My Master Only Breaks Through on the Edge of Death

Chapter 37 - 37: One-time Magical Treasure
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Chapter 37: Chapter 37: One-time Magical Treasure

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Xu Fan returned to his own mountain peak and found that the free-range Cloud Flower Deer had been wandering around the entrance of the Restriction.

After returning from the Secret Realm, Xu Fan had released the Cloud Flower Deer to roam freely in the range mountains. To ensure the safety of the Cloud

Flower Deer, Xu Fan had also crafted a dedicated Artifact for it. Ordinary Qi Cultivation Stage cultivators couldn’t catch up with the Cloud Flower Deer at all.

‘Ying Ying

“Missed me?” Xu Fan stroked the Cloud Flower Deer’s head and smiled. Seeing that the Beast-controlling Ring worn by the Cloud Flower Deer was intact, he let go of his concerns.

There were ferocious beasts in the mountains, but none of them could pose a threat to the Cloud Flower Deer.

The Cloud Flower Deer looked at Xu Fan and glanced at the bag under its neck, prompting Xu Fan to open it.

“Damn, you’ve eaten up the 200 Spirit Grain Pills I refined for you so quickly,” Xu Fan said as he stared at the empty bag.

At this moment, a three-colored spiritual light appeared, illuminating Xu Fan. The fatigue from overtime work was instantly relieved, and his spirit felt refreshed.

“Not bad, you’ve awakened your Innate Skill.” Xu Fan praised.

‘Ying Ying

The Cloud Flower Deer raised its head with an arrogant expression.

Xu Fan brought the Cloud Flower Deer into the courtyard.

‘Spiritual Rain Technique’ ‘Spiritual Bird Skill’

He watered the Spirit Field, which hadn’t been cared for in more than two months. Although he had set up special Rain Artifacts to cast the Spiritual Rain Technique periodically when he left, the dozens of acres of Spirit Field still seemed somewhat withered.

“It seems that this year’s harvest will be reduced by half,” Xu Fan said, shaking his head.

He took out the prepared Spiritual Grain Pills from the Alchemy Room for the Cloud Flower Deer and brought a beast collar made up of eighteen small metal flowers from the storage room and put it around the deer’s neck.

“Little Flower, if you encounter danger, just break one of the bells.”

“If you really can’t escape, break all the bells. By then, no one will dare to kill you within the Sect,” Xu Fan instructed.

The Cloud Flower Deer gave Xu Fan a disdainful look and then quickly ran towards the outside of the Restriction.

“What’s the meaning of your gaze? Don’t blame me if you end up being someone’s meal later.”

As soon as the words fell, a streak of three-colored flowing light shot towards him.

A giant shield instantly appeared in front of Xu Fan, blocking the flowing light.

“Haha, too cautious,” Xu Fan scratched his head and said, realizing that it was actually a supportive technique.

Xu Fan yawned as sleepiness suddenly engulfed him. The Qi Refining Stage hadn’t reached the realm of not needing to sleep or eat yet.

“Rest, rest, protecting my life is more important.”

After returning to his warmest place, Xu Fan entered the world of dreams.

At the same time, far away at the Heavenly Gate, one hundred thousand miles away.

Wang Yulun and Murong Qian’er, husband and wife, were working together to eliminate a group of Demonic Beasts that had smuggled in from Ten Thousand Demons Mountain.

“Qian’er, after completing this mission, our Contribution Points will be enough to exchange for the Universal Spiritual Fetus Pill,” Wang Yulun said while controlling the Thousand Blades Flying Sword to slaughter the surrounding Qi Cultivation stage Demonic Beasts.

Murong Qian’er’s two Heart-Imprinting Flying Swords darted around like two bizarre flying snakes, specifically killing foundation-building demonic beasts at the Qi Cultivation Peak.

Nearly a hundred Demonic Beasts had been reduced to just over a dozen under the combined efforts of the couple.

“Husband, why not save the contribution points to help you upgrade the Foundation Building Stage later?” Murong Qian’er reluctantly suggested, as she had only just discovered her pregnancy.

“Let’s exchange the Spiritual Pills. It’s difficult to reach the first stage of Foundation Building.”

