My Genes Can Evolve Limitlessly

Chapter 780 - 780 Origin 3 (Final Chapter)
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780 Origin 3 (Final Chapter)

“Fellow townsman, since you’ve already comprehended the Space Origin, we’ll be leaving. We’ve pretty much finished playing in your universe. Oh right, you have to get some delicious fierce beasts when you have time in the future. Otherwise, you won’t have any delicious food to eat in the future. It’s very miserable.”

Lu Yuan was stunned and question marks appeared in his mind.

He could understand what she had said before, but…What did the last delicacy mean?

Lu Yuan didn’t think too much about it. He quickly looked around, but he couldn’t find any traces.

The big shot left quietly.

Lu Yuan’s heart skipped a beat. Even if he had mastered the origin of space, was he still unable to sense the difference between the two?

Wasn’t this strength too terrifying?

Fortunately, they were not enemies.

Otherwise, Lu Yuan felt that he would have died.

Lu Yuan shook his head and smiled.

His body disappeared from the spot and reappeared in the cosmic bubble in the next moment.

His gaze swept across the stars in the universe. Then, he took a deep breath and his gaze became sharp.

It was almost time to settle the final matter.

Lu Yuan ordered his historical projection to move the cosmic bubble back.

At the same time, his main body left the cosmic bubble and entered the chaotic dimensional space.

In just a moment, Lu Yuan had traveled the distance of several years and returned to the area that was previously discovered by the Mutation Touch.

In the dimensional space, Lu Yuan felt an extremely powerful evil aura.

The first time he felt this aura, Lu Yuan felt it through his clone. At that time, through his clone, Lu Yuan felt it and could also understand the powerful suppression of this aura.

At that time, Lu Yuan understood that this aura was extremely powerful and terrifying, and he could not resist it.

Now that he felt this aura, Lu Yuan’s heart was very calm.

The originally powerful and terrifying aura could only be said to be ordinary for the current Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan exhaled slightly and slowly walked out of the dimensional space.


The Mother of Mutation was currently controlling the Mutation Touch to search for traces of Lu Yuan. Because she could not find him after such a long time, her heart was filled with anger.

This was the first time she had encountered such a cunning ant.

When he found that ant, he would definitely torture him!

The Mutation Mother was furious.

At this moment, the Mutated Matriarch suddenly sensed a familiar aura. She paused for a moment, then turned her head abruptly and looked in the direction of the aura.

In the area where the chaotic energy surged, the Mutation Mother saw the ant that she had been searching for a long time.

The Mutation Mother was a little stunned, but then she revealed a pleasantly surprised expression.

He didn’t expect that this ant would come to his doorstep.!

He really didn’t know what death was!

However, the pleasant surprise only lasted for a moment before the Mutation Mother’s expression became a little frightened.

The ant in front of her, whom she had been longing for day and night, had such a terrifying aura that even she felt a chill down her spine.

“How is that possible? This was… The aura of the Origin?”

All the eyes on the Mutation Mother’s body widened, and all her mouths opened as she asked in shock.

She couldn’t imagine how this ant had managed to grasp the origin and reach the root level in just a few years.

Lu Yuan felt the shock on the Mutation Mother’s body, but his expression was calm.

“Nothing is impossible,” he said with a faint smile.

Then, Lu Yuan reached out slightly to the Mutation Mother and clenched his fist.


Terrifying power surged, and the space where the Mutation Mother was was torn apart.

A terrifying aura surged around the Mutation Mother’s body. A large amount of nomological power surrounded the Mutation Mother’s body. At the same time, the Mutation Power erupted.

The power around the Mother of Mutation pushed away the chaotic air and tore the chaotic space. However, no matter how much the Mother of Mutation struggled, the spatial storm still firmly enveloped the Mother of Mutation, tearing the power around her and tearing her flesh apart.

The Mutation Mother’s furious roar resounded throughout the chaotic space, and the incomparably terrifying voice continued to ring out.

Lu Yuan was expressionless. His spiritual power continued to surge, and the spatial storm continued to wreak havoc. In a short period of time, the Mother of Mutation’s flesh and blood were completely destroyed by the space, and her aura also dissipated.

Only then did Lu Yuan slowly dissipate the power of the space origin.

The shattered space slowly calmed down, and the chaotic aura gradually recovered. It was as if nothing had happened, and the aura of the Mother of Mutation seemed to have never appeared.

Lu Yuan looked at the chaotic area and was in a daze for a moment. Then, he exhaled heavily and revealed a relaxed smile.

His body disappeared from the spot.

A moment later, Lu Yuan returned to the cosmic bubble.

In a villa in Heaven Repairing City.

Li Qinghe and the others were training in the gravity room. Because of the Mutation Mother, almost all the genetic warriors in the universe were training hard.

As Lu Yuan’s partners, Li Qinghe and the others had higher requirements for themselves.

Ever since Lu Yuan started his seclusion, they had never stopped cultivating.

Suddenly, they felt a change in their surroundings and quickly opened their eyes.

When they saw Lu Yuan, Li Qinghe and the others were stunned. Then, they revealed a pleasantly surprised expression.

“Ah Yuan? Have you finished cultivating?”

Li Qinghe couldn’t help but hug Lu Yuan tightly.

Although only a few decades had passed in the real world, hundreds of years had passed since the origin.

Lu Yuan was busy cultivating and did not even get to see them.

The longing in their hearts was almost overflowing.

Lu Yuan hugged Li Qinghe tightly and turned to look at the surprised Si Tingxue and the others.

To Li Qinghe and the others, hundreds of years might have passed, but to him, tens of thousands of years had passed.

He also missed Li Qinghe and the others.

With a gentle smile on his face, he slowly said,

“Yes, it’s over.”

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