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1043 I Like You

Lone Wolf was about to retort, denying that he was not looking at her, when she preemptively pressed her fingers to his lips, although not quite touching them. From Dong Xiaoxuan’s angle, this gesture appeared intimate, tinged with an ambiguous affection that pained her, especially since Lone Wolf and Wang Huan seemed like a fitting pair.

Lone Wolf, although reluctant to engage in such games, was driven by his desire to understand Dong Xiaoxuan’s feelings for him. Responding with a deep, magnetic voice, he said he’d consider it.

Wang Huan pursed her lips, pulling an expensive lighter out of nowhere, and firmly placed it into Lone Wolf’s hand, “If you’ve decided, come find me!”

After saying this, she tossed her long hair, blew a kiss to Lone Wolf, and walked away on her high heels. Passing by Dong Xiaoxuan, the corners of her mouth widened slightly as she whispered, “Once a man flies away, he’s truly gone. Life is but a few decades; why trouble oneself? Why not live freely and carelessly, like me?”

As the sound of the high heels grew fainter, Dong Xiaoxuan stood rigid, Wang Huan’s words echoing in her head.

Indeed, life is but a few decades. She had already wasted half of hers. Why should she continue to do so? If you like someone, be with them. If not, part ways. The more one thinks, the heavier the burden…

It was as if Dong Xiaoxuan had a sudden breakthrough, her spirit and confidence revitalized. She strode over to Lone Wolf with determination and confidence in her eyes.

Seeing Dong Xiaoxuan fixated on the lighter in his hand, Lone Wolf felt a pang of anxiety. Just as he was about to offer an explanation, Dong Xiaoxuan suddenly snatched the lighter from his hand and said coldly, “Do you know what it means when a woman gives a man a lighter?”

“…I don’t know!” Lone Wolf replied, genuinely clueless and shaking his head in honesty.

He really didn’t know there was a meaning to it. Internally, he cursed Wang Huan for being such a calamity. He opened his mouth to explain but didn’t know how to start.

Should he tell Dong Xiaoxuan that he just wanted to see if she would get jealous over another woman?

What if Xiaoxuan started ignoring him from now on?

“A woman giving a man a lighter symbolizes igniting the fire of love. It means she likes you.”

Dong Xiaoxuan put Wang Huan’s lighter into her pocket, looked at him meaningfully, and said, “Alright, if you want a lighter, I’ll buy you one. Don’t just accept things from any woman, got it?”

“Ah? Oh!” Lone Wolf nodded.

Seeing that he still didn’t seem to grasp her point, Dong Xiaoxuan’s frustration boiled over. She stepped hard on his toes and said fiercely, “You blockhead, I couldn’t have made it any clearer. Forget it, if you don’t understand, let’s pretend I never said anything!”

With that, she walked off, mimicking Wang Huan’s manner.

After Dong Xiaoxuan’s hint, Lone Wolf was hit by a sudden realization. Overwhelmed with excitement, he rushed to her side and grabbed her wrist.

“Xiaoxuan, do you mean… you’re going to buy me a lighter? No, no, no, does it mean you like me? Is that true?” he asked eagerly, his heart racing with anticipation.

Dong Xiaoxuan tilted her chin up proudly, “It’s you who likes me, so I suppose I’ll reluctantly like you back!”

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