“With my current foundation, reaching the Second -Stage Foundation Building shouldn’t be a problem. By then, when our child is born, let’s have him accept Brother Xu as his master.”

“He’ll definitely be a genius in the future.”

While Wang Yulun was speaking, another wave of demonic beasts attacked.

The eyes of all demonic beasts revealed a brutal and bloodthirsty look, which clearly showed they were under control.

“Qian’er, be careful, there’s a Foundation Establishment stage among these demonic beasts.”

A hint of seriousness flashed in Wang Yulun’s eyes; if there were more than two Foundation Establishment stage demonic beasts, they would be in danger.

A light yellow spiritual bird flew towards Murong Qian’er and landed on her shoulder, making a soft, bird-like sound.

“Husband, there are three Foundation Building stage demonic beasts, what should we do?” Murong Qian’er’s expression was serious.

“We cannot retreat. Other Senior Brothers are guarding at other key points. If our side is breached, the efforts of nearly a hundred Senior Brothers for the past half month would be in vain.”

Wang Yulun clenched his teeth and took a large, round ball covered with bright red Runes from his storage ring. It was the size of a wine jar, and he had bought it for 10,000 Spirit Stones from Xu Fan as a life-saving treasure that could inflict group damage to Foundation Building demonic beasts.

At the time, Xu Fan said that since they were friends, he would only charge him the cost price.

“Husband, this is worth 10,000 Spirit Stones,” Murong Qian’er said while looking at Wang Yulun.

“Spiritual Pills are more important, 10,000 Spirit Stones can’t buy a Universal Spiritual Fetus Pill.”

As Wang Yulun spoke, he pressed the button at the top of the sphere and then hurled it at a group of demonic beasts a kilometer away using spiritual power.

10 ,ooo Spirit Stones, goodbye! Wang Yulun thought to himself. Of these 10,000 Spirit Stones, 1,000 were his personal savings.

As if sensing something, the sphere in mid-air directly transformed into more than a hundred small spheres, shimmering with red light as it smashed towards the demonic beasts.


The earth shook and the mountains trembled, a flash of white light streaked across the sky followed by a thunderous crack.

Wang Yulun and Murong Qian’er were rubbing their eyes at this moment.

“Damn, Brother Xu didn’t even give us a heads-up!” Wang Yulun said, his eyes red.

However, he was soon stunned by the scene before him, a large pit with a diameter of 100 meters appeared not far away.

“Why is it different from what Brother Xu said? Wasn’t it supposed to cause group damage to Foundation Building demonic beasts?” Wang Yulun murmured, feeling that the 10,000 Spirit Stones were well spent.

At this time, the couple’s identity tokens rang out with questioning voices.

“Little Wang, Little Qian, what’s the situation over there? Did something go wrong?”

“Nothing went wrong; we just encountered three Foundation Building stage demonic beasts and had no choice but to use a one-time magical treasure.” “Can we get reimbursed for this?”

“Have the three Foundation Building stage demonic beasts been eliminated?”

“They’ve been eliminated.”

“Such a powerful one-time magical treasure, how many Spirit Stones is it? I’ll also buy some. As for reimbursement…”

There was a pause in the voice from the token, then it laughed and said: “You wish!”

After ending the call, Wang Yulun sighed: “It would be nice if Brother Xu were in the Battle Hall too. These three Foundation Building stage demonic beasts wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“Everyone has their ambitions. Don’t just keep sighing. You’ve been following Brother Xu for so long, yet it seems you haven’t even learned half of his combat power.”

“You can’t compare ordinary people to freaks, ”

“I’m considered pretty amazing already.” Wang Yulun said discontentedly, but deep down, he knew that it was already pretty good if he had even 30% of Xu Fan’s combat power.

“Fine, Husband, you’re amazing. Once we return, challenge Brother Xu again.”

“Guess if you can last for three breaths.” Murong Qian’er said with a smile. If Xu Fan was willing to show his face, he could become a domineering figure among their generation.

“Don’t look down on me. I’ll definitely last for five breaths,” Wang Yulun retorted..

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