Monster Integration

Chapter 3639 The Tide IV
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Chapter 3639 The Tide IV ?

I pulled the critters inside my core and moved without wasting time.

Puch Puch Puch!

I moved like a reaper, killing every critter that I would come across. I now have the data on all of them and with my clones, helping; I have the power to kill them in a single attack.

It was a massacre, and the thing is, that despite their intelligence; they kept coming at me to die, without care for their lives.

The queen's command is absolute. If it ordered them, to jump into the lava, these critters would do that. They had willed, but the queen had absolute power to override it.

It is good they are coming like this; it is saving me precious seconds of time to kill them.

However, I am not happy, despite, seeing the sheer number of these bastards. Even Sky Sovereigns couldn't help; they are barely able to deal with the critters they have.

It would have been great if more people from Tor had come. They are best; at killing the critters left and right.

Minute had passed and then another, but the number of the critters didn't seem to lessen at all.

Thankfully, no one had died, but everywhere was on the edge. A single mistake and the critters will tear them apart. Even I am not safe; every minute, tens of limbs of critters come too close to my comfort.

A few inches more and I will go to the underworld.

As I fought, I couldn't help, but become regretful. I should have created more bombs and solutions; I have used everything I had earlier.


Now, I am just throwing things with the destructive power. These are not something, that targets specifically the critters, but a general horde of any kind.

They are doing good, saving the lives of people.

I am throwing them everywhere, and I have them in enough quantity, that, I could do it for days. I rarely use these kinds of things and don't sell them, unless I do not need them.

It could be said that I have a massive collection of these things. Even some Sky Sovereigns might not be compared to me in that regard.

A few more minutes passed and finally, the numbers seemed to have lessened, but it was still high, that we wouldn't be able to finish within a matter of minutes.

Though, it could happen, if any Sky Sovereign joins.

That is unlikely to happen. They are swords and every minute, some of Sky Sovereign critters would try to come at us and they would kill them.

It is mostly Sky Sovereign, Mrinen, and Pens, while others are overwhelmed, like their Earth Sovereign members.


Three and a half minutes passed when suddenly, a smile appeared on my face. The things I was waiting to happen had finally happened.

I immediately sent the command.

Now that I have got it, I have to test whether I can replicate it. Only by doing that would I be able to make things safe; if it didn't happen, then we would have to take the difficult route.

It will make not only leaving this place difficult but will also make it harder for us to get that thing everybody wants.

I didn't want it as much as the others, but I like to have it. It will help me a lot with things I am planning to craft.

I pushed that thought away and gave responsibility for that to my clone, while I focused on killing the critters.

I am sending a massive number of critters every second into my core, and the seedling have eaten them all. It had seemed to become an incarnation of the hunger itself, consuming everything that came in its way.

The quantity of it didn't seem to matter. As long as it is a critter, it will consume it.

Some more minutes passed, and I appeared above the human, killing the critters around him. He is in dire condition; his one, arm had been cut, and the critters were about to cut the rest.

It was a good thing, I was close and able to appear on time or he would have been a goner.

"Recover, quickly," I said to him, he nodded hurriedly and began to drink one position after another.

I have collected his arm and could attach it, but I decided not to. It won't help much if I attach it. Instead, it will create the problems here; it will be better, that he attaches it after getting to the safety.

He recovered within a minute, and I left him to fend for himself.

I couldn't always protect, I needed to be at places where there were most dangerous critters. Deal with them before they harm others.

'I am ready,'

A voice rang out in my mind, and a smile appeared on my face.

She had done her job, and now only my part had remained. I have to finish it and I really hope, it is possible.

Ten more minutes passed and nobody had died. Many would have died, but thanks to me and others who saved people, before they could be torn apart.

Though, the ones who deserve the most credit are the Sky Sovereigns. They have not let the single Sky Sovereign come at us. Even if a single one had come; it would have massacred us all.

Still, the battle is far from over.

It is all up to me now, if I did my job, it would end extremely quickly and I am trying to finish it, but it is a complex task. It is not easy, especially when I am not willing to use the forbidden power to achieve it.

It would have made a lot easier if I had used it, but would kill me very painfully if someone had detected a bare whiff of it.

Three more minutes passed, and suddenly a smile appeared on my face.

I succeeded, but I didn't immediately inform her, instead, I checked multiple times, to be sure.

'It is done,' I informed finally, when all the tests met with success.

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