My Mage System (BL)

Chapter 687 The fighting skills she got from them was the best ones
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Chapter 687 The fighting skills she got from them was the best ones

The kids couldn't even retort when Axel had already left and so Maya told them: "Do your best, fight like one, and protect each other."

Maya then got up and the kids got ready, she then joined Peter, while Axel and Kevin went to place themselves around the arena to be able to intervene rapidly if something went wrong, and only then did Maya motioned for Peter to start the countdown.

Willow could only use a small part of her powers, and she was sure that her Dad wanted to test her.

Those vines weren't powerful enough to harm her and it was a friendly fight, so it was the perfect opportunity to check if she was able to use all the fighting techniques she had assimilated thanks to the knowledge she had obtained through her bloodline, and those that she had learned from them.

Earlier she had mainly wielded her Divine grade daggers and used the Sacred Fire energy but this time, the daggers her Daddy gave her wouldn't be of much help as they were of medium grade, and so she could only relay on her skills.

The countdown was about to end and Willow quickly enveloped her body with the yellow particles to increase her speed, following her Daddy advice.

A yellow aura surrounded her and she was now more confident about her speed, usually she would rarely use this element but even with the restricted access she had of her energy reserve, it wouldn't cost her much Soul force points to use wind blades.

With that in mind as soon as the countdown arrived to 0 she dashed towards her opponents.

Brown vines immediately tried to stop her, but fortunately her speed was enough to avoid their attacks but to avoid them she had to stop moving forwards and she was pushed back instead.

The rules were simple, to win your opponents have to admit defeat, leave the circle of the area, or they have to be knotted out.

Willow gritted her teeth as they were trying to push her out of the combat zone but she wouldn't let that happen.

She then flew out of their reach and she smiled when she saw that their vines couldn't deploy more than 50 meters… And now that she was safe in the air, it was her turned to attack.

As her Dads reminded her, she had to be careful with the comsumption of her energy reserve so she decide to only use small fire balls that she would surrounded with yellow particles.

The Wind element would increase the detructive power of the Fire element, and her small fire balls should have enough power to open a way for her through all these vines that were waiting for her.

Willow only used a few seconds to prepare this counter attack and she dashed forwards with her fire balls surrounded by a yellow aura in front of her to detroy these vines.

It worked, but her fire balls with its strengh increased by the Wind element, spread faster that she had anticipated.

Not only the fire spread on the vines but as she was dashing straigh forwards she was also hit by her attacks.

Fortunately, the Phoenix was immuned against the fire, but when she thought about her Daddy and at her Grandpas, she corrected herself and she thought, 'Well, the Phoenix are immuned against almost all the fire attacks'.

At least thanks to her Dad, she wouldn't be able to hurt herself with the small power she could use right now.

Willow with her daggers in hands passed through the ocean of flames in front of her and she used the fire of this attack to absorb some of its energy and replenish her energy reserve with it.

This was also a unique skill of her Clan that she had never used before but it was really pratical now that her energy reserve was restricted.

Once she landed on the ground, the kids chose to separate and Willow dashed first towards the stronger one.

His vines were bigger than the others and they were also faster, that's why Willow presumed that he was the strongest among them, because otherwise their levels were quite similar.

This time she used her speed, her wings and her daggers to start a hand to hand fight with him as her Dads forbade her from attacking them with her daggers if they hadn't any weapons.

And when Willow came close to him and he noticed that using his vines against her became worthless, he started to fight with her without taking out his hidden weapons as he didn't want to hurt her.

It wasn't their aim, they just wanted to battle with her to see how good she was, and after this battle they really hoped to start a friendship with her as it would be a good thing for their Clan if they could be in good terms with such powerful beings.

Narry was the older of the 3 Black Elves and he was the best of the new generation. He had already been through a hard training to learn how to fight, as only the best of them could learn how to fight at such a young age but this girl who looked younger than him could keep up with his move without any problem… How was it possible?

As for Willow, fighting with this kid was too easy, even though her Dads never hurt her when they taught her how to fight, they weren't kind either.

They wanted her to be able to defend herself and not only by using her elements. One of her Daddies was a great Warrior while the other one was a Warrior Spirit, so of course the fighting skills she got from them were the best ones, better than the ones of her Clan anyway, and seeing the boy fighting, his fighting skills were no match against hers.

Willow while fighting against him was keeping a distance from the vines of his friends.

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