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Chapter 260: Finale

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

After Shen Chun tapped the stone gently, a blue beetle crawled out.

The beetle’s entire body was a beautiful jade blue. It was also round and smooth, like a natural gem.

While everyone was exclaiming in surprise, the lord of the netherworld reached out to take the beetle before laughing out loud.

“Disciple, do you know what this is?”

After Shen Chun looked at the beetle, she shook her head hesitantly.

“Jade represents the love of the God of War, so the beetle form is their companion.” The Lord of the netherworld stroked his long beard as he said, “You’re already so powerful that you don’t need much protection. Next, cherish the people who love you and enjoy the companionship of love.”

The beetle raised its antennae in the palm of the master of the netherworld and crawled in his palm quietly.

After the Lord of the Netherworld waved his feather fan, the door to the netherworld that led to the human world opened again.

“Disciple, we shouldn’t have kept you for so long. You should go back. Just remember to come back often.”

Shen Chun took one last look at the people behind her and nodded gratefully.

The moment she stepped out of the door, the disciples of Langcang Mountain were already lined up neatly under her palace.

“Welcome, Sect Master Shen Chun.” The disciples wore white clothes and bowed to Shen Chun neatly.

When Shen Chun turned around, the door to the netherworld had already disappeared.

Behind her, there was a magnificent rebuilt palace.

The back mountain was an indestructible curse mark, but as thunder rumbled in the sky, there seemed to be roars like those of ferocious beasts.

After the disciple beside her helped Shen Chun put on a cloak, Shen Chun instantly felt a sense of familiarity.

Back then, the Green Mountain Sect was also so spectacular.

However, she was completely different from how she was now back then. What she wanted now wasn’t just a glamorous reputation, but to enjoy her current life.

After dealing with a series of things, Shen Chun boarded the sword and rushed home.

However, when she landed by the window, she realized that the Yawang Villa seemed to be empty.

She felt a little lonely as she looked at the dark house.

If Fu Shi wasn’t around, the big house would seem even emptier and more desolate.

A thought suddenly appeared in Shen Chun’s mind. She had been out for so many days. Would Fu Shi feel lonely at home alone?

Before she met Fu Shi, he must have lived the same sort of lonely lifestyle.

He busied herself and went out to drink from time to time to relax.

After meeting her, he shifted the focus of his life to her. Whenever she was outside, Fu Shi was always worried. Now that he was in the mood to go out from time to time, Shen Chun was very happy.

Shen Chun had just sat down on the sofa and was about to rest for a while, but before she could sit down, the lights in the house were switched on.

A red banner was raised in front of her, and shiny sequins flew down from the sky.

“Welcome home, Sect Master of Langcang Mountain!”

The person holding the banner was the excited Song Han.

Luo Die lay on Song Han’s shoulder obediently and called out to Shen Chun softly, “Welcome home, benefactor.”

Behind Song Han, there were Fu Shi’s brother and everyone else, as well as Fu Shi, who was carrying a large bouquet of roses.

After Fu Shi walked forward, he took her hand and kissed the back of her hand as he said, “Today is the day you become the Sect Master. Congratulations, baby, but don’t forget that this is our wedding anniversary. I will always support you. You are my pride.”

Shen Chun’s eyes welled up with tears.

The familiar purple aura slowly surged into Shen Chun’s nose along with the fragrance of the roses. For a moment, she felt that this was the feeling of home.

Shen Chun threw herself into Fu Shi’s arms.

Perhaps the appearance of the beetle wasn’t a coincidence. Previously, she had spent too much time on her so-called mission, but she had never stopped to enjoy the love of the people around her.

Amidst the warm embrace, Shen Chun made up her mind to accompany them more in the future.

With a bang, Song Han opened the champagne bottle.

The Yawang Villa was brightly lit and full of liveliness.

Outside the window, a blue beetle flew towards the bright moonlight..

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