My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

Chapter 1003: The Emperor’s Will is Eternal. 2
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Chapter 1003: The Emperor's Will is Eternal. 2

Chapter 1003: The Emperor's Will is Eternal. 2

"I heard what happened."

These words meant nothing to the three assassins present, but the same couldn't be said for Kaguya, who trembled slightly... It turns out she was acting without Victor's permission in this particular matter.

Something the assassins didn't know, for to them the orders of the wives were also the orders of the emperor; after all, he is aware of everything.

A widely held conviction, but not entirely wrong; in Victor's current state, he can observe everything and everyone in his domain like an all-knowing god, but he doesn't do so most of the time, trusting in his wives instead.

Yuno smiled condescendingly as she put her hand over her mouth, as if to say, 'Dear Mother, how could you commit such an act without consulting my beloved Daddy? Are you foolish?'

Another vein popped in Kaguya's head as she saw her daughter's expression, wondering where she went wrong genetically to have such a cheeky daughter. 'Just wait, you little brat, I will discipline you thoroughly.'

Yuno shivered even more and then hugged Victor even tighter as if trying to merge with him.

"Do you disapprove of these actions, Darling?" Kaguya asked.

And this question made the three assassins shudder, thinking they had acted against the emperor's wishes. Immediately, the three assassins looked accusingly at their leader.

Kaguya felt her lips tremble; not only her daughter, even her subordinates turned against her... Such betrayal will not be forgotten...

Victor chuckled lightly in amusement as he perceived everything happening without a word being spoken. He rose from the couch and placed Yuno on it.

Yuno pouted for losing the warmth of her father, but said nothing; she knew her father's intentions very well, so like a good girl, she stayed quiet on the couch.

"Far from it, my beloved wife. I approve of your action."

A collective sigh of relief came from the three assassins, then they stood still as they felt Victor, their Emperor, caressing their heads.

They resembled a group of deer paralyzed in front of headlights.

Yuno looked at this action with annoyed eyes; she could accept her sisters and mothers, after all, they were her family, but not random beings; her daddy's affection is exclusive!

But wisely, she remained silent; she didn't want to come off as a spoiled girl... More than she already did.

"Keep a constant watch on Leon, by hook or by crook, my father is very much like me... But not as intense as I am."

"I think my intensity came from my mother, and my own development..." Victor reflected, but didn't dwell on the matter.

Kaguya looked at her three assassins receiving affection from her husband and saw the characteristics of the three assassins becoming more prominent; they started to become more beautiful, their eyes turned reptilian, and their power grew exponentially.

They transformed into Dragonoids.

"Haaah, haaah~."

The three assassins breathed heavily, their faces flushed.

He did all this with just a casual affection while he wasn't even thinking much about this topic, such was his control over the souls of beings.

If the being were weaker than him, and vulnerable to attack from souls, he could transform a god into an ant, and an ant into a god.

Genetics, lineage, luck of birth, none of that mattered to Victor, if he so desired, he could change all of that.

"Does Darling think he will betray us?"

"Unlikely." Victor denied it.

"My father is smarter than he seems, and he knows how to control his desires most of the time. But let's make sure that doesn't happen, after all, I respect my old man a lot... I hope that in the future, I can still sit and watch a movie with him." He muttered at the end, but everyone here heard his words.

Hearing those words, Yuno started to think about Fake. 'That Fake seems to have a lot of attachment to my Daddy... Should I get closer to him? But, I don't want to... Just seeing his similar face makes me want to erase his existence... But is he my 'grandfather'? And if I get closer to him, I can earn affection points with my Daddy... But... I don't want to... Daddy is more important... Hmm... Yes, forget it.'

Yuno thought that it's not better to do something she doesn't want to do, after all, it will probably just upset her father, so let's forget about the matter.

Shadows formed on her hand, and she picked up a Burger and started eating.

"Darling…" Kaguya looked a little worried at Victor.

Victor smiles gently. "Don't look at me like that, I'm not some child who has mental problems. Even though I can't sit and watch a movie with my old man now, I can do that in the future when he calms down more."

