Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3725 - 3725 Wait For The End
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3725 Wait For The End

It had been several months since they had arrived in the city and Feng Jiu hadn’t left the manor once. Now that she heard that the five year City Lord election had begun, and that Qi Kang was planning to run for the City Lord position in the Eastern District, she couldn’t help but smile.

“This is a district election? There won’t be anything interesting to watch at the beginning. Let’s wait till the final round of elections for the four districts at the end, then go and take a look!” Feng Jiu sat in the pavilion, poured some tea to drink and took a sip, speaking unhurriedly.

Upon hearing this, Du Fan smiled and said: “Yes, this is the beginning of the election. I heard that there are many people participating. Since Master wants to watch the final round of the election, I can make the arrangements. It won’t be too late to go and watch then.”

The four City Lords of Celestial City compete in the elections every five years. The judges are Elders and Venerables sent from Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect. It wasn’t just a competition of strength, but also management, ability and courage.

This was a grand ceremony held every five years and many people have their eyes set on the election. If one was lucky enough to defeat one of the City Lords and take his place, it would not only improve their status, their name would also spread far and wide. After all, this was one of the largest cities in the continent, and being a City Lord was like a fat piece of meat that no one wanted to miss out on.

Being in charge of one of the districts in Celestial City would mean being in charge of the various family clans and forces within that district. Naturally, people would want to compete for such power.

“Master, I am going out to have a look, is there anything you want me to buy? Or is there anything you’d like to eat? I can bring it back for you on my way back.” Du Fan said, his eyes falling on Feng Jiu.

Ever since they settled here, Master had been living in seclusion and thought that now that there was such a lively event, he would be able to accompany Master to go and watch. He hadn’t expected that Master didn’t want to go to watch the election. However, even if she didn’t want to go, he still had to go.

Since they had settled down here, this kind of event was the perfect opportunity to observe the various forces and obtain information from all sides. So even though it was only the beginning of the election, he still had to go.

“If there are some special snacks on the street, bring me some!” Feng Jiu sat leisurely with her cheeks in her hands, smelling the faint fragrance of the flowers in the air and feeling the gentle breeze blowing on her face. She couldn’t help but feel a little sleepy and yawned.

“Yes.” Du Fan responded with a smile before retreating.

Leng Shuang came over from a short distance away. When she saw the tiredness on Feng Jiu’s face, she asked: “Master, do you want to go back and sleep for a while?”

“Well, I am a little sleepy. I will go back and take a nap.” She stood up and stroked her belly with one hand. She felt her body getting heavier day by day, and she even felt tired from just walking for a while.

It was true that it was not easy being pregnant, it was even more difficult being pregnant with twins!”

Leng Shuang stepped forward and supported her, then walked back carefully with her. At this time, she heard her speak unhurriedly.

“Have they not got any news about the Golden Lotus yet?” Feng Jiu asked warmly.

“Not yet.” Leng Shuang replied, then added: “Although, I have found one of the spirit herbs that Master told me to find.”

Maybe it was because it’s been so long since there had been any news, so Feng Jiu no longer felt disappointed and just said: “Tell them to continue to inquire.”

“Yes.” Leng Shuang responded and helped her back to the main courtyard. After she entered the room, Leng Shuang stood guard outside.

In the room, Feng Jiu lay on her side on the bed. She put one hand on her belly and felt the two little lives jumping around in her belly. A loving and gentle smile appeared on her lips. After some thought, she appeared in space.

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