My Entire Family's Gone Haywire!

Chapter 2751 - 2750-ending
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Chapter 2751: Chapter 2750-ending

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When the Grand Empress Dowager passed away, it was already past her one hundred and five-year-old birthday. She was the person who had lived the longest in all of history.

She only found her biological son after 70 years old. Fortunately, with the blessing of Gu Xin’s Jade Pearl water, this kind old lady had enjoyed the blessing of having children for more than 30 years.

After the Grand Empress Dowager passed away, the Gu family had split up.

Uncle Gu was now a carefree old man. Gu en was in charge of the affairs of the main household, while Zheng Qiu was in charge of the inner residence. Madam Zhang had long become a rich lady, and she smiled every day as she looked at the three little grandchildren that Zheng Qiu had given birth to for her.

The boys ot the second branch were still young, Gu shouxin was still in the court, and Cai Xiaolian was also expanding her business territory.

The eldest son of the fourth branch of the Gu family was already married, so fourth uncle and fourth aunt decided to accompany Grandpa and Grandma Gu back to the village at the crossroads.

Initially, uncle Gu wanted to go, but Mrs. Zhang wanted to stay in the capital to watch her grandson grow up, so this matter was handed over to fourth uncle Gu and fourth aunt Gu, who did not have a grandson yet.

Grandpa and Grandma Gu didn’t want the four families to go together, but everyone in the Gu family, including the four married Gu sisters, insisted on having someone accompany them. After all, the old couple were already over 80 years old, how could they go back by themselves?

In the end, the old couple still reluctantly brought fourth uncle Gu and his wife



When Gu Xin turned 42, her eldest son got married to fatty Wang’s daughter. Fatty Wang had participated in the imperial examination after he had observed mourning for three years. Although he didn’t get into the first rank, he got into the second rank and finally married his cousin, Shu Yan.

Their daughter was three years younger than Gu Xin’s son, so they couldn’t be considered childhood sweethearts. When they were discussing marriage, no one expected the two of them to end up together. However, the meaning behind these two children’s words was that the other party was the best candidate.

On the day of Gu Xin’s son’s wedding, she was busy the entire day and she had a dream at night.

In her dream, there was also a Gu Xin and her family, but everything was different from the direction she was going in her life.

She felt that she had had such a dream before, but she did not dream of her family, only Lu Zheng.

She woke up in shock after dreaming that she had died in Lu Zheng’s arms.

Even after so many years, Lu Zheng still loved Gu Xin as much as he did in the past. Even the slightest movement from Gu Xin would wake him up. He hugged Gu Xin and patted her back, ” “What’s wrong? Did you have a nightmare?”

Gu Xin took a long time to recover. She shook her head and said, ” “I don’t remember what I dreamed about.”

Lu Zheng got up to pour her some water and put the cup down for her to drink before returning to bed.

“Brother Yuanyuan, do you think people have past and present lives?” After lying down, Gu Xin suddenly asked. Without waiting for Lu Zheng’s reply, she smiled again. I’m sure there is. For example, my father must have been a decisive official in his past life, my mother must have been a great moneymaker in her past life, and my sister must have been a capable person who specialized in contact with flowers and trees in her past life.”

Lu Zheng was stunned for a moment before he asked, ” “What about us?”

The moonlight shone through the window and onto the bed. Gu Xin could see the seriousness in Lu Zheng’s eyes and she said firmly, ” “We must have been a couple in our previous lives. Not only in the past life, but in this life and in the next life, I believe we will still be together.”

Gu Xin leaned her head on Lu Zheng’s shoulder. not only in the next life, but in the life after that and the life after that. We will definitely be together again.

Lu Zheng hugged her and said with certainty, “Yes, I am. My Xinxin has already reserved me, so 1, Lu Zheng, will be Gu Xin’s woman for all eternity.”

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