfit was already quite plenty.

Most of her things were branded, but hardly any were worth more than 50,000 dollars.

Of course, Suri Drew understood these things. Seeing Yigol Novak take out so much money made her jump in surprise.

She knew he was wealthy, but this level of flaunting was just too much, wasn’t

Emotionally, however, she felt deeply moved.

As the saying goes, a man who spends money on you doesn’t necessarily love you, but a man who is not willing to spend money on you definitely doesn’t love you.

The fact that Yigol Novak was willing to spend so much money indicated that she meant a lot to him.

It was only now that Sana Woods felt as if she had been struck by lightning.

Did Yigol Novak just casually offer them 3 billion dollars for shopping?

When Suri Drew says he gave too much, the amount was adjusted to 300 million dollars?

It seemed as if money was not considered as money in Yigol’s eyes.

Sana Woods, who had never even had 3,000 dollars at her disposal growing up, was terror-struck.

She felt as if she were dreaming.

In the past, she had absolutely no respect for Yigol Novak. But now, the current Yigol Novak in her eyes seemed to have grown tremendously in stature. Was this what they call a rich man’s aura? And this rich man was her brother?

After dinner.

Yigol Novak and Suri Drew took Sana Woods to a high-end mall nearby.

This mall was quite large and sprawling..

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