My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 3103 - 3103 You Are Biased!
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3103 You Are Biased!

“Big Bro, I implore you to face reality. She will never be a part of our family! Never!”

Mu Xingchen abruptly pulled away from Mu Rouxuan’s grasp and stood up in frustration. “I’ll assume you’re too unwell to speak sensibly. Don’t utter such things in front of me going forward.”

Mu Rouxuan appeared crestfallen. “Big Bro, you’re biased! Since her return, your heart has been entirely partial towards her.”

“Let me ask you, if we enter the secret realm and both desire the same secret treasure, who will you support?” Mu Rouxuan widened her eyes, gazing at the speechless Mu Xingchen before her.

Witnessing his prolonged silence, Mu Rouxuan’s head drooped dejectedly. Leaning against a surface, she murmured, “I should have realized long ago. You won’t assist me. Ever since she returned, she’s been the top priority in your heart.”

Mu Xingchen was on the verge of exploding with anger.

What was Mu Rouxuan thinking?

Did she only aim to enter the secret realm to seize the secret treasure, neglecting its potential for practical training to enhance her cultivation?

Qiaoqiao had never raised such concerns with him.

She hadn’t asked him to pick sides.

In fact, to avoid pressuring him, Qiaoqiao personally persuaded Maiden Qi to lend assistance.

Why such a stark contrast in people’s approaches?

Mu Xingchen instinctively rubbed his head and spoke to Mu Rouxuan in a low voice, “Rest well.”

He had no desire to continue the conversation.

Mu Rouxuan’s lips quivered as she looked up at him, disappointment vivid in her eyes.

Big Bro actually… rejected her just like that?

She didn’t anticipate that Big Bro, who had always treated her kindly, would dismiss her modest request so heartlessly for a woman he had known for less than a month.

As Mu Rouxuan’s heart throbbed with pain, she found it increasingly difficult to breathe.

She glared at Mu Xingchen’s retreating figure as he leaped onto the rock and swiftly joined the fray. Her fingers curled, and she clenched her palms tightly.

Qiao Mu! You truly are a shameless jinx. You want to seize everything from me!

You stole my clansmen’s respect, Mother’s affection, and even Brother’s attention!

Qiao Mu!

Henceforth, I, Mu Rouxuan, will be your nemesis!

If Qiao Mu were aware of Mu Rouxuan’s silent vow, she would undoubtedly find it utterly perplexing.

Who cares about snatching your possessions?

To Her Excellency Lady Qiaoqiao, those titles were merely illusory and impractical. They were no more significant than yellow and white objects.

Who cared about the respect of their clansmen? If they offered the treasure vault, Her Excellency Lady Qiaoqiao might even raise an eyebrow!

On the mountain walls flanking the river, numerous black-clad individuals donning masks emerged in the rainy night.

Following a few rounds of arrows, these masked figures descended from the mountain walls, appearing ready for close combat.

Amidst the torrential rain, everyone felt their eyes watering from the raindrops. The surroundings appeared hazy, making it nearly impossible to distinguish friend from foe.

Mo Lian decisively commanded, “Form groups of three, and be vigilant in assisting one another. Avoid causing harm to your allies.”

At that moment, Mo Lian’s directive resonated like a celestial choir.

Everyone instinctively followed his lead.

Qi Xuanxuan and the others naturally needed no further instructions.

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