"Not to mention that even if I can't do this with my old man, I can do this with my wives, and daughters." Victor takes his hand off the head of the three assassins who promptly fall to the ground, while his eyes roll upwards with heavy breathing.

Victor approaches Kaguya's table and lifts Kaguya's chin. "You'll always be there with me, right?"

"What a foolish question, Darling. I will always be there, just like I have been from the beginning." Kaguya wraps her arm around his neck, her eyes became more sensual, a far cry from the expression she normally had.

Victor smiles even more and kisses her gently.

Chomp, Chomp.

Yuno started her hamburger furiously while watching this scene with her violet eyes shining brightly, she takes a glass of soda from her shadow and sucks on the straw as hard as possible to make a very loud noise.

Victor and Kaguya break away from their passionate kiss and look at Yuno, Victor smiles and gently scolds Yuno. "Don't eat loudly Yuno, it's inappropriate."

"...Yes, Daddy." She spoke with a pout at being scolded.

Victor did not reprimand the food she was eating, after all, this burger is homemade made with the best nutritious divine foods he has in his personal world, as a loving father, he would never let his daughters eat non-nutritious junk food, therefore the best foods were available to them and their wives.

He turns his gaze to Kaguya, and laughs gently.

"You spoil her too much." Kaguya sighed.

He caressed Kaguya's cheeks: "Just like I spoil my perfect Maid."

He kisses her again, a few seconds later, he kisses her forehead, and at that moment Kaguya feels a power flood of information entering her brain, complex information from several planes involving Earth, the tower of nightmares, mortals, and the gods.

Kaguya opened her eyes widely. "Are you sure about this, Darling?"

"Yes." He strokes Kaguya's long black hair, and continues: "I've had a lot of time to think about this over these two millennia, if I want to rescue my wife trapped in the upper sectors, and ensure the complete safety of my family, we need to do this. "

"...Putting together the Nightmare Tower, Velnorah's technology, our progress in runes, and the efforts of blacksmith gods like Hephaestus, we can indeed do this, but it will be a lot of work..."

"Hahaha, don't worry, I won't do it like before. I learned my lesson. With my resources and current influence, it will be much easier than you think, my love."

"...Hmm." Kaguya started to rack her brain to think about the plans Victor gave her, but Victor didn't let her think too much.

"I will talk to Scathach, Violet, Velnorah, Morgana, Jeanne, and Aphrodite. They soon gave him the general scope of the situation."


Victor kisses Kaguya again, and this makes her brain stop thinking completely, and the heat she was feeling before starts to return again.

"Don't think too much about it, I'll be in front of these plans, so it's a certainty that it will happen the way I want it to be, I just want you to know about my plans so you can act on them."

"Hmm~, okay, Darling."


Victor separates from Kaguya, and approaches the three assassins, he crouches in front of them.


The three wake up from their stupor, and look at Victor.

"E-Emperor." They tried to get up, but her legs were too soft and weren't obeying her body.

Victor laughs jovially, and strokes the three assassins' heads again. "Good work, you three. I know very well of your efforts, and this is my reward for you, I hope you continue to spread my will."

The three shivered visibly for countless reasons, the biggest of which was the blessing of murder they received, and the Emperor's praise, as well as his fantastic touch.

"Y-Yes, we will fulfill the Emperor's will and spread them to all the uneducated pigs!" The one in the middle initially spoke with difficulty, but soon the fanatical and obsessive glow shone on her face.

"Good." Victor smiled widely showing all his sharp teeth, he was very satisfied, and on any occasion, this smile could terrify any being, but for these women, this was just a beautiful smile.

Victor's body began to slowly disappear as if it were smoke: "Remember, I am always watching my faithful assassins." Until he disappeared completely, and could not be seen anywhere.

A moment of silence fell in the room, until it was broken by Yuno.

"Ahhh! Daddy left me!!!" When Yuno got up to run, she was suddenly stopped by a powerful shadow.

"Where do you think you're going, young lady?" Kaguya asked with a very friendly smile on her face. "Don't think I forgot your earlier attitude."

"Geh." Yuno began to struggle like a chicken that was about to be slaughtered, but she couldn't free herself from her mother's shadows.

Temporarily ignoring her daughter, she looked at her three subordinates. "Get up, Girls."


"From now on, you will be promoted to a special unit that serves directly under the emperor's command."

The eyes of the three shone with expectation.

Even among the shadows, there was a hierarchy to be followed, those 'blessed' directly by the Emperor, were in a different branch of hierarchy, after all, most of these beings were Dragonoids and not Noble vampires.

Overall, those who were Dragonoids took on more dangerous missions, and those who were noble vampires took missions that were 'easier'.

"You are in the big leagues now, and you directly represent the will of the emperor. Of course, as chief, I command both squads, you will still be under my command."

"As those blessed directly by the emperor, there are three rules you need to follow."

"First, guarantee the sovereignty of the empire, all possible traitors must be observed, and informed immediately so that our experts can assess the situation."

"Second, you must spread the word of the Emperor, you are the shadows, eyes, and ears of the Emperor, your duty is to ensure that the pagans who go against the Emperor are eliminated. If I or the Emperor orders you on a mission, only total annihilation will be expected, unless of course the orders are different."

"Third, you are the judge, the executioner, and the executor of the Emperor's will, even when you are off duty, you must keep this in mind. And never reveal your real work, you don't exist in society, like shadows, you have no records anymore, just false identities, but don't be sad, the Emperor knows everything about you, including your sacrifices, you will always be remembered by him, and even if he falls in battle..."

Kaguya smiled, "Don't worry. Your souls belong to the emperor now, even if you die, you will come back to life."

"Fourth, this is not a rule, it is more of a warning, such authority also comes with a lot of responsibility, if any act of corruption is seen that goes against the Emperor's vision, only the death of oblivion awaits them."

"Remember, you are soldiers, but not just any soldiers, You are the elite of the elite of soldiers, always seek the sovereignty of the Empire."

"Any questions?"

"At the! We will dedicate our life, body, soul and existence to the emperor!" They spoke in unison with fanatical eyes.

'...Wrong, wrong, you guys don't need to dedicate your body. Why do they always misunderstand my words? At no point did I tell you to dedicate your body!' Kaguya thought internally, slightly irritated by the obvious intentions of these women, but she didn't comment externally, after all, this always happened.

"Now, go change your clothes, and take a shower." Kaguya pointed down.

The three of them spoke at the same time when they saw the state of the pants: "Ah…" They blushed furiously, and in the next moment they disappeared from the room.

Kaguya sighed visibly now that she was alone, and then looked at her daughter who was the perfect combination of her and her beloved husband.

"Now, what do I do with you?"

"Ihhh… Don't touch me! Or I will tell my father!" She struggled even more in an attempt to get away.

"Fufufufu, my beloved daughter, I will ensure that you learn to respect me, such an attitude seen previously is not acceptable." A sandal appeared in Kaguya's hand.

She will do it the Asian way, because only then can respect for parents be carved into her daughter's heart.

"W-Wait, Mother. Can we talk about this?"

"My beloved Darling is spoiling you too much, I don't blame him for that, after all, he does the same to me. But if he spoils you, it's my duty as his wife and your mother to make sure you don't become too arrogant."

"Actually… I should have done this from the beginning, but I felt sorry for my beloved daughter, but what do I get in return? Insubordination and insults. This is unforgivable… My mother would be turning in her grave if she saw how disobedient her granddaughter is."

"W-Wait, Mother, please!"

"No excuses! Accept the consequences of your actions!" Kaguya appears behind Yuno, puts her on her lap, then removes her clothes from underneath her and shows her white ass, then takes her sandals and…



"You will learn to respect your mother! If not for good, it will be for bad, such an attitude in front of strangers is 12:14


"You are a princess! A dragon princess, not an arrogant, spoiled brat!"


"Gyaaaaa! Why does this hurt so much!? I'm not a dragon!? Is my race wrong or something?"

"Fufufu, this was made especially for precocious and disobedient children like you!"

"Now accept your punishment!"



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